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The haves and the have-nots

RRoy’siPadThe haves and the have-nots
Ronald Roy — Mar. 8, 2017

The trouble with elitists, those who have always controlled the economy, is that they think they have the divine right to boss their way around. And what’s funny is that they say they eat and sleep better than the poor because “such are the blessings of privilege in a free society”. Quantum meruit (reward based on merit) is their philosophy, and helping the poor till it hurts is unthinkable.

Capitalism is their favored system of getting richer — a condemnable philosophy that is greedy and uncaring for the poor without whose labor, however, their system will collapse. They forget that sympathy and reason are the solution to the unjust chasm that widens between them and the less fortunate.

An interminable conflict?
The conflict between the haves and the have-nots has been waged since time immemorial and, although slavery is virtually nonexistent, it rears its other ugly heads like discrimination, unemployment, incommensurate salaries and niggardly social benefits.

Is there any salvation from this inferno? Only President Digong can provide the answer. If it is any comfort, his sincerity to stamp out poverty is beyond question; this of course is not enough. From hereon, his efforts at ameliorating the impoverished must not only be palpable, but must also be exerted at a pace faster than the demonization moves can take root to oust him.

To live a reasonably decent life, the have-nots must contend with the insensitive haves without much help coming from the establishment. Social legislation is awash with altruistic provisions, but they are usually not implemented because of lack of funds — the result being a deepening discontent among the have-nots.

Truly, one would be a dumbo if he did not know that such funds are usually diverted to the deep pockets of corrupt government functionaries!

A peg in a square hole
Digong may be a peg in a square hole, and you may call him whatever you want, but he correctly sees that deprivation has all along been the root cause of crime, a burgeoning population and, if you will, the have-nots’ potentially explosive casus belli. He knows that his anti-poverty policy overrides his controversial forays against illegal drugs, and that it is on this preeminent policy that will ultimately rest history’s verdict on his performance.

In fact, Digong may already have reckoned that his executive role in delivering the poor, similar to the mission of the biblical messiah, would be his dependable safeguard against ongoing destabilization episodes. No, it should not be doubted that he can protect his presidency, given its vast powers, not to mention the massive support he enjoys from 85 percent of the Filipino citizenry.

Imaginary threats
My personal take is that American threats to Digong’s security are more imaginary than real. The United Nations Human Rights Agency, the US State Department, the US Central Intelligence Agency, CNN and other critiquing institutions — can remain outraged over PDu30’s anti-drug methods but, in the end, they will realize that surfing against the tide of his popularity will simply not work.

PDu30 is aware that America’s foreign policy has always deferred to this daunting proposition. Little wonder, he appears calmer and sunnier these days, over and above the good news of a new grandchild’s arrival.

Now brimming with unfamiliar confidence, he has somewhat toned down his vulgar language knowing that America would not play an asinine hand in losing an ally in the Philippines by antagonizing a mind-boggling majority of her citizenry. Swift actions
Another piece of good news was the president’s recent swift action on the case of Peter Laviña, the head of the National Irrigation Administration. He summarily sacked Laviña, his close friend and former campaign manager, on unverified reports that he had been demanding bribe money from contractors.

Would that Digong would freely dismiss on mere suspicion any of those he had appointed at his pleasure. This manner of governance would prove many of his detractors wrong and appease the hopeless among the have-nots. Not only that; it may well dispel doubts that he will not survive his term.

The poor are robbed blind whenever some tax-avoidance schemes benefit rich taxpayers with the aid of smart accountants. Needless to state, Pres. Duterte must quickly move to arrest this merciless hemorrhage of the public coffers.

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