Lanao del Sur

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Godspeed and congrats, Mr. President!

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RRoy’siPadGodspeed and congrats, Mr. President!
Ronald Roy — May 17, 2017

The Impeachment Complaint against Pres. Digong Duterte was dismissed by the House justice committee for “insufficiency in substance”, because it was found to be totally based on hearsay.

For the uninitiated, a testimony is credible if the testifier has personal knowledge of the facts he avers therein. Otherwise, the rules will strike down his testimony as “hearsay”. E.G., The witness testifies: “Pedro wore a red shirt because, according to Ellen, he wore a red shirt”. This is a no-no in evidence. He must have actually seen Pedro wearing a red shirt.

The felonies alleged
The complaint sought the president’s removal from office for his alleged P 2.2 B worth of reported wealth derived from alleged corrupt practices, and for his alleged principal responsibility for countless murders committed when he was Davao City’s Mayor, and currently as president in connection with his ongoing war on illegal drugs.

Complainant Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, by his own admission, had no personal knowledge of the felonies recited in his complaint, hence, his plea that he be given a chance to present eyewitnesses was denied as a matter of course.

It may be doubted that the Supreme Court will overturn the justice committee’s ruling, should Alejano seek its relief, because the matter in the view of this writer is a “political question”. One effect of the dismissal is that the Constitution will bar another impeachment bid if made within a year after said dismissal.

The ICC, a recourse?
The dejected complainant has announced he would proceed to bring his case before the International Criminal Court (ICC). However, unless this writer is mistaken, the ICC will also dismiss the same; for, under its rules, it asserts jurisdiction over a case only after the courts of the country from where it comes are unable or unwilling to prosecute the same. In this regard, it may be assumed that the impeaching House is a court.

Amid the nationwide jubilation over the complaint’s dismissal, lies the citizenry’s opportunity to reflect on the legislature’s dual role in impeachments, particularly in the present case where the president is supported by a mind-blowing 80% of the population.

Impeachments, political and quasi-judicial
Both houses of congress give impeachments a political character in the context of congressmen and senators functioning as representatives of their respective constituencies. Thus, if the house impeaches and the senate judges, it is as if their constituencies were respectively impeaching and judging.

One does get to question the propriety, if not the constitutionality, of the instant complaint, considering that impeachments are said to be political exercises imbued with judicial characteristics. Because 80% of Filipinos are Digong’s supporters, Rep. Alejano was very ambiguous when he said that he was suing PDu30 in behalf of the people of the Philippines,

Militarization of government?
In any event, rumormongers should now pause to consider that the president’s “militarization” of some key government posts does not in any way show paranoia over suspected destabilization movements.

No, he has no need for a military shield for his personal protection. On the contrary, the complaint’s dismissal proves his growing strength and popularity, not to mention that the rumored militarization agenda is a simple strategy for energizing his uniformed boys amid threats from the new armed enemies of the State.

Mr. President, you brimmed with unmistakable aplomb when you welcomed your jaundiced enemies to shift their gripes to the ICC. And for good reason: The high-and-mighty Yellows are now neck-deep in quicksand in their obstinate defiance of 80% of the population! Yours, Sir, will be the distinct honor of presiding over their juridical demise.

Godspeed, and congratulations, Mr. President!

09186449517 @ronald8roy

Barking up the wrong tree

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RRoy’siPadBarking up the wrong tree
Ronald Roy — May 11, 2017

A person’s credibility is measured largely by his reputation, although other things like pressure, reward and ignorance may contradict his real intentions. There being no showing of such factors, the only fair way to judge the sixteen members of the Commission on Appointments, who rejected Gina Lopez’s appointment as Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, is to give them the benefit of the doubt.

“Giving the benefit of the doubt” is a cherished value in the entire realm of law. For instance, it’s better “to acquit ten guilty men than to convict one innocent man”, so goes a dictum in criminal jurisprudence. Therefore, innuendoes that bribery played a hand in the rejection of Lopez’s appointment are unwarranted.

“Lobby money talks”
It’s unfortunate that President Digong made the remark “lobby money talks”. It seemed to cast aspersions on the integrity of the 16 CA members who ousted Lopez. But only he knows the actual import behind his words…so then, why not just give him the benefit of the doubt, like we often do in those cases where, after a gaffe, he says “nag-joke lang ako, naniwala naman kayo”.

The president can be such a tactless comic in the vein of my good friend, Eat Bulaga’s Sen. Tito Sotto, whose remark raised the hackles of women’s rights advocates when he jokingly referred to single mothers as “na ano”, albeit in bad taste.

Occidental Mindoro Rep. Josephine Sato might have done better than overreacting to Digong’s alleged insinuations of bribery, instead of demanding an investigation, which surely fell on the deaf ears of those who disdain some congressional inquiries as a waste of people’s time and money.

Power of charisma
It’s this kind of humor, or charisma, if you will, that endears Digong and Tito to the hoi polloi who, like it or not, constitute the vast majority of Filipinos…which, again, like it or not. means that ours is a democracy “of the hoi polloi, by the hoi polloi, and for the hoi polloi”.

It is however to Gina Lopez’s misfortune that our hoi polloi are too enfeebled to chart their own destiny. They, the vast majority, wanted her to stay on the DENR job. Ironically, however, they failed to overturn the democratic principle upholding the rule of the majority.

Yes, without casting aspersions on anybody, the vast democratic majority lost out to the minority forces of position and privilege that compose our Commission on Appointments — legislators all who voted in accordance with a count process authorized by the Constitution itself!

People’s empowerment needed
But that’s just the minuscule CA. Throughout the rest of government, one sees functionaries working mostly for their benefit, not the people’s. The sovereign people need to be empowered for their own salvation, and from where this writer sits, the socialist in PDu30 is a fair chance for that to happen.

To be sure, the maverick president knows that his road ahead is steep and bumpy. Altering tradition is overwhelming, let alone changing the Constitution, the laws, and the strategies of war and peace vis-a-vis the armed enemies of the State. But he has vowed “to fix the troubled land”, with nary a concern for his personal safety, much less his hold on power,

Sustaining popular support
With an attitude like this, Digong can only be expected to sustain the popular support he now enjoys. Would that critical human rights groups, especially those of the United Nations, could discern this attitude. After all, it is the Filipinos’ natural right…nobody else’s…to do what they need to do, and to be what they need to be.

Get off our backs, foreigners! For as long as we’re not violating your human rights, live and let live! Knock it off, UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard! You know you haven’t the slightest evidence that the illegal drugs-related extrajudicial killings are state-sponsored. Thus, by barking up the wrong tree, you are violating our human rights!

You’re absolutely right, Monchito (Vallejo). It will be difficult for Janet Napoles to qualify for state-witness status, because she appears to be the most guilty in those pending pork barrel cases which, by the way, involve top officials of the previous yellow administration.

Besides, there would be no assurance she will not lie on the witness stand in order to save some of their necks.

09186449517 @ronald8roy

Pesky conundrum

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RRoy’siPadPesky conundrum
Ronald Roy — May 7, 2017

Most individual members of the so-called super majority in the Lower House are human after all, protective of their political hide in situations that challenge their alliance with Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. In point are those two impeachment complaints against Vice President Leni Robredo. They both failed since not a single lawmaker had endorsed them.

The second complaint — filed by one Atty. Bruce Rivera, a magna cum laude law graduate from San Beda College, the alma mater of the President and the House Speaker — ostensibly indicates that “the powers that be” were behind it, thereby drawing a knee-jerk rebuke from Robredo that the administration’s harassment tactics were rejected by the people. Huh???

For a vice president, Robredo has a mind too narrow to grasp big pictures, such as one showing that the collective judgment of legislators does not necessarily reflect the popular will, very especially where their individual political interests are at stake. It’s quite obvious they’re playing it safe, as they are wary of her possible succession to the presidency.

Lest I be misconstrued, I will give Robredo the benefit of the doubt as to her honesty as a public servant, in the absence of any showing to the contrary. I will even assume that her “smart-magic” win over Bong Bong Marcos was pulled off without her knowledge and consent. However, I question the unfitness she brings to her office.

She claims her payment of the partial counter-protest fee of P 8 million, as required by the Supreme Court, was advanced by relatives and friends. Fine! But she demonstrates neither rhyme nor reason when she irrelevantly says Bong Bong Marcos’ payment of his own protest fee came from his late father’s hidden wealth — a typically canine yellow attack directed at a man who died close to thirty years ago.

The eloquence of silence
Tell you what, Mrs. Robredo, if you think BBM’s money is stolen wealth, please sue him in court instead of publicly vilifying him, okay? In fact, it’s your civic duty to hold him accountable before a court of law. Well, why are you speechless?! Hmmm, isn’t your silence now more eloquent than your innuendos against him?!

This is what makes the Yellows obnoxiously holier-than-thou. BBM’s father has been dead for close to 1,560 weeks, and his memory is still revered by millions of Filipinos; and yet, the Yellows won’t stop denigrating him in an effort to exalt themselves! Hypocrites!

In any event, what’s tragic of all is one: your failure to live up to the good name of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, your beloved husband, who perished in a plane crash at a time when he was being totally ignored by his boss, then Pres. Noynoy Aquino, two: Aquino, taking advantage of the sweeping public grief over his demise, used propaganda to make him a hero for obvious political reasons, and three: He’s now using you for his political survival. Still don’t get it???

Bato apologizes
It’s somewhat pacifying to know that PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa has apologized for his unwarranted defense of the scandalously sub-standard detention of arrestees who are clandestinely packed like sardines in a tiny cell in Station 1 of the Manila Police District — a gross human rights violation that must be stopped immediately, not only in the cited place but also in other cities and provinces.

One cannot help but ponder the merits of the Malthusian Theory that: there ought to be a “parallel run” between supply and demand, that is, between necessities and population growth. Similarly, the theory may be applied to prevent congestions of vehicles in streets, of the homeless in shanties and sidewalks, of prisoners in detention facilities and the like. When and how did this horrendous anomaly start?

Endless recriminations
Perhaps shedding some light on the matter is the revelation of a retired police general that prison congestions were first noted as early as five years ago. However, I would not blame the previous administration for this.

I would rather identify this lack-of-foresight phenomenon as one that progressed over the years. Endless recriminations won’t do any good, although what is certain is that: ever since the war against corruption, crime and illegal drugs was launched, jail congestions have been proliferating and, whether Digong likes it or not, on his shoulders now rests the pesky conundrum.

Needless to state, administrative and criminal charges should now be pressed against allegedly erring police functionaries, with respect to claims that some prisoners were offered their freedom if “they came across”.

09186449517 @ronald8roy

An Open Letter

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RRoy’siPadDear Madame Gina Lopez,

We salute you for having fought a good fight against the windmills of greed and apathy. We toast your implacable resistance to oligarchical abuse, and your impassioned concern for the impoverished and the environment.
Thank you for the reminder that our troubled land can progress only in the spirit of love for one another, and only with an uncompromising respect for human rights and the Constitution. May your lionhearted tribe flourish!

The sovereign Filipino people

Panic, fear and hubris

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RRoy’siPadPanic, fear and hubris
Ronald Roy — April 29, 2030

A certain Atty. Jude Josue Sabio was punished by the Supreme Court in 2005 for accusing a Laguna judge of bribery, with the additional warning that a similar act in the future “would be dealt with more severely”.

Well, what do you know…this same guy has just crawled out onto a limb by filing a Complaint before the International Criminal Court against Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte for acts constituting “mass murder”, allegedly committed by him during his term as Davao City Mayor and currently as the republic’s president.

No, of course I haven’t read the criminal Complaint yet but, as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning, the same will be dismissed by the ICC for lack of jurisdiction or lack of merit.

Crimes against humanity
2nd World War historians record the most barbaric crimes against humanity as having been committed by Germany’s Adolf Hitler who ordered over six million Jews killed because they were Jews, and by Japan’s Gen. Hideo Yamashita whose reign of terror in Southeast Asia caused the pogrom of countless innocent men, women and children, mostly Filipinos.

Hitler’s suicide preempted a judicial verdict on his savagery, while Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita was deservedly hanged a much-hated man — alas, a fate to which Digong Duterte’s handful of fearful yellow foes would like him consigned! Yes, “fearful”, because the Yellows led by Noynoy Aquino are just counting the months before their kapit tuko glory days are forever obliterated from the political landscape.

Indeed, apart from fear, hubris prevents them from accepting that they are a virtually spent political force nearing an ignominious epitaph. Their state of un-reason does nothing but muddle up a search for an honorable juridical demise. Karma? Perhaps. But surely, they cannot conceivably succeed against a leader who is adored by a vast majority of the citizenry! What crime against the humanity of Filipinos are they talking about???

PDu30 wishes to save Filipinos from the holocaust of corruption, crime and illegal drugs, but the Yellows are stopping him from doing so with a criminal suit designed to globally humiliate him. Aren’t they then the ones committing crimes against humanity?

Without much elaboration, the Yellows argue that Digong is a mass murderer because he has often publicly threatened; “I will kill you”, when the real import of the threat is “I will kill anybody who continues to destroy the country I love through corrupt, criminal and illegal drugs-related activities”.

Hey, Yellows, let us separate the chaff from the grain, okay? By all means, help in the arrest, trial and conviction of persons of authority involved in extrajudicial killings. Also, assist government’s ongoing program of building drug rehabilitation centers nationwide. By doing these two things, you might yet convince us you are not yet a lost and hopeless cult.

Prosecutorial weaknesses
In any event, even junior law students will probably see the Yellows as lost and hopeless, judging on the basis of two palpable prosecutorial weaknesses, namely, one: that the self-confessed hitman of the so-called Davao Death Squad, Edgar Matobato, has proven his worth as a visceral perjurer, per records of a Senate investigating committee, and two: that Sabio’s reputation as a member of the PH Bar raises serious questions on the very integrity of the Complaint.

It should not be difficult for Sabio to admit that he accepted the case on a retainer basis; after all, retainers are a lawyer’s bread and butter. It boggles the mind though that the expenses resulting from the suit will far surpass those for bread and butter, such as those for travel and hotel accommodations, and one sees the yellow cult that the Liberal Party (LP) is, not dirt-poor Matobato, as the financier of the entire misadventure.

Forestalling an imminent end
After over thirty years of self-glory as the so-called savior of Philippine democracy, and the supreme advocate of the hypocritical “righteous path”, it’s clear that panic, fear and hubris have combined to produce an asinine helter-skelter suit to give moral support to VP Leni Robredo and Sen. Leila de Lima, in an effort to forestall the imminent end of its own political life.

This point is raised in the face of scuttlebutt that former President Noynoy will soon be criminally charged for offenses allegedly committed by him during his presidential term, and that VP Robredo will not escape an eventual impeachment trial.

The national wealth

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RRoy’siPadThe national wealth
Ronald Roy — April 26, 2017

The national wealth consists of our archipelagic territory, the air space above its 7,100 islands, the West Philippine Sea, Benham Rise, the Mindanao Deep, along with all the other ocean waters within the exclusive economic zones surrounding the islands, rivers, lakes, waterways, and all the fishes and other organisms found in them, natural structures, plants and fruit trees above the ground and, beneath it, precious ores, gasses, oils and other mineral substances, and the forests and animals therein.

Are we rich? Yes, Bobby (Zablan), fabulously rich, and that’s not even including the Filipino people yet, their talents, skills and other attributes that should rank them high with the other peoples in the planet. And Bobby, the reason we’re the pathetic patsy in the region is that we are incredibly still in a developing state that renders us weak and irresolute — a condition for which we have no one but ourselves to blame. Solution? A return to God!