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The guy must be nuts!

RRoy’siPadThe guy must be nuts!
Ronald Roy — Mar. 16, 2017

The term “extrajudicial killing” (EJK) refers to any person being killed without first being tried in court where he can defend himself in accordance with the constitutional guarantees of due process and the rule of law. Another term for EJK is “summary execution”. Is Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte pursuing a state policy of summarily executing illegal-drugs suspects?

His political enemies think so, like some griping members of the Liberal Party, particularly VP Leni Robredo, the jailed drug-dealing suspect Sen. Leila de Lima, the irrepressible Sen. Antonio Trillianes lV, “selective justice” Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, some Edsa-indoctrinated nuns and clergymen, and the fact-twisting yellow Phil. Daily Inquirer, among other critics like media people na bayaran (bribable).

Panic-stricken offensive
As an opposition political party, yes, the Liberals are doing their democratic duty to “fiscalize” the ruling administration. But the trouble is: they are doing it in a most irresponsible way. Notwithstanding the massive popular support for the president’s policies, they are hell-bent determined to demolish him before he clamps their big guns in jail for various offenses.

There is no question that the Yellows’ panic-stricken intent to return to power has gone out of control. For them, the main objective is wrest back power, their war cry being “we jail them or they jail us!” Their arrogant and hypocritical 30-year dominance has come to an end, and they can’t accept it. They’ll destroy the country yet…come hell or high water…just so they get back on the saddle!

Among the most virulent of PDu30’s critics is…you’re right…Trillianes (Sonny, for short). It will be recalled that Sonny, then a Navy Major, along with over a fully armed dozen of self-styled Magdalo soldiers, waxed seditious against the then malevolent president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA). For their swashbuckling stunts, they won the hearts and minds of all anti-GMA bashers.

A tail-ender in elections
Arrested and jailed for seven years, he earned a reputation as a hero that won for him a tail-end senatorial seat. In admiration of Sonny, I once wrote an article titled Vox populi: Free Trillianes…for which he thanked me at a dinner tendered for him and his Magdalo die-hards, by members of the Concerned Citizens Movement led by Betina Legarda, Harry Roque and Marily Orosa.

Repeat: …a tail-end senatorial finish… that gave him the ego-inflating belief he could become vice president of the republic! In fact, he did run in June last year as presidential candidate Grace Llamanzares’ running mate, only to finish, again, among the tail-enders. He says: Mandato kong tuparin ang tungkulin kong ipakulong ang mga tiwali. Walang makapagpipigil sa akin. (It’s my mandate to go after lawbreakers. Nobody can stop me.)

What mandate?
Sonny is dead wrong. His mandate is to make laws, not to sleuth around like a private dick. What an embarrassment he has made of himself! He disregards that a senator is an honorable lawmaker of the republic, not someone wasting people’s money by hiring a scandalously record-setting number of over 90 consultants at a time!

I worked in both houses of congress as a bureaucrat for 38 consecutive years, and I don’t remember any legislator hiring more that eight at a time. What make matters worse for Sonny are allegations that some of his “consultants” are tasked to gather, analyze, and give advice on data relative to his sleuthing activities, not to mention the pricey foreign trips he takes for the same purpose.

No, Sonny won’t be stopped from reliving his glory days as a giant-killer. First, he shot down a president, Gloria Arroyo, then a senate president, Juan Ponce Enrile, followed by his demolition attempts against a vice president, Jejomar Binay, and now: Pres. Duterte!

Going global…wow!
Frustrated over the senate’s rejection of the anti-Duterte testimonies by Edgar Matobato and SPO3 Arturo Lascañas as perjurious, he has promised to present four more “Davao Death Squad” witnesses. Not only that. He now plans to file a criminal complaint against the president before the International Criminal Court (ICC). Is he nuts??

He most likely knows very well that the ICC deals only with crimes against humanity, international terrorism, genocide, racial crimes committed in any conflict between countries, and the like. He does not care if his complaint will not reach first base. The important thing is that he will gain global renown—our humiliation on the world stage being the least important to him.

Hmmm…the guy must be nuts!

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