Conscripted Moro kids

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RRoy’siPadConscripted Moro kids
Ronald Roy — Sept. 01, 2017

If a Muslim loves Allah with a passion, and is driven by an urge to kill His non-believers with the same passion, he must be a most dangerous killer. And when he and his likes are conscripted (drafted) for wartime service, they make up a killing force of such truculence that transcends all reason.

Such was the holy war waged in the third century by the Ottoman Empire for world domination — an “unholy” war, as termed by Richard the Lionhearted, which he crushed with the valiant support of the Crusaders. And now, it’s being asked: Is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or IS) the precursor of a come-backing Ottoman Empire?

In any event, in the reduced-to-ruble city of Marawi, the IS-inspired Abu Sayyaf and Maute Group of brigands are a spent force, as proclaimed by military intelligence, although they are still incorrigibly sniping around, to the last man…one would say. When will the battle end, one asks, if Moro child-reinforcements are infinitely aplenty?

How many Muslim families are there in Mindanao, whose children have been conscripted, id est: forcibly removed from family life usually by their own fathers and brought to cadres where they are made to undergo military training and indoctrination, in order: to hate and slay Allah’s infidels, the ultimate aim being to organize an IS caliphate in the region?

Need for “de-brainwashing” kids
What sort of “victory” in Marawi can be achieved by the government, if Moro children and their leaders are not “de-brainwashed”, to coin a term, in order to deter them from resuming their lives of religious bigotry, hatred and violence? Otherwise stated, what good will a ratified Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) do if brainwashed Moro militants can always regroup to wage war?

How many tens of thousands of recruited Moro children ,countless of whom are now in the Visayas and Luzon, constitute a potential IS-aided threat to set up that caliphate and eventually effect secession of Mindanao from the Republic? We, Filipinos all from the country’s non-Muslim communities, demand some answers!

The BBL is a game-changing part of PDU30’s agenda. Most of us non-Muslims consider it to be too onerous and coercive for our comfort, that is: as if “Morolandia’s dogs of war” — the brainwashed children — would be unleashed if we did not approve the BBL in a plebiscite called for the purpose. Do we agree at the end of the barrel of their gun?
The BBL is meant to pacify Moros with provisions designed to expiate for injustices, like land-grabbing, allegedly committed by non-Muslims against them in decades past. To re-stress, assuming the BBL is ratified by the people, will there be any assurance of “lasting peace” if those indoctrinated Moros will not undergo a process removing them from their brainwashed condition?

Losing a son
Azramie Magondacan, 10-years-old, became one such conscripted child, as feared by his mother, who says “my Ramram was kidnapped in our Tondo home when he was 3-years-old; please return him to me”. The tearful search by Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar of Ramram reminds me of a recent ABS-CBN teleserye story that confirms that children, toddlers preferably, are kidnapped wherever possible for the purpose of rearing them to become Allah’s assassins.

The televised story teaches that, in their tender years, the kids are raised very well by their kidnappers.They are bathed and clothed well, fed well and treated well by everybody in the kidnapper’s “family” and, most importantly, given a rigid education on the radical interpretation of the Quran that teaches them to hate, not to love, all those who don’t believe in Allah, and to slay them even if it means detonating their own bodies in the process!

Ramram, incidentally, may never be retrieved as he is feared to be the armed boy appearing in a photo taken against the ruins of Marawi City; unlike in the televised story where the boy was returned after his mother paid a very hefty ransom. And it was not as if it was all a joyous reunion. It took a half-year painstaking process to get him back to the loving ways of Jesus!

So, what happens now, Mr. President, to our BBL agenda? How do we handle it?



Killing spree?

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Sent from my iPad AirKilling spree?
Ronald Roy — Aug. 23, 2017

In the course of President Digong’s war on drugs, an alarming weeklong spate of killings by policemen in Metro Manila and Pampanga climaxed in the senseless murder of 17-year-old Khian Loyd delos Santos. Cold-blooded murder, that is!

76 alleged drug addicts and pushers were shot dead in an all-out Philippine National Police (PNP) anti-illegal-drugs project dubbed as “One Time, Big Time”! Repeat: 76 dead… in just a few days, with well over a hundred arrested.

National outrage
Then,suddenly, the project has been slowed down by a burst of national outrage, with countless concerned citizens addressing three main issues, namely, whether Khian will get justice, how deeply involved the President is in his murder, if at all he is, and if and when all these drugs-related killings will ever end.

The President’s credibility may have waned, notwithstanding his anger over what seemed like a case of police brutality. And his sacking of a high-ranking police officer and placing thirteen policemen in restrictive custody may not have totally appeased indignant citizens led by leaders of the Catholic Church of the Philippines.

It is not without reason that even some of his supporters now feel skeptical that he can wage his war on drugs without encountering similar “police brutality” incidents, hence, the mounting cry for the total abatement of his war on drugs. It’s his call, of course, but he must realize his presidency’s legacy may likely rest chiefly on his anti-illegal-drugs policy.

In a recent development, the Palace sent a message of condolence to Khian’s grieving family, with no less than PDU30 giving the assurance that, should the prosecution’s evidence warrant, those cops responsible for Khian’s death would meet their comeuppance in accordance with law. He however stressed that the fatal incident would not alter his policy against illegal drugs, and even added that he would double the salaries of all policemen.

I can only think of two things at this point. More than ever, PDU30 must look into how he can best arrest the entry of illegal drugs into the country; and he may discuss this matter with China’s Pres. Xi. He must also choose his words well, as some cops tend to believe that “extrajudicial killings” will be rewarded.

It had long been going on, this sneaky suspicion that some drugs-related killings were extrajudicial; but invariably, the police would say they had no choice but to shoot their quarries in self-defense. But…sorry, guys…not in Khian’s case!

Witnesses and CCTV
A CCTV footage and witness accounts belie this trite self-defense claim! We’d like you cops to know too that the investigation you have promised into the matter will just be one big joke — sorry, but that’s how some of us feel about PNP investigations — such as in the case of Gen. Marvin Marcos.

Marcos was probed on the murder of a suspected drug lord, City Mayor Rolando Espinosa, right in his cell, but was merely assigned to another post after the prosecution reduced the charge from murder to homicide, allegedly due to some “evidentiary circumstances”.

The CCTV footage shows two policemen dragging a completely quelled Khian down to the side of a dirt road and — according to eyewitnesses who also allegedly saw Khian being badly battered and bruised up earlier — further into a cul-de-sac (an alley closed at one end that is bounded by three walls that provide privacy) where he was shot dead.

Forensic evidence
A forensic examination conducted by the Public Attorney’s Office on the remains of Khian are very revealing. According to PAO Head Percida Ruth Acosta, three gun shots did Khian in, namely, one in the back, another behind the left ear, and still another through the hole of the same ear. Gun powder on the victim’s head shows he was shot at close range.

The forensic examination further indicates that Khian was killed with evident premeditation, as shown by the slugs’ downward trajectories that indicate that he must have been in a kneeling position, ostensibly begging for mercy, when shot once in the back and twice in the head. A firearm was seen resting on the left hand of the fallen Khian who, it turns out, was allegedly right-handed.


Paraphernal and conjugal assets

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RRoy’siPadParaphernal and conjugal assets
Ronald Roy– Aug. 25, 2017

In connection with my recent article about the embattled spouses Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista and his estranged wife, Patricia Paz Bautista, I have received a few requests to elucidate on the concepts of “paraphernal” and conjugal assets.

Let it be known, however, that as I accede to do so, no allusion to the cited spouses will be intended, in deference not only to an ongoing criminal suit filed by Mr. Bautista against his wife, but also to other related suits that may thereafter arise, his possible impeachment included.

Assets up for grabs
Paraphernal and conjugal assets are issues that sometimes arise between legally married couples, as well as among their forced heirs, who wish to draw the line between assets exclusively owned by each spouse on the one hand, as well as those jointly owned by them on the other. An Illustration is called for at this point.

Let’s just say that Eva Chua, a 56-year-old businesswoman-socialite who lives alone, owns a fully furnished house in upscale Global City, a boutique, a taxi fleet, a yacht, a Mercedes 450 and an SUV, nine stock certificates, five bank deposit accounts, two poodles, a parrot, and a huge assortment of personal belongings.

Ben Cruz, on the other hand, is her popular 28-year-old boy friend, a tall and handsome former PBA basketball player who is now a City Councilor. He owns a Vios, a co-owner of a three-chair barbershop, and a few personal belongings. Eva and Ben then get married without executing a pre-nuptial contract (prenup, for short).

Pre-nuptial agreement
Now, the law says that: if a prenup was not forged between Ben and Eva, as in fact none was, all their afore-cited assets will comprise the so-called “absolute community”, where the said assets will now be owned in common by them on a 50-50 basis. But this raises Eva’s hackles, as she feels she has been duped by an unjust law.

Within months after their grand wedding, violent quarrels bring Eva to file a case in court for an annulment of their marriage. No, Billy (Marquez), Eva’s case will not prosper because the basis she cites for annulment is not recognized by the law. The law is far from being unjust. Eva’s trouble is that she failed to avail herself of a protective shield provided by the law.

Eva could have avoided her woes had she forged with Ben a prenup providing that their marriage would be governed by the so-called “conjugal partnership of gains” (CPG, for short). The purpose of the CPG regime is to prevent gold diggers from marrying into wealthy families — a practice that not only debases the sanctity of marriages, but also undermines the family as the basic unit of society.

Fruits of the CPG’s assets
You’re correct, Tom (Alonzo), all the “fruits” that accrue from the CPG’s assets during the marriage shall be shared by both spouses. In our illustration, for instance, all the earnings from Eva’s assets such as cash and stock dividends, other profits and gains, shall be deemed “conjugal” and, as such, shall be equally shared between Ben and herself.

Not only that…Ben’s salaries and other emoluments earned by him as City Councilor shall likewise be deemed conjugal for the same reason of equal sharing. Your other point is also correct, Tom. Unlawfully acquired assets cannot be shared by spouses. They are surrendered to their rightful owners.

In the case of Ben who is a government official, any asset unlawfully acquired by him by reason of his office, such as bribe money, shall be confiscated in favor of the State in an appropriate proceeding.

Policy of the State
Emily (Gomez), it is not the policy of the State to facilitate the dissolution of marriages in order…to use your words…”to free troubled spouses from marital bondage”, but to conserve such marriages as best as possible. A society can only be as strong as the families comprising it.

The primary concern of the State is the stability of its society. Spouses are enjoined to remain as such as long as possible, to rear children to be healthy in body, mind and spirit until, under circumstances prescribed by the law, they are legally separated or their marriage is annulled.

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RRoy’siPadDo you remember when we were kids? We were very happy then. We ate and studied well. There were no sweaty classroom congestions…lots of patience, smiles and kindness were everywhere…and, most of all, Dad and Mom hardly quarreled.

Today is a horrible nightmare. Traffic congestions on the rise…addicts on the prowl…and nothing but hate, anger and fear rule our lives, as greed, distrust and crime — not to mention hostile climate changes and the specter of jihadism — lurk everywhere.

O God, supreme Creator of tomorrow, please make us young again!

An essay by Ronald Roy
August 14, 2017

A woman scorned?

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RRoy’siPadA woman scorned?
Ronald Roy — Aug. 17, 2017

“Hell hath no fury like a — pretty, if I may add —woman scorned”, probably William Shakespeare’s most famous quote, distinctly defines the essence of “womanhood”, and the reportedly low-key daughter of socialite Baby Cruz-Vasquez, Patricia Paz “Tish” Cruz-Bautista, is no exception.

The fury of pretty Tish brought her storming into President Duterte’s austere office complaining about her husband’s alleged philandering and, with documents, his alleged shortcomings as a niggardly family man who owns an alleged net worth of P 1 B, including P 329 M in multiple bank accounts, half of all of which she vehemently demands as her conjugal share under the law.

Breaking protocol
Nobody dares to break the ethic of not bothering presidents with personal matters, except that: in furious and pretty Trish’s case, her husband happens to be — well, what do you know — the former chairman of the scandal-prone Commission on Good Government who is currently the controversial chairman of the equally scandal-prone Commission on Elections: the Honorable Andres “Andy” Bautista, Ateneo graduate, BAR topnotcher and abogado de campanilla!

It is obvious that furious and pretty Trish had planned to use presidential power to bring about Andy’s impeachment, but she was curtly rebuffed by PDU30 who correctly told her that her gripes, marital, business and political, were well beyond his jurisdiction, notwithstanding her presentation of documents tending to evidence Andy’s alleged high crimes of graft and betrayal of the public trust.

When prosecution may be started
Parenthetically, the mentioned jurisdiction pertains to both chambers of the Congress, acting separately in impeachment proceedings, although this writer wishes to underscore that criminal charges may, on a finding of probable cause, be filed only after removal from office of the impeachment respondent…should such be the case.

Like all philanderers do — this writer isn’t calling Mr. Bautista a philanderer — Andy has denied furious and pretty Trish’s allegations, claiming that his wife is motivated by greed, and that, as for her allegation of marital infidelity, “it was she who started it” — to which she once retorted in an interview, “Excuse me! I can easily clear myself of marital wrongdoings, but I don’t know if he can in his own case!”

Harmful third-eye psychic?
As always, sentimentalists would want Andy and Trish to be reconciled, but after four years of separation, the two appear definitely headed for a permanent separation, if not an annulment of their marriage. Their irreconcilability, according to Andy, partly stems from Trish’s being an alleged third-eye psychic, which accounts for a disturbing behavior that alienates her from some close friends and relatives…her mother included.

An example, according to Andy, was when she told him “not to worry about the separation’s effects on the children, because the universe would take care of them.”

Incidentally, Billy (Marquez), Andy’s criminal action against Trish will clarify that a marital vinculum (bond) gives the spouses free access to each other’s conjugal assets and, with respect to his paraphernal assets, if theft or robbery of the same was committed by his wife.

Unlawfully acquired assets?
Be that as it may, like the headline-hugging stories of the detained Sen. Leila de Lima, this sordid illicit-sex-cum-greed-and-graft scandal between the Bautista spouses stuns Filipinos wide-eyed, who are perhaps very aghast at how corrupt some high-bracket spouses have now become in both their public and private lives.

In the Bautista spouses’ marital breakup, everybody gets hurt, namely, the spouses, the only four sons they have, aged 8, 12, 13 and 16, one of whom has stopped schooling, and the sovereign people IF: it can be established later that some of Andy’s assets in multiple bank accounts and realties were unlawfully acquired by reason of his authority as chairman of the PGCC and later of the Comelec.

Offense against people
Of course, also hurt may be those candidates who might be shown to have smartmagically lost in the elections held during Andy’s Comelec term of office. Needless to state, the biggest hurt would be sustained by the citizenry whose electoral will may be proven to have been thwarted! Indeed, Andy has warned that his wife’s lies are undermining the electoral process — a very grave offense, if I may stress, against the Filipino people.

Well, maybe so, Andy, but an impeachment trial might yet shed light on some lingering mysteries, like Leni Robredo’s unexpected win over Bong Bong Marcos, front-running presidential candidate Grace Poe’s shocking finish at third place, and presidential bet Mar Roxas’ incredible last-ditch jump from kulelat to second place.

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Motherhood and morality

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RRoy’siPadMotherhood and morality
Ronald Roy — Aug.10, 2017

Out of fourteen quotable quotes regardng the concept of “morality” that I checked out in a book by Lewis C. Henry, none was without reference to “mother” or “motherhood”. I do think that a certain bias of Henry must have led him to suggest that mothers are generally more moral than fathers.

Buttressing the point, I found myself musing about my country, my very own pristine motherland…of beautiful smiles and manners, of colorful ethnic costumes, flaming sunsets, blue oceans and white beaches and, not least of all, enduring courage, resilience and hope. Ahhh…such invigorating notions of the motherland can be as nutritious servings of milk from mothers’ breasts!!

Mothers are more moral?
To be fair to Henry, however, I wish to join him with my own belief that: truly, women are more moral between the two genders…that is, as far as sexual aberrations, at least, are concerned.

And this is so because: in this, a man’s world, his unethical conquest of a woman would usually mean her good name’s loss…and more so, if she were married and a mother. What mother, indeed, would wish to be called by her own children (and husband)…a bitch??? But this milieu would be much too small for our discussion.

In the world of government, the rule is the same! Take it from this writer, a retired 38-years-of-service bureaucrat! In the four institutions where he worked (both houses of congress, Land Bank of the Philippines, and the Office of the Solicitor General), most of the respondents in administrative cases were males, outnumbering females at a ratio of 3 to 2, and around 45% of these suits were related to dishonesty, not to sexual misconduct.

Private survey favors CJ Sereno
It is very confounding that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno may yet be impeached as of this writing. To her good fortune, neither of the two impeachment complaints has been endorsed by a member of the lower house.

But then, because those stats were over three decades ago, I did my own personal survey and learned that 12 out of 20 respondents did not wish the Chief Justice impeached — for an assortment of reasons. Is it any wonder that the ratio of 3 to 2 is holding true? Hmmm… In any event, hereunder is a variety of comments garnered from the survey that disapproves of her impeachment.

What??? Why pounce on the lady??? Why not on those retired PMA generals and their cohorts (the so-called PMA mafia) who have been making hay over these past decades? What about those crooks at the Customs???
The Supreme Court is the citadel of law and order, and its Chief Justice, especially if a woman, is a bastion of morality. Good heavens, Sereno is clean!! Oh my God, nobody is above the law! Not even pregnant mothers!
Those impeachment charges are so petty! So what if she has more perks than her colleagues? She outranks them all!
Oh, no, not again!! The late Chief Justice Renato C. Corona was removed from office for violation of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth Law! And yet, many of those who convicted him did not even comply with the SAL-N Law! Are we seeing a repeat here???
Ousting the Chief Justice is bad for our wobbly democracy. It is so destabilizing! Why not remove PNP Director General Bato dela Rosa instead???
This is “black politics”! They should find out who intends to gain from her removal from office!
An official’s privileges are commensurate to his or her level of responsibility and authority, and Madam Sereno is the Court’s highest-ranked Justice! Chairman Mao Zedong had his thieving wife executed! Why don’t we do that here?
Methinks CJ Sereno’s impeachment will only serve to distract attention from numerous scandalous wrongdoings, like the alleged smartmagic of Joel Villanueva’s having been dislodged from first place in the final standings of the last senatorial elections!
And what about the grossly overpriced construction of the Iloilo Convention Center that gave out countless million bucks in kickbacks, not to mention the graft-infested erection of a bridge??

The song, not the singer
Although most of the foregoing comments are not in any way related to Madam Sereno’s being a woman, the survey tends to showcase the office of the Chief Justice rather than the person of its occupant, regardless of gender. That is as things should be!

On a personal note, this writer expresses the hope that, in the event of Madam Sereno’s impeachment, all our legislators set aside personal sentiments in favor of the national good.

09186449517 @ronald8royMotherhood and mor

Win some, lose some

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RRoy’siPadWin some, lose some
Ronald Roy — Aug. 4, 2017

No one is really totally invincible in life. Even the wealthiest and most powerful men and women have to lose some battles. Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte ought to realize that his current legal controversy with Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has pushed him out on a limb.

Very untenable is his point that Morales, without his permission, cannot subpoena policemen to any inquiry. The Office of the Ombudsman is a constitutional office, and its occupant, incidentally, is removable from office only through an impeachment proceeding.

In fact, the basic charter empowers her to summon anybody motu propio (thru her own initiative, or as she sees fit) to an investigation relative to any graft suit she may wish to file, or may have filed, against any government official.

Ombudsman’s vulnerability
No power, indeed, rises above the Ombudsman except 1) the Supreme Court, 2) both chambers of congress, acting through an impeachment process, and of course 3) the sovereign people, by ratifying any constitutional change affecting the Ombudsman’s office, including its abolition.

The protagonist’s verbal tussle arises from the President’s overprotective attitude toward law enforcers, in respect of his thrust against crime, illegal drugs in particular, where he however continues to gain popular support despite nonstop charges of extrajudicial killings. But NO, he cannot in any direct way meddle in the Ombudsman’s job. Might his “sense of invincibility” have gotten over his head?

What Digong can do indirectly is to utilize the persuasive powers of his office in order to bring about Morales’ impeachment by the lower house, after which he can influence her removal from office by the upper house (acting as an impeachment court) easily for Breach of Public Trust. His adamance can only fan a constitutional crisis to his detriment and embarrassment.

Joma’s vincibility
There is no question though that he has won his verbal clash with Maoist Jose Maria Sison. What a shame! The founder and head of the Communist Party of the Philippines was baptized “Jose Maria” — the names of Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of Jesus Christ!

And the second shame is: not only is he a Communist who disdains Christians and espouses violence, he also looks like a bucktoothed mantataho from Beijing!

That he’ll return on his terms is an arrogant boast; and should he return, he’ll be arrested and clamped in jail, then charged with violation of the terms of his amnesty. But he’ll have the consolation of regular visits from leftists headed by Risa Hontiveros.

Joma and I were members of the UP Dramatic Club through the mid-fifties during our college years. He was a quiet guy; and one would often see him doing carpentry work to set up backdrops for stage plays.

Coke’s too American
One afternoon, as he was hammering down nails in succession backstage, I offered him an ice-cold bottle of coke, and he replied, “No, thanks, Ronnie, too American for me” — a remark that I then found curious. He then proceeded to mumble a lengthy discourse that included the socialistic phrase: “the dignity of labor”, and ended with “don’t you think so, Ronnie?” I just said “yes”, not knowing that the hammer in his hand would become a firearm in just a few years.

Unlike the greatest-ever Socialist that Jesus of Nazareth was, who proselytized with sermons, miracles and love, Communists resort to religious intolerance, intimidation, murder and other acts of violence.

Sadly, though, Digong’s order “to wipe out commie rebels” will not bring immediate closure to their struggle for social justice; licking poverty is a distant goal but, hopefully, Dutertenomic plans and programs for the poor can accelerate the advent of their dream. Federalism? In previous articles, I explained my opposition to it; but who knows, it might yet be the key to poverty eradication.

Peace leaf and gun
It’s a somewhat similar story at the Mindanao front, where Digong holds the Bangsamoro Basic Law’s peace leaf with one hand, and a gun with the other — uncertain if his “victory” at Marawi was enough to end the extremist Islamics’ plan to establish a caliphate in Mindanao, and altogether secede from our country.

Only recently, over a dozen teenaged warriors from Nur Missuari’s MNLF were arrested before they could be dispatched to Marawi City to fortify the IS-inspired Maute group’s ranks of snipers. It will be recalled that, like the oft’-amnestied Joma Sison, the likewise oft’-amnestied Missuari had pledged support to the newly elected PDu30.

No, it’s nothing new that deceit, not to mention head-chopping, is a trait of these secessionist rebels! What sort of a Mindanao victory can then be achieved by Rody, given that he has to deal with hostile characteristics deeply embedded in Moro culture? If transient, we may wait forever!

09186449517 @ronald8roy