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Godspeed and congrats, Mr. President!

RRoy’siPadGodspeed and congrats, Mr. President!
Ronald Roy — May 17, 2017

The Impeachment Complaint against Pres. Digong Duterte was dismissed by the House justice committee for “insufficiency in substance”, because it was found to be totally based on hearsay.

For the uninitiated, a testimony is credible if the testifier has personal knowledge of the facts he avers therein. Otherwise, the rules will strike down his testimony as “hearsay”. E.G., The witness testifies: “Pedro wore a red shirt because, according to Ellen, he wore a red shirt”. This is a no-no in evidence. He must have actually seen Pedro wearing a red shirt.

The felonies alleged
The complaint sought the president’s removal from office for his alleged P 2.2 B worth of reported wealth derived from alleged corrupt practices, and for his alleged principal responsibility for countless murders committed when he was Davao City’s Mayor, and currently as president in connection with his ongoing war on illegal drugs.

Complainant Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, by his own admission, had no personal knowledge of the felonies recited in his complaint, hence, his plea that he be given a chance to present eyewitnesses was denied as a matter of course.

It may be doubted that the Supreme Court will overturn the justice committee’s ruling, should Alejano seek its relief, because the matter in the view of this writer is a “political question”. One effect of the dismissal is that the Constitution will bar another impeachment bid if made within a year after said dismissal.

The ICC, a recourse?
The dejected complainant has announced he would proceed to bring his case before the International Criminal Court (ICC). However, unless this writer is mistaken, the ICC will also dismiss the same; for, under its rules, it asserts jurisdiction over a case only after the courts of the country from where it comes are unable or unwilling to prosecute the same. In this regard, it may be assumed that the impeaching House is a court.

Amid the nationwide jubilation over the complaint’s dismissal, lies the citizenry’s opportunity to reflect on the legislature’s dual role in impeachments, particularly in the present case where the president is supported by a mind-blowing 80% of the population.

Impeachments, political and quasi-judicial
Both houses of congress give impeachments a political character in the context of congressmen and senators functioning as representatives of their respective constituencies. Thus, if the house impeaches and the senate judges, it is as if their constituencies were respectively impeaching and judging.

One does get to question the propriety, if not the constitutionality, of the instant complaint, considering that impeachments are said to be political exercises imbued with judicial characteristics. Because 80% of Filipinos are Digong’s supporters, Rep. Alejano was very ambiguous when he said that he was suing PDu30 in behalf of the people of the Philippines,

Militarization of government?
In any event, rumormongers should now pause to consider that the president’s “militarization” of some key government posts does not in any way show paranoia over suspected destabilization movements.

No, he has no need for a military shield for his personal protection. On the contrary, the complaint’s dismissal proves his growing strength and popularity, not to mention that the rumored militarization agenda is a simple strategy for energizing his uniformed boys amid threats from the new armed enemies of the State.

Mr. President, you brimmed with unmistakable aplomb when you welcomed your jaundiced enemies to shift their gripes to the ICC. And for good reason: The high-and-mighty Yellows are now neck-deep in quicksand in their obstinate defiance of 80% of the population! Yours, Sir, will be the distinct honor of presiding over their juridical demise.

Godspeed, and congratulations, Mr. President!

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