Pacquiao -Horn Championship Bout

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RRoy’siPadPacquiao – Horn championship bout

On my personal score card, I had the Pacman winning 16 rounds
to Horn’s 12. The STATS tell the story. Anyway, when Manny agreed to defend his crown in Brisbane, Australia, he made a mistake. The Aussies are the most racist Caucasians in the world.

Manny was occasionally trapped against the ropes…indicating he had lost some of his legs’ agility, but such rushes by Horn actually meant nothing, as the STATS show. His aggressiveness only LOOKED impressive, as the champ defended well with his arms, shoulders and gloves.

After the 9th round when the Aussie got bashed silly around the ring, the referee was heard encouraging him at the latter’s corner. And when Manny decked Horn with a right hook – left straight attack, the ref didn’t call it a knock down.

Fact is: he never warned Horn for the many foul tactics he committed. The other two judges, both Koreans, influenced by the cheers of the partisan crowd, did not know any better. Manny will surely demand a return bout to redeem the national pride and honor. Just wait.

Principled rebellion

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RRoy’siPadPrincipled rebellion
Ronald Roy — July 5, 2017

In rebellion, invasion and other armed conflicts, there will always be outright winning moves or, for the losers: moves that preserve dignity and self-respect under terms of surrender. Instead of surrendering at the height of a hopeless battle in Marawi City, the trapped IS-inspired marauders led by Abdullah Maute offered “to leave the besieged city if the Moro Islamic Liberation Front would intervene to end the crisis”. What nincompoopery is this??

Hoy, jihadist nincompoops,unconditional surrender is your only honorable way to end the crisis —that is, if you know what “honorable” means!! And since government has flatly rejected your preposterous suggestion, expect a more determined series of assaults to eliminate your ranks; and you’d better believe that this will be done — in the name of your very own Allah (whom Christians and other non-Islamics respect) and of our Yahweh — to restore peace for all of mankind!!

Islamic sacrilege
For non-Islamics like Christians, killing innocent people “in Allah’s name” is the basest form of sacrilege, and they totally disagree that the blasphemer would be rewarded with a trip straight to heaven even if he honestly believed that his killing ways were in accord with his Deity’s will.

It’s one thing to reckon with eternal fires as God’s comeuppance for unforgivable behavior, and quite another in the dispensation of penalties prescribed for wrongful acts as defined under our prevailing law on rebellion.

To be sure, the Moros’ jihadist sort of rebellion, pertaining as it does to the novel concept of Islamic extremism, suggests such a degree of wrongfulness as warrants the imposition of penalties higher than what the current law on rebellion prescribes.

New forms of rebellion
Thus, the current legal provisions anent rebellion must be revised to accommodate a need to judiciously deal with new kinds of the so-called crime against public order. Parenthetically, this writer believes that some of today’s anti-government felonies are not rebellion as we know it, but other undefined forms of rebellion — if not common crimes…like, say, murder, robbery, rape and arson — that have been committed in Marawi City.

At this point, it is asked, for better understanding, what it is that characterizes, or qualifies, a criminal act as rebellious.Under the Revised Penal Code (RPC), as amended, rebellion is an armed uprising that is committed for the purpose of overthrowing the government because of its failure to deliver the same eco-socio-political benefits to which the higher classes of society have easier access.

During the 1930s, the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap) was co-founded by Luis Taruc, a socio-political figure who led an underground movement against the Japanese occupiers of the Philippines, and later led a rebellion protesting the denial of social justice to allegedly oppressed agrarian farmers and workers.

During and after the 2nd World War, explosive agrarian problems became government’s primary concern, along with post-war rehabilitation; but National Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay and his armed contingent heroically climbed Mount Arayat where Taruc and his followers were camped, and succeeded in negotiating the rebels’ surrender without a single shot being fired.

Taruc’s heroism and principled rebellion
For this remarkable feat, the charismatic Monching Magsaysay became our country’s president in the early 50s and, as fate would have it, Luis Taruc would be posthumously recognized (although some 70 years later, i.e. in June 2017) as a national hero by the National Historical Commission.

The point being stressed here is that Taruc’s stuff of rebellion was principled, smacked as it was of love of country and his willingness to die questing for social justice for underprivileged agrarian Filipinos.Truly, it is undebatable that such patriotism won’t be found among today’s communist and secessionist Moro rebels.

Today’ unprincipled rebellion
The local Reds are fueled with an obsessive craving for power, nothing less; and the Islamics’ sort of rebellion is a hateful urge to kill innocent people in order to go to heaven.

It’s obvious that these two rebellions are unprincipled. They are extremely unreasonable and utterly pernicious. They must be defined under new provisions prescribing heavier penalties…in the maximum period, if warranted.

Originally, the RPC had Estafa and Other Forms of Swindling, then later Syndicated Estafa…thanks to the facility of amendment or revision. So, why not Foreign -aided Rebellion and Other Forms of Rebellion?

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After Marawi, what then?

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RRoy’siPadAfter Marawi, what then?
Ronald Roy — June 28, 2017

Over a week ago, the high command of our armed forces announced the immediate acceleration of clearing operations to liberate the beleaguered city of Marawi — with no quarters given amid intensive aerial bombardment, and with the single-minded purpose of freeing trapped civilians. That’s a tough assignment…a mix of maximizing aggression while minimizing loss of life and limb!

But our troopers will carry out their sworn tasks with the same patriotism that made them troopers, and with the same valor to return to the fields of combat after medical confinement…aaw, doesn’t this make one tearfully proud…and they will succeed cuz it’s their duty to succeed!

Faith fuels patriotism
But then, after Marawi’s liberation, would that the victory would be appreciated not in terms of billions of pesos worth of outlay being released to rebuild the city…because we would be the losers there…but in terms of others being worth dying for, in the vein that the Christ from Nazareth welcomed his own crucifixion over 2000 years ago in order to open the entrance gate of his Father’s palace.

Yes, Sister Maria Dolores (dela Fuente), I hope I’m wrong, but it’s my gut belief that the raging conflict in Marawi is but one of other battles being waged by the free world against Islamic terrorists.

Perhaps, the tumult we are witnessing in the world these days is the prophesied ultimate confrontation between Good and Evil…between the forces of St. Michael and the forces of Satan. And yes, the so-called “signs of the end of times” abound today, though we can take relief from the thought that “today” is another time in God’s time.

The nemeses of faith
And as for your other point, Sister, it is my theory that poverty, like money, can be such a root of Evil that: in our own country that is plagued by the neediness of the poor and the greed of the rich, rampant criminality has become the principal scourge in our daily life.

Note that, for example, in the socialist Scandinavian economies where the middle classes abundantly flourish, criminality rates are the lowest in the world.Thus, we urgently need an economic miracle which, along with this faith, will fuel our grit to beat back the engulfing flames of Islamic jihadism.

To be sure, our victory at Marawi will not mark the end of hostilities; it will be a much-needed respite for our soldiers and cops before they resume encounters elsewhere in our country. For, like a deadly virus, Islamic extremism is stealthily taking root in other parts of our benighted land.

Viral affliction
The virus now afflicts the peaceful areas of Mindanao; and undercover IS-oriented elements are presently engaged in recruitment operations and, most likely, in planning detonations of crowded public sites in Luzon and the Visayas. Muslims, the good and the bad, are everywhere. Can you tell one from another? How safe are you in your own areas of abode?

Trepidation now lurks and stalks in places never before considered as dangerous. But the good news is: religious faith is growing, slowly but surely, not only among Christians, but also among the traditionally conservative Islamists. Verily, let us harness that faith that will enable us to believe what we cannot see: IS’s omnipresence.

At this point, let us be reminded that the population in Mindanao consists of 80 percent Christians, 15 percent peaceful Muslims, and 5 percent a misguided mix of Muslim bandits and terrorists, IS-oriented or not, many of whom are indoctrinated teenaged drug addicts. 5 percent is relatively small, yes, but size can be very deceiving. Remember that it took just two relatively small atomic bombs to end the 2nd World War.

Only Moros can change themselves
It is good to see Morolandia’s political and religious leaders and other elders kneeling in supplication for peace, but it is disheartening to note their conviction that it is government’s obligation to deescalate, if not to halt, the war in Marawi City, let alone to stop their own virus from spreading. The Moros’ culture can be changed only by themselves.

For instance, we cannot stop them from believing that if they die as a result of slaying non-Islamists, eleven vestal virgins await each of them in heaven. Likewise, only they can stop themselves from conscripting 7-year-old boys for warfare training, indoctrination, and now: the use of shabu in order to hasten their development into killing machines.

ML enforcers can do only so much. If they must become more aggressive “to win peace soonest”, let it be so. Also, during this crisis let us depend on the judgment of our professionally trained men and women in uniform, not on the rhetoric of the comatose yellow cult nor that of irritating human rights freaks.

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Charter’s ML provisions watered-down

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RRoy’siPadCharter’s ML provisions watered-down
Ronald Roy — June 20, 2017

Deserving utmost clarity is the issue of when rebellion may be said to have started in Mindanao, in the search for the factual basis of Proclamation No. 216 that declared martial law over the largest island of the country. The issue may be rephrased, vidilicet, “was there already rebellion when government forces entered Marawi City last May 23?”

Government lawyers have orally argued before the Supreme Court that military intelligence reports unearthing rebellious activities had caused the sending of troops to protect the city and its residents, and that when they got there, the city was already well under siege by enemy forces (i.e., the IS-oriented ASG-BIFF-Hapilon-Maute Group), with rebel units already positioned for combat operations that included beheading, lethal sniping , and using civilians as human shields.

Conspiracy to commit rebellion
It is this writer’s two cents’ worth of opinion that the cited military intelligence reports were reliable, as verified by a video clip showing IS-oriented rebels — led by top ASG rebel Isnilon Hapilon and the Maute brothers Abdulla and Omar, along with others — planning a siege of Marawi City, and it was during this planning conference that the terrorists can be reckoned to have started their rebellion by “conspiring to commit the same”.

It appears to be the stand of ML oppositionists that, the cited circumstances notwithstanding, Proclamation No. 216 was a constitutional violation. In other words: for the said proclamation to be valid, should massive destruction/forcible occupation of the city by the enemy have first taken place before government forces moved in to protect the beleaguered city??? What balderdash is this???

Although having practically won the battle at Marawi City, the death toll among our fighters continues to rise amid reports that, like a virus, the IS scourge has spread over Iligan City and other nearby areas. When will the conflicts stop?!

Insensitive misappreciation
And what sucks is: instead of getting words of encouragement and sympathy, government forces hear Chief Justice Sereno insensitively telling them they could be charged criminally or civilly for fighting an unauthorized war. Yes, she, Sereno … for whom and for whose loved ones … they’re dying and getting wounded for!

Let an analogy be permitted at this point. A group of masked men enter a mall. Garbed in combat uniform, they march around waving ISIS flags and chanting praises to Allah. According to Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, a certified Yellow, people in the mall shouldn’t panic because there’s still no proof that the men are IS jihadists (for they could be just playful pranksters?) — implying you have to wait first for them to explode the entire place.

Paranoiac overreaction
In this grim scenario, over a dozen security guards freeze under the watchful eyes of well-known human rights personalities who happen to be around. Suddenly, four bombs are thrown by the intruders, and the ground floor becomes a total wreck with bodies strewn around. These hypothetical circumstances, it is submitted, would be the tragic effect of the ML provisions of Corazon Aquino’s Constitution, as interpreted by her present-day yellow adherents.

The trouble with her basic charter’s ML provisions is that they reflect a paranoiac overreaction to the martial rule of the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos. Said charter recognizes the authority to declare ML as presidential, and yet the chief executive, who is also the commander-in-chief, is not given ample elbow room to manage a war against the most dangerous enemies of democracy ever known in history, namely, the Islamic jihadists and their worldwide armed followers.

Charter change, a “must”
Cory’s basic charter is virtually toothless as an instrument for protecting the citizenry against these barbaric enemies of the State; in fact, it even makes it easy for them to achieve their evil ends through its imposition of checks and controls on the way wars should be waged by those who have been professionally trained to offer their lives in defense of country: the officers and men of our armed forces, not to mention heroic civilian volunteers.

It bears noting that: when the Constitution was ratified almost 30 years ago, international terrorism was not yet around. Therefore, it must be revised to conform to current realities, in specific reference to the greatest-ever menace known to Man, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

However, beware!! Charter change may be too timid for Digong!!

09186449517 @ronald8roy

War against IS

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RRoy’siPadWar against IS
Ronald Roy — June 14, 2017

The war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS, for short) is a rule-changing kind of global war never before experienced by mankind. It is characterized by IS’s religious bigotry, extreme hate, visceral prejudice, unbridled cruelty and utmost treachery. I of course refer to the radical and extremist face of Islam.

IS cannot be engaged in conventional warfare because it is not a “state”, its calling itself as such notwithstanding. The term “state” is universally understood as a composite of five elements, namely: territory, people, government, independence, and sovereignty. IS does not have a territory, its people are a hodgepodge of nationals from various countries and ergo have no sovereignty to speak of, and it has no government that can efficaciously interact with nations.

Conventional war
In a conventional war between, say, two countries, the winner gets to control the loser’s people, territory and resources, for a period of time it deems propitious, and under terms and conditions in accord with the United Nations’ universal declaration of human rights.

Eventually, consistent with traditional comity, the occupied territory will be granted independence, preparatory to the conduct of normal ties between the two countries. Obviously, none of this can happen in the case of IS, whose purpose is not to conquer individual territories but the entire world.

IS will never succeed
Thus, it cannot be seen how IS, being the non-state that it is, can fit in this scheme of things. It is a group of head-chopping savages who cannot be serious in winning a war against, say, the Philippines without having to deal with other Asean members, let alone other nations like the United States of America, coming to our rescue. IS is asinine if it thinks it can attain world domination.

It’s long been feared that IS’s plan is to establish a “state” (or sub-state?) or a caliphate in Mindanao, hence, PDu30’s martial rule over the entire southern island. Consistently, he has announced that martial rule shall continue over Marawi City even after it’s been liberated from the Abu Sayyaf-BIFF-Maute-IS group…and that makes an awful lot of good sense, contrary to the jaundiced views of the political opposition that is the decimated Liberal Party.

Yellows, a vanishing cult
Holy macaroni, the President is trying to protect the country from the insidious designs of Islamic jihadists, and the Yellows are preventing him from doing so!!! That’s the long and short of it. Desperate and paranoid, they are hurrying to return to power to quell their answerability for pork barrel heists, not to mention other offenses that are characterized by grave abuse and gross incompetence.

That’s the trouble with these Yellows, the self-proclaimed saviors of Philippine democracy. Their arrogant mantra daang matuwid prevents them from accepting the fact that they’re a vanishing cult, and that their elitist glory days have been ended by a crude and unsophisticated “kanto boy” from Davao City. But you gotta give it to them for using the law to bring down an extremely popular president.

Cryptic treasonous behavior
Yes, in fairness to them, they have been resorting to legal maneuvers. They have filed with the International Criminal Court a complaint denouncing Digong as a mass murderer and a grafter. They have also petitioned the Supreme Court to require both houses of congress to hold a joint session to determine the validity of his Martial Law proclamation. Fine. Outwardly, their acts are salutary.

However, if you look well behind their legal facade, you will be shocked to learn that their basic strategy is to stop martial rule at the expense of the national good! Well, going by the definition that “treason is committed by giving aid and comfort to the enemy” — foreign enemy, i.e., which IS may be considered to be — the Yellows’ acts may well be bordering on the treasonous, if not outright constituting treason itself.

Aside from being traitors, these Yellows are stupid tradpols. Don’t they realize that if martial law had not been declared by the President, Mindanao would most likely now be an IS territory?

09186449517 @ronald8roy

Laughable toady

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RRoy’siPadLaughable toady
Ronald Roy — June 7, 2017

It had been calculated that the “battle at Marawi City” would be won by the second day this June with the entire city being virtually reclaimed by government forces. But that’s just a battle, not the war itself…the war against fundamentalist Islam, a religion espoused by the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ISIS has been on a rampage spreading its horrors throughout different continents, in a determined effort to re-establish the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century…the war against Muslim terrorists who kill those who don’t believe in their Deity called Allah. It’s worrisome that hostile forces have in fact increased in Marawi.

A Mindanao caliphate?
Apropos, an alleged ISIS website has announced that an order has directed ISIS agents to go to the Philippines to increase the Maute group’s fire power and, as rumors have it, to commence the spadework for establishing a caliphate in Mindanao. A caliphate is an office occupied by a caliph —one who is an empowered successor to Muhammad as temporal and spiritual head of Islam.

Incidentally, the Ottoman Empire capitulated to a peace agreement forged between Saladin and King Richard the Lionhearted. It is in this light, perhaps, that PDu30 is said to to have once mulled peace talks with the Maute-ISIS Group. But he backtracked, perhaps remembering the age-long lesson that “of Moros, only a dead one can be trusted”.

The parochial battleground that is Marawi City is but one of countless others still raging in hellish fire around the world, and a precursor of others yet to come. In Mindanao, not to mention other possible parts elsewhere in the country, how many more battles will explode to snuff out the lives of innocent Christians and, yes, innocent Muslims?

Moro radicals, a minority
Parenthetically, Moro radicals are a tiny minority of the entire Muslim community in the country. Over the decades here in the Philippines, Christians and Muslims have warmly interacted in social, business and political affairs…and inter-marriages are not uncommon among them.

From Filipino Muslim families — like the Sinsuats, Rasuls, Pendatuns, Alontos and Dimaporos — have come graduates of the University of the Philippines who studied different fields in Engineering, Philosophy and Political Science as their preferred courses.

We pause at this point, however, to ponder that U.P. is a freedom-of-expression university that has bred radical behavior among many graduates now turned rebel leaders. Prof. Nur Misuari, amnestied many times over, is one notorious recidivist who has killed close to 200 Christians and still has to repay P 2 B worth of government loans intended to develop Muslim communities, but which he used to organize the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

In this regard, Nigel (Neame) asks if the time has come to re-examine the UP’s raison d’ĂȘtre and curricula. Nigel, that time should never come. UP is the academic cradle of democracy.

Readiness for more battles
In any event, we shouldn’t rejoice over Marawi’s liberation when it comes, for that would be a fatal way of lowering our guard. We must be ready to confront other coming battles with all our Christian faith because Islamic jihadists are out to destroy it, and they mean to do so even if it takes detonating their own bodies in order to go to heaven to get their reward of eleven vestal virgins each.

Nigel, it is not farfetched that Filipino Muslim radicals, along with allegedly 1200 IS foreign operatives, are now “casing the joint” in other key cities in the Visayas and Luzon, not to mention other choice cities in Mindanao where PDu30 has been in consultation with Muslim leaders. However, can he trust them, like Misuari and Hataman, to name just two???
ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman appears to be in good rapport with PDu30, but his background blows the whistle on him. A dyed-in-the-wool ally of the Liberal Party, Hataman reportedly had Sen. Bam Aquino as a guest at a recent meeting brokered by Sen. Sonny Trillianes. No, it’s unacceptable that all they did was eat siopao and chicken mami amidst all that Marawi tumult.

To trust or distrust
Surely, it would be easier for the President to distrust an LP politician like Hataman than a staunch ally like House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. However, PDu30 may now have a different view of the comparison…unless he had authorized the former to say something hinting at a coming declaration of martial law in Metro Manila.

Mr, Speaker, it is clear that your outlandish “lone-wolf terrorist” theory related to the Resorts World carnage was meant to serve as a mind-set on the declaration of martial law in Metro Manila. Methinks that you have politically weakened the President, whether or not your statement was authorized by him.

Resign the Speakership, as your loyalty belongs principally to the people, not to PDu30…unless of course you won’t mind being called a laughable toady!

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Laughable toady

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