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Charter’s ML provisions watered-down

RRoy’siPadCharter’s ML provisions watered-down
Ronald Roy — June 20, 2017

Deserving utmost clarity is the issue of when rebellion may be said to have started in Mindanao, in the search for the factual basis of Proclamation No. 216 that declared martial law over the largest island of the country. The issue may be rephrased, vidilicet, “was there already rebellion when government forces entered Marawi City last May 23?”

Government lawyers have orally argued before the Supreme Court that military intelligence reports unearthing rebellious activities had caused the sending of troops to protect the city and its residents, and that when they got there, the city was already well under siege by enemy forces (i.e., the IS-oriented ASG-BIFF-Hapilon-Maute Group), with rebel units already positioned for combat operations that included beheading, lethal sniping , and using civilians as human shields.

Conspiracy to commit rebellion
It is this writer’s two cents’ worth of opinion that the cited military intelligence reports were reliable, as verified by a video clip showing IS-oriented rebels — led by top ASG rebel Isnilon Hapilon and the Maute brothers Abdulla and Omar, along with others — planning a siege of Marawi City, and it was during this planning conference that the terrorists can be reckoned to have started their rebellion by “conspiring to commit the same”.

It appears to be the stand of ML oppositionists that, the cited circumstances notwithstanding, Proclamation No. 216 was a constitutional violation. In other words: for the said proclamation to be valid, should massive destruction/forcible occupation of the city by the enemy have first taken place before government forces moved in to protect the beleaguered city??? What balderdash is this???

Although having practically won the battle at Marawi City, the death toll among our fighters continues to rise amid reports that, like a virus, the IS scourge has spread over Iligan City and other nearby areas. When will the conflicts stop?!

Insensitive misappreciation
And what sucks is: instead of getting words of encouragement and sympathy, government forces hear Chief Justice Sereno insensitively telling them they could be charged criminally or civilly for fighting an unauthorized war. Yes, she, Sereno … for whom and for whose loved ones … they’re dying and getting wounded for!

Let an analogy be permitted at this point. A group of masked men enter a mall. Garbed in combat uniform, they march around waving ISIS flags and chanting praises to Allah. According to Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, a certified Yellow, people in the mall shouldn’t panic because there’s still no proof that the men are IS jihadists (for they could be just playful pranksters?) — implying you have to wait first for them to explode the entire place.

Paranoiac overreaction
In this grim scenario, over a dozen security guards freeze under the watchful eyes of well-known human rights personalities who happen to be around. Suddenly, four bombs are thrown by the intruders, and the ground floor becomes a total wreck with bodies strewn around. These hypothetical circumstances, it is submitted, would be the tragic effect of the ML provisions of Corazon Aquino’s Constitution, as interpreted by her present-day yellow adherents.

The trouble with her basic charter’s ML provisions is that they reflect a paranoiac overreaction to the martial rule of the late Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos. Said charter recognizes the authority to declare ML as presidential, and yet the chief executive, who is also the commander-in-chief, is not given ample elbow room to manage a war against the most dangerous enemies of democracy ever known in history, namely, the Islamic jihadists and their worldwide armed followers.

Charter change, a “must”
Cory’s basic charter is virtually toothless as an instrument for protecting the citizenry against these barbaric enemies of the State; in fact, it even makes it easy for them to achieve their evil ends through its imposition of checks and controls on the way wars should be waged by those who have been professionally trained to offer their lives in defense of country: the officers and men of our armed forces, not to mention heroic civilian volunteers.

It bears noting that: when the Constitution was ratified almost 30 years ago, international terrorism was not yet around. Therefore, it must be revised to conform to current realities, in specific reference to the greatest-ever menace known to Man, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

However, beware!! Charter change may be too timid for Digong!!

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