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The national wealth

RRoy’siPadThe national wealth
Ronald Roy — April 26, 2017

The national wealth consists of our archipelagic territory, the air space above its 7,100 islands, the West Philippine Sea, Benham Rise, the Mindanao Deep, along with all the other ocean waters within the exclusive economic zones surrounding the islands, rivers, lakes, waterways, and all the fishes and other organisms found in them, natural structures, plants and fruit trees above the ground and, beneath it, precious ores, gasses, oils and other mineral substances, and the forests and animals therein.

Are we rich? Yes, Bobby (Zablan), fabulously rich, and that’s not even including the Filipino people yet, their talents, skills and other attributes that should rank them high with the other peoples in the planet. And Bobby, the reason we’re the pathetic patsy in the region is that we are incredibly still in a developing state that renders us weak and irresolute — a condition for which we have no one but ourselves to blame. Solution? A return to God!

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