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Birds of the same feather flock together

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RRoy’siPadBirds of the same feather flock together
Ronald Roy — Feb. 16, 2017

The Revised Penal Code (as amended) punishes one who fails to report a crime of which he has knowledge, the purpose being to require everybody to help in the promotion of a crime-free society.

Sometime back, this rationale was raised following the refusal of LP Cong. Reynaldo Umali, chair of the house committee on justice, to refer to the proper agency for further inquiry said committee’s findings on Sen. Leila de Lima’s (SDe5) alleged principal role in the proliferation of crimes, drugs-related specifically, in the New Bilibid Prison, that started in 2012 and flourished under her watch as justice secretary until her election as senator.

Payoffs from drug lords
SDe5’s last-place finish, according to at least five witnesses who testified before the committee, was funded by payoffs worth millions of pesos coming from drug lords confined in the national jail. Their sworn testimonies dovetailed and corroborated one another, while SDe5’s lame defense consisted only of general denials.

Legislative traditions clearly show that Umali erred when he claimed that his committee probed only prison conditions in aid of legislation, and that referring its findings to another agency for further investigation was beyond the ambit of its raison d’ etre. Huh???

Toeing the yellow line
Was the good congressman pretending to have forgotten the infamous Bolante case which the senate blue ribbon committee endorsed to the justice department for prosecution, or was he toeing the yellow line?

“Toeing the yellow line” of course refers to a cultish bent of mind of Aquino’s followers to protect fellow Yellow SDe5 from what they claim to be Pres, Digong Duterte’s (PDu30) sociopathic wrath and dictatorial ways. Yes, the Yellows are like a bunch of cultists who believe that they are the saviors of democracy, the vanguards of peace and the supreme advocates of righteousness, no thanks — I really hate to say this — to misguided clergymen and Ateneans.

The Yellows, headed by Aquino, VP Leni Robredo and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, are widely viewed as preparing for what they see as Du30’s imminent downfall; hence, their keen interest in fortifying their forces by protecting SDe5 for the purpose.

Well, these political realities became obvious when the Ombudsman behaved in a way that protected the beleaguered lady senator. Well, I guess it’s true “birds of the same feather flock together”.

An unfit Ombudsman?
When interviewed, Morales said she was not keen in investigating SDe5’s alleged links to drugs-related felonies because she “couldn’t find leads that would show that drugs-related crimes were committed in the Bilibid during her term as justice secretary”.

Excuse me!!! What “leads” was Morales looking for??? Jail scandals rocked the nation year after year, month after month and day after day, making all wonder if Bilibid was the safest place to transact business in illegal drugs, prostitution, gunrunning, etcetera. Those were the leads…dammit!!!

Motu propio (through her own initiative) Morales should have used the powers of her office to investigate those shenanigans. Under her watch, for instance, a felon associated with the Yellows was allegedly jailed jobless, but was later recommended for parol or pardon a millionaire.

However, she refused to investigate — I think she even received a complaint — this apparent anomaly, in accordance with a prerogative granted her under the charter of her office. As a sitting constitutional official of the republic, Morales is thus seen as the most formidable cutting edge of the yellow cultists in their reportedly ongoing designs to destabilize the Duterte administration.

Protecting her benefactor
Rest assured that she’ll do everything in her power to protect her benefactor, Noynoy Aquino, from prosecution for various offenses, such as those associated with one: the unconstitutional operations of the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program that illicitly enriched his cronies and other parties, two: the Luneta carnage which he could have prevented as a concerned president rather than as an usisero “drama” enthusiast, and three: his blunders in the ill-fated Mamasapano episode that took the lives of 44 SAF policemen…among other Asperger’s criminal abuses.

Parenthetically, P-Noy is accountable for having directed the already suspended PNP Director General to take charge of police operations in Mamapasano. Well, Morales criminally charged the police chief for obeying P-Noy, but strangely refuses to charge the latter. Kinda brazen, eh?

Frenzied turnaround
BTW, do you remember how frenzied the Yellows were in denouncing the removal by then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of the death penalty, chiding that she did that to save herself from the gallows? Well, behold now their 180 degree turnaround as they lambaste PDu30’s endorsement of capital punishment. Doesn’t this turnaround expose the Yellows as ambitious canards salivating to get back to power?

Mr. President, while you still can, save your country and your presidency from this pernicious cult of canards. Let charges be pressed against P-Noy, order your congressmen to impeach Morales, and command the justice secretary to act faster against SDe5.

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