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Messianic complex

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Ronald Roy — Mar. 23, 2017

No, no, Margie (Ferguson), I meant “messiah”, not may sayad or may saya. A messiah is a “professed or accepted leader of some hope or cause”. In relation to the biblical messiah, Jesus of Nazareth was widely regarded as the deliverer (savior) not only of the Jewish nation but also of the whole of mankind.

There are of course false messiahs, like those politicians who make insincere promises to free their constituents from the bondage of poverty, the devious purpose being to make them their followers after winning their trust and votes.

Is Trillianes a messiah?
Nobody really knows better than Sen. Antonio Trillianes lV himself if he is an authentic messiah who means to save the country from a tyrant that he claims to see in PDu30. A true messiah is never an ambitious politician who salivates for high offices, and his reformist ways are always sincere. Thus, Trillianes does not fit the tab.

During the campaign period last year, I heard him distinctly say during an interview over Radio Station DZBB that presidential candidate Jejomar Binay was planning to kill him, and that he was not afraid to die for the Filipino people — hmmm, shades of Ninoy — WOW!

Well, he has of late been telling the whole world that mass-murderer PDu30 has been scheming to murder him, and that he would welcome death if it meant delivering his country…WOW again! This bit of melodrama, Margie, may be called “messianic complex”, a syndrome that can be utterly destructive. It may in fact be supposed that most Yellows are afflicted by this psychological disorder that is very akin to the daang matuwid malady.

Amidst Trillianes’ destabilizing tactics,Vice President Leni Robredo, as if on cue, transmitted to the European Union Parliament (EUP) a video disc showing street-strewn bodies which she claimed to be evidence of PDu30’s alleged state policy to liquidate addicts without due process. Then, there followed an impeachment complaint that was lodged against PDu30 by Rep. Gary Alejano, a Magdalo partylist comrade of Trillianes.

There is no question that the entire messianic “yellow brigade” consisting of Liberal Party diehards, former Magdalo marines, misguided clerics, elitists, and media men including locally-based foreign correspondents, moving in typical clockwork precision, harmed our standing on the world stage when the EUP resolved to urge the PH government to release Sen. Leila de Lima from detention.

It boggles the mind that no less than the EUP would bother to bully a small Asian country like ours. With PDu30 being regarded as among the five strongest leaders in the world today, the balance of power must have tilted to the consternation of the European Union — a theory better understood in light of the Putin-Duterte-Xi alliance. Therefore, the EUP’s intrusion into our internal affairs, unwarranted as it is, would obviously be its way of undermining PDu30’s global stature.

Lead role of Aquino
Be that as it may, it cannot be helped that former Pres. Aquino is viewed as the chief financier and strategist of the ongoing destabilization of the government. The Yellows’ tried and tested modus operandi in discrediting Filipino presidents before the world is much too familiar here. Their yellow fingerprints are all over the place.

However, their impeachment case against Pres. Duterte may be considered doomed in the lower chamber, a structure that is considered to be one of his bastions of governance, id est, numbers-wise.

My comment on some yellow clerics, Margie? Well, it’s very sad that they still wallow in the mesmerizing euphoria of that co-called “one moment in time”: Edsa Uno. They were then so ecstatic that they sang praises and heaped alleluias upon communist bossman Jose Ma. Sison when revolutionary Pres. Cory Aquino amnestied him. And that’s why the memory of the late strongman is demonic and the image of the Maoist is angelic.

Lost opportunity
The yellow clerics had a golden opportunity to redeem themselves when PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa invited them to help policemen carry out their Tokhang operations, but they were prohibited from doing so by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, who said it was not their area of ministry.

Begging your pardon, Your Grace. Wouldn’t you rather that your pastoral work included, precisely, reaching out to infirm and lost drug addicts, and urging them to consider the benefits of rehabilitation? You appear to have spurned a clearly pastoral duty. You may have, indeed, committed a cardinal sin of omission. I hope you don’t mind my asking that you consider shedding off your yellow garments.

As for your last point, Margie, for the harm VP Robredo caused the country with that video material, yes, it would be easy to impeach her and judge her guilty of at least “breach of public trust”. However, doing so may produce a sympathy backlash that the administration may find regrettable. 09186449517 ronald8roy@yahoo.com
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