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Ronald Roy — Dec. 7, 2017

This writer has always believed that occasional interaction with his readers is imperative to his objective to “inform, opine and even to entertain” them on issues relevant to their social, economic and political lives. This way, he gets to learn from them things that not only make him understand better the environment they live in, but also enrich his craft as a communicator.



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Ronald Roy — Dec. 7, 2017

This writer has always believed that occasional interaction with his readers is imperative to his objective to “inform, opine and even to entertain” them on issues relevant to their social, economic and political lives. This way, he gets to learn from them things that not only make him understand better the environment they live in, but also enrich his craft as a communicator.


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Selective predispositions

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RRoy’siPadSelective predispositions
Ronald Roy — Nov. 9, 2017

Of course we want all the unlawful killings in our communities stopped, and it was not at all necessary for a demonstration rally to be staged by the Yellows to stress the point at the Edsa Shrine on Sunday, November 5.

The rally, highlighted by a Mass officiated by His Grace, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, deplorably denounced only the alleged extrajudicial killings taking place in the course of the administration’s war on illegal drugs, in the process proclaiming as martyrs all the supposed victims thereof.

Yes, it was only proper, indeed, to pray for all those who lost their lives in the anti-illegal drugs war…whether lawfully or unlawfully killed. The only trouble is that: Archbishop Villegas and his fellow Yellows did not pray, as expected, for the souls of policemen who likewise died in the line of their duty to protect us from the scourge of drug addiction, not to mention the rawhide of the illegal drug trade that has flourished as a result thereof!

Yes, as of the end of October this year, 86 cops had lost their lives to safeguard us against drugs-related criminality, and yet the Yellows have refused to light a single candle for them, and still continue to parade themselves as the righteous vanguards of human rights!!! Selective human rights??? Just like the Ombudsman’s selective justice???

How does one explain this refusal? Hatred for their sacrificing sentinels?! They deny politics as a reason; however, it’s obvious they are itching to overthrow the President so that they can return to power.

National healing???
Come to think of it, they have not, not even once, commiserated with the mourning families of those soldiers and policemen who have perished and continue to lose their lives in the war-ravaged city of Marawi…and the hypocrites would now dare to call for national healing!

It’s much too obvious that if they praised the uniformed men who died for us, it would be like they were lauding Commander-in-Chief Duterte — and they wouldn’t want to choke to death doing that, would they?

Such hypocrisy…such chutzpah…of those who beseech national healing but actually sow the seeds of disunity in order to relive the mesmerizing days of Edsa and get back on the saddle!!! With a wink, Archbishop Villegas recently told an activist associate: “We shall soon re-capture the glorious days of Edsa…just wait and watch!”

Winks, bad manners and colors
It seems that the boastful Archbishop’s wink was not without a similarity to that of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin who had trounced a strongman decades ago.Isn’t it evident that the Cardinal’s “clone” is attempting to do an adventurous repeat?

Scuttlebutt has it that: having frantically set aside the daang matuwid mantra toward the end of the campaign period of last year’s elections, the Yellows have now discarded the color yellow in favor of the multi-color rainbow….for good fortune, it would seem. Well, these guys must be frantic again!

Will someone please inform them that a change of manners, not of colors, is all what it takes to chart for the national good?!

Harry Roque, a good choice
I’m glad, Judy (Cheng), that you consider former Cong. Harry Roque’s appointment to be a meritorious one. His selfless service and legal competence in the field of human rights are matters of public knowledge.

Verily, a new presidential spokesman in the person of Communications Secretary Harry Roque is what Rody needs to meet the growing clamor for clarity of PDu30’s positions in various human rights issues.

And yes, Judy, Sec. Roque correctly welcomed the emergence of a new activist lawyers’ group that has assailed extrajudicial killings alleged to be taking place in the ongoing war on drugs. Roque said he hoped the group might help unearth evidence that could overturn the presumption of regularity of acts committed by state agents in the anti-drugs war. Well said!

Incidentally, Judy, you’re right in saying that: while our Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is a check on human rights violations committed by government people, there’s an obvious reason why it has not functioned as such with respect to said crimes being committed by communist and secessionist renegades…and that is: the incumbent chair and members of the CHR were appointed thereto by former Pres. Noynoy Aquino.

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Snap presidential election?

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Subject: Snap presidential election?

RRoy’siPadSnap presidential election?
Ronald Roy — Oct. 31, 2017

Miguel Castro (Mang Miguel), a 73-year-old shoemaker from Tarlac City, was jubilant. The self-professed die-hard follower of Digong Duterte bragged to his customers about the armed forces’ hard-earned victory in Marawi City, and even cited the grateful message from the head of the US Pentagon that likewise lauded them.

“The President’s triumph in Marawi is the triumph of all of the world’s freedom-loving peoples over the evil scourge of Jihadism”, Mang Miguel boasted in Tagalog to the delight of his listeners. “But I worry about the President’s health and advancing age, as well as the yellow opposition’s non-stop street noise and irritating charges”, he added.

Digong’s on a roll
A Commerce graduate from a Manila university, Mang Miguel then exclaimed in excellent English, “Digong is on a roll! China and America offered us assistance for the war-torn city’s multi-billion dollar rehabilitation, and the Russians donated to us 5,000 of their latest automatic rifles! Digong’s independent foreign policy is working! It augers well for our desire to be friends with all the peoples of the world!”

But when Mang Miguel asked in a hushed tone how long this good fortune could be sustained, Mang Tonying (Dacuycuy), the neighborhood barber, replied in the vernacular: “Kung may snap presidential election, puwedeng tuloy-tuloy na hanggang sa katapusan ng termino ng presidente, di ba, Mr. Roy? (A snap presidential election would surely help sustain this good fortune…don’t you think so, Mr. Roy?)

I found myself challenged by a not-too-easy question, but since I had to hurry back to Quezon City, I agreed with Mang Tonying without much thought on the matter, then bade the group goodbye.

SPE? No problem!
Calling for a snap presidential election (SPE) may not be as easy as one thinks, but for an administration “on a roll” 17 months into the President’s term of office, yes, Mr. Duterte should find little trouble calling for one.

Please note the historical fact that, by a year and a half into the term of any president, his popularity will have started to wane…but not in Digong’s case, whose good standing with the people has in fact soared!!

Most constitutionalists, very especially of the yellow variety, would assail as a constitutional anomaly an SPE at this time of Digong’s enviably high popularity ratings, although the Yellows led by Cory over 30 years ago were sportingly granted one by Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos.

In this regard, Pres. Duterte will surely not be daunted because, precisely, he’s on a roll. It was the Marawi victory that chalked up incredibly high marks for him — and he knows this — and he’s aware as well of the tendency of a people to hanker for a strong leadership when the country is at war…and he is a strong leader!

No hitches
The Constitution and the law are quite explicit on such electoral matters as the dates of elections and the tenures of the different offices aspired for, but they can be relaxed or set aside anytime by the sovereign Filipino people who, after all, are their authors. Thus, an SPE would not be expected to encounter any hitches.

Why then would Rody be interested in calling for a snap election? Answer: To give the electorate a chance to retain or eject him from office, in the face of the opposition’s destabilizing rallies and demonization tactics. The envisioned SPE is a clever ploy, actually, because he’s certain to win it, and when he does, his new strength will further weaken the Yellows.

Yes, the noisy Yellows — already in a virtually decimated condition, with the Ombudsman facing impeachment prospects, and P-Noy, Frank, Mar and other Liberal Party bigwigs facing plunder and graft charges — should start mulling their bleak future in humble silence.

Filipinos by nature go bananas over elections, so they’ll agree to a call for an SPE and, without a doubt, will retain in office the exceedingly popular President.

Needed strength
Thus, a fresh mandate for him would naturally give him the added strength needed to deter the Central Intelligence Agency and other hostile forces from carrying out whatever plan they may have for harming him. The CIA would certainly think more than twice before putting down an extremely popular leader, especially one who has just repulsed America’s nemesis, ISIS, from establishing a Southeast Asian base of operations here in Mindanao.

A fresh mandate will likewise give him the needed impetus to make good his campaign promises, like giving the Filipino people a chance to consider such issues as the Bangsamoro Basic Law and federalism.

Hmmm, I would have gladly discussed with Mang Tonying the foregoing comment on a possible call by Digong for a snap presidential election.

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Such yellow chutzpah!

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RRoy’siPadSuch jaundiced chutzpah!
Ronald Roy — Oct. 19, 2017

Recent survey results by the two major poll outfits in the country, Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia, once again were irreconcilable, with SWS showing that Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s popularity rating had dropped by 18 fat points — although that would still be within the “good or very good” category — and Pulse Asia recording an excellent rating of over 90 percent.

The disparity does nothing but to sow a confusion that is deleterious to stability, as governance would suspiciously proceed on false, if not manipulated, premises — a state of affairs that the sovereign Filipino people certainly do not deserve!

Digong’s pesky foe
Expectedly, the President’s pesky arch enemy, Sen. Antonio Trillianes IV, remains unsettled, claiming that the survey by Pulse Asia might have been manipulated. The trouble with the senator is that his obsession to relive his glorious Oakwood days has gotten the better of himself. It has made him utterly disoriented in his wild and wooly rampage to put down the president.

Having lost his credibility, he wanders rather aimlessly, believing only what he prefers to believe, despite facts indicating that Digong is supported by the impoverished multitudes and a hefty bulk of the middle class! That, Mr.. Senator, demonstrates Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s incredibly high approval ratings!

So stop it na, will you please? You were elected to legislate, not to play Tom and Jerry.

Needless to state, a public disclosure of all survey queries must be statutorily required. This should enable the citizenry to meaningfully participate in a system of governance of themselves, by themselves, and for themselves.

The opposition’s role
The role of the opposition in a democracy is to act as a “responsible equalizer” on matters where the ruling administration has surpassed the limits of its authority, and to praise it for its productive responses to the needs of the sovereign people. Well, not once have the Yellows and their Maoist confreres praised the President, except to be seen occasionally applauding portions of his SONAs.

Destabilization tactics are different from watchdog measures. They don’t serve any good purpose, and they create situations that are detrimental to the public welfare. In this regard, the role of the jaundiced opposition has been so overtly wanting as to be, in effect, a tool for betraying the public trust.

The mindless wrest of power is the Yellows’ sole and ultimate goal!!! Mga blip blip silang lahat!!!

Is it then surprising that they rejoice whenever the national dignity is soiled on the world stage? There could be honor in lambasting a leader in his own country; but certainly never before the world community, for that would mean the denigrator did not love his country.

Having your own father insulted
Probably even worse would be inviting European activists to lambaste Pres. Duterte here in his own country. Wouldn’t this be just like inviting neighbors to censure your father in his own house? Verily, this compulsive yellow drive to get back on the saddle can be so maddening! Their basic sense of decency they have lost!

Does one normally wash his dirty linen in public? Quite obviously, the Yellows have their own selfish ethic in this regard. They would even suggest that the Supreme Court’s rejection of Sec. Leila de Lima’s petition for bail was a gross defiance of justice!! Such yellow chutzpah!! Their mockery of the Supreme Court only shows what little respect, if any, they have for the Rule of Law!!

Leni’s rise?

Led by LP Sen.”Bam” Aquino, the Yellows also celebrate VP Leni Robredo by claiming that her high satisfaction rating was due to her “good performance”, in the process suggesting it was a feather in the Liberal Party’s hat. Excuse me!! What good performance can she be credited with? Where and when…pray tell.

“No news is good news”, as the saying goes, and all Leni does is cool her heels at her desk, be nice to visitors from her province in her posh official residence in New Manila, Quezon City, and issue from time to time motherhood statements and flashes of lip service!

Indeed, we almost never get news about specific instances of her so-called “good performance”; she hardly gets flack, hence, not a negative rating.

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