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Of ousters

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RRoy’siPadOf ousters
Ronald Roy — Jan. 26, 2017

In a democracy, it is the citizens who create their government and put therein the “public servants” who will serve them with fixed terms. The corollary effect is that only they and their duly authorized agents are empowered to discipline and oust these public officials and employees whenever found to be errant.

Through the instrument of the Law, they have prescribed different modes of disciplining and removing occupants from their public offices, such as impeachment for impeachable officials, expulsion of congressmen and senators by their respective houses, removal of judges by the Supreme Court, and the administrative actions against civil servants by the Office of the Ombudsman.

Expulsion from party
In the case of Kabayan member Rep. Harry Roque, he was expelled by his political party — supposedly for unparliamentary behavior when he interfered in the Senate Blue Ribbon investigation of Sen. Leila de Lima — as its representative in the lower house; but that did not mean he ceased to be a member of the lower chamber.

The rule must be recognized that because Roque was elected a member of Congress, only the people can unseat him through a collective vote of three fourths of all the members of the lower chamber, on recommendation of the House Ethics Committee after due investigation of a complaint, if any, that may be have been brought against him. This manner of discipline would be in accord with the principle that the power to elect (or appoint) includes the power to remove.

This writer has the highest regard for Rep. Roque as a fiery and impassioned pro bono human rights lawyer — an image that earned for him public notice a long time ago and, only recently, a seat in Congress. It is therefore ironic that this same fire would be the cause of his loss of standing in Kabayan, although many observers predict his standing will continue to rise in the eyes of the Filipino people if he maintains his backbone and pluck.

Ouster of senators
Parenthetically, senators may be ousted from office through a process similar to that followed in the lower house. By the way, all legislators are immune to arrest for whatever crime while Congress is in session, it being the policy of the state to protect their service from interruption via harassment, in pretty much the same way that the republic’s president cannot be sued during his term.

Department of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre ll is thus correct in withholding action on the vincible Sen. Leila de Lima while the Congress is still in session. Besides, her possible ouster from the upper chamber is already pending before the said chamber’s ethics committee that is now investigating drugs-related charges against her.

Removal of errant presidents
It would be a veritable miracle if the world’s two newly elected presidents, America’s Donald Trump and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, completed the terms of their presidencies, given the earthshakingly maverick reforms being carried out by them. In either case, an ouster from office, legal or extralegal, cannot be discounted.

On the part of Trump, his hold on power seems utterly tenuous in the face of massive protest actions now taking place around the world because of his anti-distaff biases, as well as his racist inclinations against non-whites, Mexicans in particular. Indeed, the recorded story of Abraham Lincoln alone certifies that racial issues can be such a hotbed of violence.

Babbling inanities and profanities
For PDu30’s part, it cannot be gainsaid that his legal or extralegal ouster from office becomes more probable as he continues to babble inanities and profanities, such as in his latest denunciation of the Catholic Church which he condemned as “full of shit” just because of some alleged sexual frailties of one bishop who had criticized him on the lingering EJK situation.

Given that Digong appears unable to control or change his utterly base manners, his exit from office is seen by many as a matter of time notwithstanding his high popularity ratings. Verily, Digong may have underestimated the preeminence of the Church. It is pathetic that we have a president who cannot distinguish an institution from its members, and vice versa.

Well, such an event as Digong’s ouster should not be a shock, especially as Trump may already have began to see him more as an expendable liability than a dependable asset. From here on, it may well be a case of “each man to himself” between the two leaders. Indeed!

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