Miracles of Lipa

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RRoy’siPadAt the 33rd anniversary of our Lady of Fatima (October 17, 1949), a prophecy was conveyed by the Blessed Mother to visionary Sister Teresing Castillio of the Carmelite congregation of Lipa, Batangas, and announced by Cardinal Vidal, former archbishop of the City.

The prophecy ran: “Pray hard, for China’s dream is to invade the whole world. The Philippines is one of its favorites”….as articulated by Our Lady Mediatrix of all Graces, Lipa.

The prophecy highlighted a series of inexplicable showers of rose petals bearing Mary’s image, at times alternating with rose fragrances mysteriously blowing from nowhere. These occurrences have not yet been officially recognized by the Vatican, but this does not stop believers from praying for China’s consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother.

Need we wait for the Vatican’s confirmation of the much heralded miracles in Lipa? Need we be reminded of China’s bullying tactics against us, including its ongoing questionable exploration of Benham Rise? Shouldn’t we begin to ponder the gradual cession of indigenous rights until we are totally controlled or, in the prophetic text, completely “invaded”?

The spread of the horrors of Communism over the world is frightening. Ongoing are China’s attempts to control the economies of the world, notably America’s. Isn’t there a kind of “invasion” when China buys itself into, say, America’s top business companies, not to mention its citizens’ marrying into American homes?

This horror is also happening elsewhere around the globe, particularly in our country which, according to the prophecy, is “…one of China’s favorites”.

The way to avert further invasion is to “pray hard”. Let’s all start doing it now. Let’s not wait for the Vatican’s confirmation of the miracles. We can prevent a holocaustic 3rd World War with Faith, which is “believing without seeing”. How about a daily “Oratio Imperata” for the conversion of Communist China, via its consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?


Enduring peace

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RRoy’siPadAfter the Chinese Coast Guard shooed a US destroyer away from the proximity of Panatag Shoal, it was correct for defense chief Lorenzana to clarify that the destroyer did not violate International Law; and it may be further stressed here that “international waters are for the free navigation of all nations”.

Consistent with the government’s “independent foreign policy”, it would likewise be alright for Manila to assume a neutral position by mediating, or even conciliating, between Beijing and Washington in the instant case, including future similar “quarrels” that may erupt between the two super powers.

Verily, the President’s independent foreign policy reflects the country’s intention to be friends with all nations — certainly, a message that “making peace is the best and only way for world peace and fruitful international trade to endure”. Congratulations, Digong!

The Yellows’ last stand

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RRoy’siPadThe Yellows’ last stand
Ronald Roy — Jan. 19, 2018

Thanks, Celso (del Mundo), for the opportunity to explain. Yes, I did say that “the best argument against charter change is not a collateral attack on NO-EL or term extensions, but a good reason why federalism is an unsound alternative”— if at all it is. Those who are allergic to term extensions via NO-EL should define their position with better clarity.

The focus of argument must be on the merits and demerits of federalism, not on term extensions, which can always be denied as a selfish motive by those proposing federalism.

Chacha indispensable?
If they favor a shift to federalism, they must recognize charter change as an indispensable means. They ought to realize that the so-called hidden agenda for term extensions can be easily dismissed as pure conjecture. NO-EL, if warranted, will proceed as a matter of course.

This does not however mean, Celso, that I favor a shift to a federal form of government; and my principal objection to that is: while there may be a diminution of political power from the present unitary system, the said power’s diffusion to the local government units (LGU) will only expose LGU officials to greater opportunities for graft and corrupt practices.

A shift to another form of government implies a dire need to solve recurring eco-socio-political problems. However, it is moral reform, not structural change, that is needed to be undertaken — a stand I have long advocated in the belief that we will do well in any democratic form or system of government, provided we buckle down with those rare twin virtues of honesty and commitment to service.

Honesty and commitment to service
Celso, if Filipinos are honest and committed to service — generally they are not — any democratic system of government will work for them. By “honest”, I mean not being enslaved to greed in both our public and private lives, and by “committed to service”, I mean being obligated to serve others ahead of our own selves.

Again, if we can instill these two values in our culture, any democratic system will work for us. And, as has been suggested by most sociologists, if it takes a whole generation of twenty years to achieve rectitude as a national trait, let’s do it — the means being an appropriate system of education that encompasses all human milieus like our homes, churches, schools and offices.

Parenthetically, the sum of over P 200 M to be budgeted for charter change via constituent assembly will just go down the drain, not to mention the loss of time which otherwise can be used for pressing legislative matters and the anticipated impeachment trial of CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno.

Thorny debate
The recent debates on the pros and cons of the proposed shift to federalism have, as expected, isolated the Yellows as a vanishing breed. Can you believe former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. saying that the 1987 constitution is the best in the world? Repeat: “…the best in the world?” Is that why, Your Honor, some small Asean countries have surpassed us in development???

In contrast, former CJ Reynato Puno said that “our country is a failing democracy under the current unitary system”. Incidentally, CJ Puno is the impassioned proponent of a moral regeneration program for all Filipinos — an advocacy that I have long “worn on my sleeve”.

Where the Yellows are going, Celso? I think they should slow down on their democratic role to oppose or “fiscalize” the Duterte government. Digong is an exceptionally popular president, and that fact should forewarn them to act with great caution.

Verily, his consistently high trust and popularity ratings may be taken to reflect the national position on a number of issues to which the Yellows must yield. One sadly ponders their numerous attempts to distort facts with which to globally embarrass Digong on such issues as extrajudicial killings being an alleged policy of his government.

Usual bluster
Just recently they were behaving with their usual bluster. At a boisterous get-together, they ate, drank and sang in honor of CJ Sereno as their special guest, toasting her at every turn. Revved up, she then responded she would hang in there and was ready to see through the impeachment process.

No, she won’t step down in the face of what the public has seen as overwhelming evidence to warrant her impeachment by the lower house and conviction by an impeachment trial court yet to be formed.

At the height of the Yellows’ trial by publicity and amidst rumors of pork barrel incentives, CJ Renato Corona was ejected from office on relatively benign charges. It is thus foreseeable that, under the circumstances, the Yellows will have no one but themselves to blame for CJ Sereno’s conviction.

Yes, this may well be the Yellows’ last stand gone poof!

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The best argument against charter change is not a collateral attack on NO-EL or term extensions, but a good reason why federalism is an unsound alternative.

An offering to Allah

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RRoy’siPadAn offering to Allah
Ronald Roy — Jan. 03, 2018

Opposition legislators painstakingly argue that the recently-passed law extending martial law (ML) over Mindanao is unconstitutional, because the said basic charter permits ML only if it is based on an “actual” rebellion or invasion taking place, and since Marawi had already been liberated, as declared by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte — meaning: that the rebellion had ceased to be actual — the ML extension has ergo no constitutional basis.This writer disagrees.

The fact — that the ISIS-assisted group of the Maute family, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters and Abu Sayyaf lost the battle in Marawi City, followed by PDu30’s declaration of said city’s liberation — does not mean that the state of rebellion stopped. The rebels’ regrouping and conscription activities continued in numerous other areas of Mindanao, and they have not stopped since.

The Moros’ culture of war
As explained in previous articles, a war normally consists of numerous battles, and Marawi was only a battle; and there had been other smaller battles between government forces on the one hand and, on the other, the Moro National Liberation Front, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the BIFF and other splinter groups.

Let it thus be always borne in mind that battles are the Moros’ way of life; that their guns, rifles and explosives are more precious than their wives; that anti-Christian Islamic indoctrination of their boys begins at the youthful age of 7; and that some are made to “graduate” as fully armed warriors as early as age 10.

For the fundamentalist-Islamic menfolk in our country, it’s been such an assaultive culture since time immemorial! Down the decades, standard military and police operations had failed until the recent ML-backed victory was achieved five months after the Marawi battle started on May 23, 2017 — thanks to martial law!

Opposition to ML extension
And now, petitioners would want ML stopped in Mindanao, motivated as they are by partisan interests, rather than by a patriotic duty to ease a lingering battle malaise in that island, via a year’s extension of ML beginning January 1, 2018. They would, in effect, choose to wait for another devastating Marawi-like battle to flare up before welcoming an ML extension!

They don’t care if such a flare-up might lead to a more destructive and more financially-crippling conclusion with government forces at the losing end.This sort of “initial combustion” cannot be allowed to take place if Mindanao is to be saved from being irretrievably separated from the republic by a new formidable enemy.

While conventional military and police operations would be puny in foiling IS-backed onslaughts, martial law has the track record to do a Marawi repeat elsewhere. But this need not be the case if ML were permitted to continue in order to arrest the rebels’ ongoing regrouping and conscription activities.

ISIS-backed rebellion
To this day, in fact, the rebellion has grown stronger with financial and manpower aid coming from the resourceful ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)…inarguably the most devious and dangerous enemy of Christians and Judaists! And these yellow critics would dare to condemn the extension of Martial Law despite the horrifying shadow of a new enemy being cast across the island.

But wait! Let’s not be taken by the jaundiced suggestion that the Chief Executive and the senate majority “acted with inordinate haste” and succumbed to notions of “fairytale-ish” ogres and phantoms”.

For, the realities that now confront Mindanao, nay, the entire nation, are much too grim for our yellow friends to accept, hence, their hallucination that all is so well that ML extension is not needed. Yes, they whistle in the dark, and whistling in the dark is a symptom of a fear that their power is fast slipping away. Oh, one particular reality is very embarrassing.

Embarrassing reality
This reality is the cognizance that the framers of the 1987 Constitution wrote ML provisions in paranoidal overreaction to the ML imposed by Ferdinand E. Marcos, so much so that they deleted the ML phrase “in imminent danger thereof” from the 1935 basic charter — thus making more restricted the president’s power to declare ML, apart from limiting its duration to not more than sixty days.

Well, in a way, they cannot be blamed for this because they didn’t foresee the emergence of the evil specter of Islamic Jihadism, of public places being bombed by unknown persons, of innocent Christians and Jews being beheaded because they didn’t worship Allah — alas, of not knowing if your Moro friend will use your blood as an offering to Allah!

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December events

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RRoy’siPadDecember events
Ronald Roy — Dec. 26, 2017

It was on December 21, 1979, when I was in the Study Room of MalacaƱang in order to hand over to Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos a personal note from my father. The President was at his desk scribbling out the draft of a Letter of Instruction. Others present were Gen. Hans Menzi, Sec. Kit Tatad, Sec. Ernesto Maceda and Amb. Carlos P. Romulo.

Redoing the knot of my tie, CPR said: SO, YOU ARE RONALD, BOBBY’S FRIEND, AND YOU ARE A LAWYER LIKE MY GOOD FRIEND, JOE, YOUR DAD! Me: Yes, I am, Mr. Ambassador, I am a lawyer like my father. And you, Sir, are you also a lawyer? CPR: GOOD HEAVENS, ME, A LAWYER?? NO, I’M NOT, RONALD. YOU SEE, LAWYERS WORK FOR ME (in his typically witty and naughty tone).

A pregnant pause ensued, followed by a baritone booming from behind: WHAT WAS THAT YOU JUST SAID, CARLOS? CPR: UM…ER…AHH…MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. PRESIDENT! Good-naturedly, the President rose from his seat to quip, with his glass of fresh orange juice held high in a toast: MERRY CHRISTMAS, GENTLEMEN! ********** ********** **********
It was on December 29, 1977, when the Kapehan sa coffee shop ng Unimart was “launched” by the following people, namely, Totoy Tolentino (+), Ric Salcedo (+), Erick San Juan (+), Tony Capay and myself. Until his recent untimely demise, Erick had been the kapehan’s indefatigable prime mover. Would that the Kapehaneros would continue to enjoy opening avenues in their search for good governance. SEASON’S BEST and CARRY ON, guys!


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Ronald Roy — Dec. 7, 2017

This writer has always believed that occasional interaction with his readers is imperative to his objective to “inform, opine and even to entertain” them on issues relevant to their social, economic and political lives. This way, he gets to learn from them things that not only make him understand better the environment they live in, but also enrich his craft as a communicator.