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Asperger’s fetish for gunfire mayhem

RRoy’siPadAsperger’s fetish for gunfire mayhem
Ronald Roy — July 20, 2017

It is not at all the least surprising that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, a Yellow of the first order, is seeking the indictment before the Sandiganbayan of former Pres. Benigno S. Aquino lll, her former appointment benefactor. By doing so, she hopes to curry favor with anti-Aquino bashers and justify her standing as a Ramon Magsaysay laureate.

The trouble is: nobody believes her but the dwindling handful of Yellows. For crying out loud, Madam Morales, we are not stupid! Forty-four, not one, SAF policemen were slain by Moro gunmen; why are you charging P-Noy with only homicide through reckless imprudence and not multiple homicide through reckless imprudence??? Elementary math, Madam, elementary math!

Powder puffs
Along with most everybody else…except, again, the Yellows… this writer remains aghast over your use of kid gloves…nay, powder puffs…in conjuring up charges that are so weak that P-Noy would be acquitted or, if convicted, would be meted out a penalty that would give him a right to avail himself of the benefits under the law on probation…which means that he won’t be jailed provided he complies with certain simple conditions.

Referred to here is the light offense of Usurpation of Authority, which P-Noy is charged with having committed when he ordered the suspended PNP Director General Alan Purissima to take charge of police operations in Mamasapano, where 44 Special Action Force policemen were massacred by Moro terrorists.

Parenthetically, it will be recalled that the characteristically insensitive Aquino attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a new Mitsubishi plant’s opening day, rather than meet at Villamor Air Base the arrival of the caskets bearing our fallen heroes. It hurts, it just hurts to this day, to think that we had such a heartless president!

If the price is right
Legalists observe how Morales’s Complaint, with respect to the Mamasapano case, easily offers opportunities for the defense lawyers to puncture holes in the prosecutors’ mantle of evidence. Let us note that, the more crammed a criminal case is with factual details and issues — such is the nature of the Mamasapano episode — the easier it will be for his defense.

And, If this writer may aver, the easier it will be for all the counsel to come to terms to the defendant’s delight!Fixing a case in this country is not uncommon. It can be done even without the knowledge and participation of the trial magistrate. All that is needed is for the prosecution to so bungle its job that the accused is either exonerated or meted out a lower penalty…if the price is right, of course!

Expectedly, the yellow Madam Morales chose not to scalp P-Noy with charges related to the scandalous pork barrel scams.Those scams, which illicitly enriched numerous public officials at our expense, would have made P-Noy very vulnerable to a life term; but he was spared by Ma’am Morales who sued only then Budget Secretary Abad.

Intentional amnesia
Obviously, the Ombudsman chose to forget that, under the alter ego (other self) doctrine, the official acts of members of the cabinet are also those of the president. Madam, such cheek, such brazenness!

There’s another case which Madam Morales also chose to forget: the Luneta carnage incident involving a certain Capt. Rolando Mendoza who had been dismissed from the service by the Ombudsman during the Gloria Macapagal Administration. After repeated denials of his request for a review of his case, the fully armed Mendoza went berserk when he held hostage a busload of Chinese tourists bound for Hongkong.

He publicly aired a promise via his phone to end his rampage if he would be assured of a review of his case. P-Noy, who was eating cuapao and lomi in a Chinese restaurant just around a hundred yards away from the bus, knew that a review of Mendoza’s case was all he wanted.

P-Noy also knew that it was his constitutional duty to prevent a carnage. He could have easily phoned up Mendoza to assure him that, as President of the Republic of the Philippines, he would do all in his power to effect a second look at his dismissal from the service; but he preferred to enjoy the drama con merienda, until gunfire snuffed out the lives of over a dozen innocent people, many of whom were women and children.

Multiple murder
Madam Morales, the Luneta carnage is an open-and-shut case against the former president who, true to his insensitive nature, later refused to apologize to the families of the victims amid public calls for him to do so!

Could it be that his Asperger’s fascination with firearms and computer war games might have some bearing on his fetish for gunfire mayhem? As we ponder this, let’s recall the Zamboanga siege, Mamasapano and, of course, the Luneta carnage.

Anyway, in this writer’s book, Aquino committed multiple murder at the Luneta.

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