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War against IS

RRoy’siPadWar against IS
Ronald Roy — June 14, 2017

The war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS, for short) is a rule-changing kind of global war never before experienced by mankind. It is characterized by IS’s religious bigotry, extreme hate, visceral prejudice, unbridled cruelty and utmost treachery. I of course refer to the radical and extremist face of Islam.

IS cannot be engaged in conventional warfare because it is not a “state”, its calling itself as such notwithstanding. The term “state” is universally understood as a composite of five elements, namely: territory, people, government, independence, and sovereignty. IS does not have a territory, its people are a hodgepodge of nationals from various countries and ergo have no sovereignty to speak of, and it has no government that can efficaciously interact with nations.

Conventional war
In a conventional war between, say, two countries, the winner gets to control the loser’s people, territory and resources, for a period of time it deems propitious, and under terms and conditions in accord with the United Nations’ universal declaration of human rights.

Eventually, consistent with traditional comity, the occupied territory will be granted independence, preparatory to the conduct of normal ties between the two countries. Obviously, none of this can happen in the case of IS, whose purpose is not to conquer individual territories but the entire world.

IS will never succeed
Thus, it cannot be seen how IS, being the non-state that it is, can fit in this scheme of things. It is a group of head-chopping savages who cannot be serious in winning a war against, say, the Philippines without having to deal with other Asean members, let alone other nations like the United States of America, coming to our rescue. IS is asinine if it thinks it can attain world domination.

It’s long been feared that IS’s plan is to establish a “state” (or sub-state?) or a caliphate in Mindanao, hence, PDu30’s martial rule over the entire southern island. Consistently, he has announced that martial rule shall continue over Marawi City even after it’s been liberated from the Abu Sayyaf-BIFF-Maute-IS group…and that makes an awful lot of good sense, contrary to the jaundiced views of the political opposition that is the decimated Liberal Party.

Yellows, a vanishing cult
Holy macaroni, the President is trying to protect the country from the insidious designs of Islamic jihadists, and the Yellows are preventing him from doing so!!! That’s the long and short of it. Desperate and paranoid, they are hurrying to return to power to quell their answerability for pork barrel heists, not to mention other offenses that are characterized by grave abuse and gross incompetence.

That’s the trouble with these Yellows, the self-proclaimed saviors of Philippine democracy. Their arrogant mantra daang matuwid prevents them from accepting the fact that they’re a vanishing cult, and that their elitist glory days have been ended by a crude and unsophisticated “kanto boy” from Davao City. But you gotta give it to them for using the law to bring down an extremely popular president.

Cryptic treasonous behavior
Yes, in fairness to them, they have been resorting to legal maneuvers. They have filed with the International Criminal Court a complaint denouncing Digong as a mass murderer and a grafter. They have also petitioned the Supreme Court to require both houses of congress to hold a joint session to determine the validity of his Martial Law proclamation. Fine. Outwardly, their acts are salutary.

However, if you look well behind their legal facade, you will be shocked to learn that their basic strategy is to stop martial rule at the expense of the national good! Well, going by the definition that “treason is committed by giving aid and comfort to the enemy” — foreign enemy, i.e., which IS may be considered to be — the Yellows’ acts may well be bordering on the treasonous, if not outright constituting treason itself.

Aside from being traitors, these Yellows are stupid tradpols. Don’t they realize that if martial law had not been declared by the President, Mindanao would most likely now be an IS territory?

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