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Panic, fear and hubris

RRoy’siPadPanic, fear and hubris
Ronald Roy — April 29, 2030

A certain Atty. Jude Josue Sabio was punished by the Supreme Court in 2005 for accusing a Laguna judge of bribery, with the additional warning that a similar act in the future “would be dealt with more severely”.

Well, what do you know…this same guy has just crawled out onto a limb by filing a Complaint before the International Criminal Court against Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte for acts constituting “mass murder”, allegedly committed by him during his term as Davao City Mayor and currently as the republic’s president.

No, of course I haven’t read the criminal Complaint yet but, as sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning, the same will be dismissed by the ICC for lack of jurisdiction or lack of merit.

Crimes against humanity
2nd World War historians record the most barbaric crimes against humanity as having been committed by Germany’s Adolf Hitler who ordered over six million Jews killed because they were Jews, and by Japan’s Gen. Hideo Yamashita whose reign of terror in Southeast Asia caused the pogrom of countless innocent men, women and children, mostly Filipinos.

Hitler’s suicide preempted a judicial verdict on his savagery, while Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita was deservedly hanged a much-hated man — alas, a fate to which Digong Duterte’s handful of fearful yellow foes would like him consigned! Yes, “fearful”, because the Yellows led by Noynoy Aquino are just counting the months before their kapit tuko glory days are forever obliterated from the political landscape.

Indeed, apart from fear, hubris prevents them from accepting that they are a virtually spent political force nearing an ignominious epitaph. Their state of un-reason does nothing but muddle up a search for an honorable juridical demise. Karma? Perhaps. But surely, they cannot conceivably succeed against a leader who is adored by a vast majority of the citizenry! What crime against the humanity of Filipinos are they talking about???

PDu30 wishes to save Filipinos from the holocaust of corruption, crime and illegal drugs, but the Yellows are stopping him from doing so with a criminal suit designed to globally humiliate him. Aren’t they then the ones committing crimes against humanity?

Without much elaboration, the Yellows argue that Digong is a mass murderer because he has often publicly threatened; “I will kill you”, when the real import of the threat is “I will kill anybody who continues to destroy the country I love through corrupt, criminal and illegal drugs-related activities”.

Hey, Yellows, let us separate the chaff from the grain, okay? By all means, help in the arrest, trial and conviction of persons of authority involved in extrajudicial killings. Also, assist government’s ongoing program of building drug rehabilitation centers nationwide. By doing these two things, you might yet convince us you are not yet a lost and hopeless cult.

Prosecutorial weaknesses
In any event, even junior law students will probably see the Yellows as lost and hopeless, judging on the basis of two palpable prosecutorial weaknesses, namely, one: that the self-confessed hitman of the so-called Davao Death Squad, Edgar Matobato, has proven his worth as a visceral perjurer, per records of a Senate investigating committee, and two: that Sabio’s reputation as a member of the PH Bar raises serious questions on the very integrity of the Complaint.

It should not be difficult for Sabio to admit that he accepted the case on a retainer basis; after all, retainers are a lawyer’s bread and butter. It boggles the mind though that the expenses resulting from the suit will far surpass those for bread and butter, such as those for travel and hotel accommodations, and one sees the yellow cult that the Liberal Party (LP) is, not dirt-poor Matobato, as the financier of the entire misadventure.

Forestalling an imminent end
After over thirty years of self-glory as the so-called savior of Philippine democracy, and the supreme advocate of the hypocritical “righteous path”, it’s clear that panic, fear and hubris have combined to produce an asinine helter-skelter suit to give moral support to VP Leni Robredo and Sen. Leila de Lima, in an effort to forestall the imminent end of its own political life.

This point is raised in the face of scuttlebutt that former President Noynoy will soon be criminally charged for offenses allegedly committed by him during his presidential term, and that VP Robredo will not escape an eventual impeachment trial.


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