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Mob rule versus rule of law

RRoy’siPadlMob rule versus rule of law
Ronald Roy — April 30, 2017

As anarchy threatens to explode under our noses, let us ponder the biblical injunction “not to give pearls to swine”. Conflicts between the haves and the have-nots are consigned to the law for appeasement, if not resolution: but one’s got to be kidding if he thinks mayhem among the poor is more manageable. It’s a social disorder of a worse kind, surpassing as it does the scourges of rebellion.

The past four weeks have seen chaotic incidents that wracked the two low-cost housing projects in Quezon City and Bulacan, when thousands of indigent families arbitrarily occupied practically fully-built concrete dwelling units that showcase the government’s benevolent program for the homeless.

Dead-of-night caper
The processed applicants, who had already given their initial payments, were awaiting the National Housing Authority’s (NHA) go-signal to occupy their respective pre-designated units when, in the dead of night, the mobsters pulled off their caper — a crime called “Usurpation of Real Property”, as prescribed by the Revised Penal Code (as amended), not to mention other felonies specified under special laws.

When the NHA announced its caveat for their eviction, the usurpers who carry the appellation Kadamay — as if to portray themselves as a legitimate organization — came in droves to attack the NHA’s premises, letting out streams of invective as they struck the entrance gate with blunt instruments and destroyed the office’s corporate seal.

Brazen pronouncement
What makes the Kadamay mobsters’ behavior exceedingly barbaric and abominable is their brazen pronouncement that “poverty gives them the right to own what are not theirs, and to acquire them at any and all costs”—alas, the very idea that fuels mob rule!

Magsaysay’s altruistic dream
The biblical parable aptly suggests that they are the swine, and the dwelling units the pearls. Charity is a virtue of selflessness that is extended to those in need. But it finds no application to swine, and is only given when, as in this case, charity removes the blindfold of Justice to honor the late Pres. Ramon Magsaysay’s altruistic dream that “those who have less in life be given more in law”.

It’s extremely sad that the swine have greedily opted to debase that dream. And it’s incomprehensible that their victims are likewise poor families, such as those of military and police servicemen whose mandate is to risk their lives to satisfy the mobsters’ demand for peace and order.

Combustible mob rule
Kadamay has spawned a menace that will surely undermine NHA’s other housing projects on the pipeline — unless of course stopped as soon as possible — as time ticks away with the mobsters getting bolder.

What we now have is a combustible mob rule that must be quickly neutralized with that physical force that the Rule of Law permits, lest a conflagration be started to raze the entire countryside! Verily, a burning patch of dry leaves must be hosed down to save the forest.

Pres. Rodrigo Roa “Digong” Duterte’s maximum tolerance must not be tested, for his fury is known to lethally strike out without remorse after his caveats have been ignored. Let all Kadamay members then be reminded that his avenging spirit will spare no one in his passionate quest to protect the national welfare — a mission he has vowed to accomplice “even if it takes being killed or rotting in jail for doing it”.

Havens for zombies
No, it should not be assumed that these mobsters are not aware that their acts are unjust, immoral and felonious, even as they scream that they are victims of social injustice. Truly, we must view all Kadamay members as “agaw-bahay” specialists of the deceitful sort, if we only bother to unmask their devious agenda to use their illicit occupancy as a subterfuge for starting up businesses out of their units.

That “forest” is of course the bigger picture of “narco-politics”, a nation-wrecking cabal of politicians and their cohorts gone corrupt, no thanks to those infernal transactions involving illegal drugs — the acids that have the power to destroy human brains and convert entire societies into veritable havens for zombies.

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