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Ronald Roy — June 7, 2017

It had been calculated that the “battle at Marawi City” would be won by the second day this June with the entire city being virtually reclaimed by government forces. But that’s just a battle, not the war itself…the war against fundamentalist Islam, a religion espoused by the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ISIS has been on a rampage spreading its horrors throughout different continents, in a determined effort to re-establish the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century…the war against Muslim terrorists who kill those who don’t believe in their Deity called Allah. It’s worrisome that hostile forces have in fact increased in Marawi.

A Mindanao caliphate?
Apropos, an alleged ISIS website has announced that an order has directed ISIS agents to go to the Philippines to increase the Maute group’s fire power and, as rumors have it, to commence the spadework for establishing a caliphate in Mindanao. A caliphate is an office occupied by a caliph —one who is an empowered successor to Muhammad as temporal and spiritual head of Islam.

Incidentally, the Ottoman Empire capitulated to a peace agreement forged between Saladin and King Richard the Lionhearted. It is in this light, perhaps, that PDu30 is said to to have once mulled peace talks with the Maute-ISIS Group. But he backtracked, perhaps remembering the age-long lesson that “of Moros, only a dead one can be trusted”.

The parochial battleground that is Marawi City is but one of countless others still raging in hellish fire around the world, and a precursor of others yet to come. In Mindanao, not to mention other possible parts elsewhere in the country, how many more battles will explode to snuff out the lives of innocent Christians and, yes, innocent Muslims?

Moro radicals, a minority
Parenthetically, Moro radicals are a tiny minority of the entire Muslim community in the country. Over the decades here in the Philippines, Christians and Muslims have warmly interacted in social, business and political affairs…and inter-marriages are not uncommon among them.

From Filipino Muslim families — like the Sinsuats, Rasuls, Pendatuns, Alontos and Dimaporos — have come graduates of the University of the Philippines who studied different fields in Engineering, Philosophy and Political Science as their preferred courses.

We pause at this point, however, to ponder that U.P. is a freedom-of-expression university that has bred radical behavior among many graduates now turned rebel leaders. Prof. Nur Misuari, amnestied many times over, is one notorious recidivist who has killed close to 200 Christians and still has to repay P 2 B worth of government loans intended to develop Muslim communities, but which he used to organize the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

In this regard, Nigel (Neame) asks if the time has come to re-examine the UP’s raison d’être and curricula. Nigel, that time should never come. UP is the academic cradle of democracy.

Readiness for more battles
In any event, we shouldn’t rejoice over Marawi’s liberation when it comes, for that would be a fatal way of lowering our guard. We must be ready to confront other coming battles with all our Christian faith because Islamic jihadists are out to destroy it, and they mean to do so even if it takes detonating their own bodies in order to go to heaven to get their reward of eleven vestal virgins each.

Nigel, it is not farfetched that Filipino Muslim radicals, along with allegedly 1200 IS foreign operatives, are now “casing the joint” in other key cities in the Visayas and Luzon, not to mention other choice cities in Mindanao where PDu30 has been in consultation with Muslim leaders. However, can he trust them, like Misuari and Hataman, to name just two???
ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman appears to be in good rapport with PDu30, but his background blows the whistle on him. A dyed-in-the-wool ally of the Liberal Party, Hataman reportedly had Sen. Bam Aquino as a guest at a recent meeting brokered by Sen. Sonny Trillianes. No, it’s unacceptable that all they did was eat siopao and chicken mami amidst all that Marawi tumult.

To trust or distrust
Surely, it would be easier for the President to distrust an LP politician like Hataman than a staunch ally like House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. However, PDu30 may now have a different view of the comparison…unless he had authorized the former to say something hinting at a coming declaration of martial law in Metro Manila.

Mr, Speaker, it is clear that your outlandish “lone-wolf terrorist” theory related to the Resorts World carnage was meant to serve as a mind-set on the declaration of martial law in Metro Manila. Methinks that you have politically weakened the President, whether or not your statement was authorized by him.

Resign the Speakership, as your loyalty belongs principally to the people, not to PDu30…unless of course you won’t mind being called a laughable toady!

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