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Principled rebellion

RRoy’siPadPrincipled rebellion
Ronald Roy — July 5, 2017

In rebellion, invasion and other armed conflicts, there will always be outright winning moves or, for the losers: moves that preserve dignity and self-respect under terms of surrender. Instead of surrendering at the height of a hopeless battle in Marawi City, the trapped IS-inspired marauders led by Abdullah Maute offered “to leave the besieged city if the Moro Islamic Liberation Front would intervene to end the crisis”. What nincompoopery is this??

Hoy, jihadist nincompoops,unconditional surrender is your only honorable way to end the crisis —that is, if you know what “honorable” means!! And since government has flatly rejected your preposterous suggestion, expect a more determined series of assaults to eliminate your ranks; and you’d better believe that this will be done — in the name of your very own Allah (whom Christians and other non-Islamics respect) and of our Yahweh — to restore peace for all of mankind!!

Islamic sacrilege
For non-Islamics like Christians, killing innocent people “in Allah’s name” is the basest form of sacrilege, and they totally disagree that the blasphemer would be rewarded with a trip straight to heaven even if he honestly believed that his killing ways were in accord with his Deity’s will.

It’s one thing to reckon with eternal fires as God’s comeuppance for unforgivable behavior, and quite another in the dispensation of penalties prescribed for wrongful acts as defined under our prevailing law on rebellion.

To be sure, the Moros’ jihadist sort of rebellion, pertaining as it does to the novel concept of Islamic extremism, suggests such a degree of wrongfulness as warrants the imposition of penalties higher than what the current law on rebellion prescribes.

New forms of rebellion
Thus, the current legal provisions anent rebellion must be revised to accommodate a need to judiciously deal with new kinds of the so-called crime against public order. Parenthetically, this writer believes that some of today’s anti-government felonies are not rebellion as we know it, but other undefined forms of rebellion — if not common crimes…like, say, murder, robbery, rape and arson — that have been committed in Marawi City.

At this point, it is asked, for better understanding, what it is that characterizes, or qualifies, a criminal act as rebellious.Under the Revised Penal Code (RPC), as amended, rebellion is an armed uprising that is committed for the purpose of overthrowing the government because of its failure to deliver the same eco-socio-political benefits to which the higher classes of society have easier access.

During the 1930s, the Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap) was co-founded by Luis Taruc, a socio-political figure who led an underground movement against the Japanese occupiers of the Philippines, and later led a rebellion protesting the denial of social justice to allegedly oppressed agrarian farmers and workers.

During and after the 2nd World War, explosive agrarian problems became government’s primary concern, along with post-war rehabilitation; but National Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay and his armed contingent heroically climbed Mount Arayat where Taruc and his followers were camped, and succeeded in negotiating the rebels’ surrender without a single shot being fired.

Taruc’s heroism and principled rebellion
For this remarkable feat, the charismatic Monching Magsaysay became our country’s president in the early 50s and, as fate would have it, Luis Taruc would be posthumously recognized (although some 70 years later, i.e. in June 2017) as a national hero by the National Historical Commission.

The point being stressed here is that Taruc’s stuff of rebellion was principled, smacked as it was of love of country and his willingness to die questing for social justice for underprivileged agrarian Filipinos.Truly, it is undebatable that such patriotism won’t be found among today’s communist and secessionist Moro rebels.

Today’ unprincipled rebellion
The local Reds are fueled with an obsessive craving for power, nothing less; and the Islamics’ sort of rebellion is a hateful urge to kill innocent people in order to go to heaven.

It’s obvious that these two rebellions are unprincipled. They are extremely unreasonable and utterly pernicious. They must be defined under new provisions prescribing heavier penalties…in the maximum period, if warranted.

Originally, the RPC had Estafa and Other Forms of Swindling, then later Syndicated Estafa…thanks to the facility of amendment or revision. So, why not Foreign -aided Rebellion and Other Forms of Rebellion?

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