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Pesky conundrum

RRoy’siPadPesky conundrum
Ronald Roy — May 7, 2017

Most individual members of the so-called super majority in the Lower House are human after all, protective of their political hide in situations that challenge their alliance with Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte. In point are those two impeachment complaints against Vice President Leni Robredo. They both failed since not a single lawmaker had endorsed them.

The second complaint — filed by one Atty. Bruce Rivera, a magna cum laude law graduate from San Beda College, the alma mater of the President and the House Speaker — ostensibly indicates that “the powers that be” were behind it, thereby drawing a knee-jerk rebuke from Robredo that the administration’s harassment tactics were rejected by the people. Huh???

For a vice president, Robredo has a mind too narrow to grasp big pictures, such as one showing that the collective judgment of legislators does not necessarily reflect the popular will, very especially where their individual political interests are at stake. It’s quite obvious they’re playing it safe, as they are wary of her possible succession to the presidency.

Lest I be misconstrued, I will give Robredo the benefit of the doubt as to her honesty as a public servant, in the absence of any showing to the contrary. I will even assume that her “smart-magic” win over Bong Bong Marcos was pulled off without her knowledge and consent. However, I question the unfitness she brings to her office.

She claims her payment of the partial counter-protest fee of P 8 million, as required by the Supreme Court, was advanced by relatives and friends. Fine! But she demonstrates neither rhyme nor reason when she irrelevantly says Bong Bong Marcos’ payment of his own protest fee came from his late father’s hidden wealth — a typically canine yellow attack directed at a man who died close to thirty years ago.

The eloquence of silence
Tell you what, Mrs. Robredo, if you think BBM’s money is stolen wealth, please sue him in court instead of publicly vilifying him, okay? In fact, it’s your civic duty to hold him accountable before a court of law. Well, why are you speechless?! Hmmm, isn’t your silence now more eloquent than your innuendos against him?!

This is what makes the Yellows obnoxiously holier-than-thou. BBM’s father has been dead for close to 1,560 weeks, and his memory is still revered by millions of Filipinos; and yet, the Yellows won’t stop denigrating him in an effort to exalt themselves! Hypocrites!

In any event, what’s tragic of all is one: your failure to live up to the good name of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo, your beloved husband, who perished in a plane crash at a time when he was being totally ignored by his boss, then Pres. Noynoy Aquino, two: Aquino, taking advantage of the sweeping public grief over his demise, used propaganda to make him a hero for obvious political reasons, and three: He’s now using you for his political survival. Still don’t get it???

Bato apologizes
It’s somewhat pacifying to know that PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa has apologized for his unwarranted defense of the scandalously sub-standard detention of arrestees who are clandestinely packed like sardines in a tiny cell in Station 1 of the Manila Police District — a gross human rights violation that must be stopped immediately, not only in the cited place but also in other cities and provinces.

One cannot help but ponder the merits of the Malthusian Theory that: there ought to be a “parallel run” between supply and demand, that is, between necessities and population growth. Similarly, the theory may be applied to prevent congestions of vehicles in streets, of the homeless in shanties and sidewalks, of prisoners in detention facilities and the like. When and how did this horrendous anomaly start?

Endless recriminations
Perhaps shedding some light on the matter is the revelation of a retired police general that prison congestions were first noted as early as five years ago. However, I would not blame the previous administration for this.

I would rather identify this lack-of-foresight phenomenon as one that progressed over the years. Endless recriminations won’t do any good, although what is certain is that: ever since the war against corruption, crime and illegal drugs was launched, jail congestions have been proliferating and, whether Digong likes it or not, on his shoulders now rests the pesky conundrum.

Needless to state, administrative and criminal charges should now be pressed against allegedly erring police functionaries, with respect to claims that some prisoners were offered their freedom if “they came across”.

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