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Pacquiao -Horn Championship Bout

RRoy’siPadPacquiao – Horn championship bout

On my personal score card, I had the Pacman winning 16 rounds
to Horn’s 12. The STATS tell the story. Anyway, when Manny agreed to defend his crown in Brisbane, Australia, he made a mistake. The Aussies are the most racist Caucasians in the world.

Manny was occasionally trapped against the ropes…indicating he had lost some of his legs’ agility, but such rushes by Horn actually meant nothing, as the STATS show. His aggressiveness only LOOKED impressive, as the champ defended well with his arms, shoulders and gloves.

After the 9th round when the Aussie got bashed silly around the ring, the referee was heard encouraging him at the latter’s corner. And when Manny decked Horn with a right hook – left straight attack, the ref didn’t call it a knock down.

Fact is: he never warned Horn for the many foul tactics he committed. The other two judges, both Koreans, influenced by the cheers of the partisan crowd, did not know any better. Manny will surely demand a return bout to redeem the national pride and honor. Just wait.

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