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Motherhood and morality

RRoy’siPadMotherhood and morality
Ronald Roy — Aug.10, 2017

Out of fourteen quotable quotes regardng the concept of “morality” that I checked out in a book by Lewis C. Henry, none was without reference to “mother” or “motherhood”. I do think that a certain bias of Henry must have led him to suggest that mothers are generally more moral than fathers.

Buttressing the point, I found myself musing about my country, my very own pristine motherland…of beautiful smiles and manners, of colorful ethnic costumes, flaming sunsets, blue oceans and white beaches and, not least of all, enduring courage, resilience and hope. Ahhh…such invigorating notions of the motherland can be as nutritious servings of milk from mothers’ breasts!!

Mothers are more moral?
To be fair to Henry, however, I wish to join him with my own belief that: truly, women are more moral between the two genders…that is, as far as sexual aberrations, at least, are concerned.

And this is so because: in this, a man’s world, his unethical conquest of a woman would usually mean her good name’s loss…and more so, if she were married and a mother. What mother, indeed, would wish to be called by her own children (and husband)…a bitch??? But this milieu would be much too small for our discussion.

In the world of government, the rule is the same! Take it from this writer, a retired 38-years-of-service bureaucrat! In the four institutions where he worked (both houses of congress, Land Bank of the Philippines, and the Office of the Solicitor General), most of the respondents in administrative cases were males, outnumbering females at a ratio of 3 to 2, and around 45% of these suits were related to dishonesty, not to sexual misconduct.

Private survey favors CJ Sereno
It is very confounding that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno may yet be impeached as of this writing. To her good fortune, neither of the two impeachment complaints has been endorsed by a member of the lower house.

But then, because those stats were over three decades ago, I did my own personal survey and learned that 12 out of 20 respondents did not wish the Chief Justice impeached — for an assortment of reasons. Is it any wonder that the ratio of 3 to 2 is holding true? Hmmm… In any event, hereunder is a variety of comments garnered from the survey that disapproves of her impeachment.

What??? Why pounce on the lady??? Why not on those retired PMA generals and their cohorts (the so-called PMA mafia) who have been making hay over these past decades? What about those crooks at the Customs???
The Supreme Court is the citadel of law and order, and its Chief Justice, especially if a woman, is a bastion of morality. Good heavens, Sereno is clean!! Oh my God, nobody is above the law! Not even pregnant mothers!
Those impeachment charges are so petty! So what if she has more perks than her colleagues? She outranks them all!
Oh, no, not again!! The late Chief Justice Renato C. Corona was removed from office for violation of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth Law! And yet, many of those who convicted him did not even comply with the SAL-N Law! Are we seeing a repeat here???
Ousting the Chief Justice is bad for our wobbly democracy. It is so destabilizing! Why not remove PNP Director General Bato dela Rosa instead???
This is “black politics”! They should find out who intends to gain from her removal from office!
An official’s privileges are commensurate to his or her level of responsibility and authority, and Madam Sereno is the Court’s highest-ranked Justice! Chairman Mao Zedong had his thieving wife executed! Why don’t we do that here?
Methinks CJ Sereno’s impeachment will only serve to distract attention from numerous scandalous wrongdoings, like the alleged smartmagic of Joel Villanueva’s having been dislodged from first place in the final standings of the last senatorial elections!
And what about the grossly overpriced construction of the Iloilo Convention Center that gave out countless million bucks in kickbacks, not to mention the graft-infested erection of a bridge??

The song, not the singer
Although most of the foregoing comments are not in any way related to Madam Sereno’s being a woman, the survey tends to showcase the office of the Chief Justice rather than the person of its occupant, regardless of gender. That is as things should be!

On a personal note, this writer expresses the hope that, in the event of Madam Sereno’s impeachment, all our legislators set aside personal sentiments in favor of the national good.

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