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Be good, Mr. President

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RRoy’siPadBe good, Mr. President
Ronald Roy — Feb. 2, 2017

Among the most asked questions these days are: whether policemen are trustworthy crime-busters of the law, how widespread their skullduggery is in their organization, the Philippine National Police (PNP), and what can be done to reverse an alarming finding of a survey that 60% of 1200 respondents now view policemen as more dangerous than the criminals they’re supposed to guard us against.

In grappling with these questions, we see Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte standing behind the eight ball — yes, he who won the presidency in landslide fashion on the bold forecast that he and his national police team would lick the scourge of corruption, crime and illegal drugs in three to six months.

Unfortunately, however, he is currently badgered by mounting pressures from families, the Church, media and other institutions demanding a stop to his questionable methods that have resulted in dubious, if not unnecessary, killings now dubbed as “extrajudicial killings” (EJK).

Culture of Immunity
The “culture of immunity” among cops may be defined as their sharing in the PNP organization of the mistaken belief that they can commit criminal acts without being held accountable therefor, and it becomes more worrisome with PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa announcing that 40% of the entire police force are “scalawags”…in varying degrees, I would add.

This vital information, assuming it is more or less accurate, should therefore enable police authorities, penologists, criminologists, sociologists and other social scientists, religious leaders and experts from other concerned fields, to join forces in determining how much worth of funding will be needed, and how long it will take, to design and implement a so-called “internal cleansing program” (ICP).

It is noteworthy that the PNP’s anti-illegal drug operations have been temporarily defused to allow the commencement of the ICP which, as one might say, is as indispensable to the PNP as oxygen is to human life.

Like infectious rotten apples
To better grasp the urgency of the moment, let us ponder the maxim that “in a basket of apples, one rotten apple will contaminate the others”, then relate it to Bato Dela Rosa’s word that four out of ten cops are scoundrels. This mind-blowing equation suggests that the ICP needs to be given the same lifespan of one generation which experts say is needed for a moral regeneration program to take root in a society.

A generation ( i.e., twenty years) for the ICP should be worth the investment for a comprehensively fit national police force. The task of cleansing will of course include the sensitive recruitment process of candidates who are both academically and morally qualified.

Internal cleansing of society
An observation must be made that although the numerous policemen who graduated from the Philippine Military Academy and the PNP Academy are academically better fit, they are not necessarily morally superior to the rest of the field — and that’s where the rub is. Because most cops come from poor families, and therefore from inferior educational backgrounds, are they necessarily less morally upright?

Obviously, the ICP should not be for policemen alone but also for the rest of society, very specially our leaders whose principal obligation is “to learn to follow before leading, to first obey the law before enforcing it, and to be good before teaching others to be good”.

Good father of a family
Mr. President, it is your “paternal call” in the matter of the expurgation not only of the national police rank and file, but of the entire national family as well. Surely you can distinguish between good and bad, true and false, sacred and profane, lawful and unlawful, and highbred and vulgar.

To come to the point, how can you expect your policemen to mend their ways if you cannot temper, say, your questionable anti-illegal drug operations? Likewise, how can you gain the respect of Christians if you always lambaste their Church?

There are just a few things you can do and undo to rank among the finest presidents we’ve ever had, and it shouldn’t be too hard to achieve that, would it, Sir? Just be good, like the proverbial “good father of a family”.

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