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Death wish

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RRoy’siPadDeath wish
Ronald Roy — Dec. 21, 2016

Lexicographers define “death wish” as an unconscious or conscious desire for one’s own death or that of another. President Digong appears to have a wish for his own death, based on his repeated discourse on his state of health (Buerger’s disease, migraine attacks and back pains) and on his seeming longing to be mortally punished for self-admitted killings of criminals in the past.

However, could it be that he is slyly portraying a self-image of a patriotic leader who ignores ill health and dares arrest for past (and ongoing?) murders of criminals in order to exhibit a selfless way of protecting the country he loves, “the land of his people and the place of his birth”?

Betrayal by Digong?
On hearing the above-quoted rhetorical phrase, those poignantly affected would support him; but not the families left behind by numerous extra-judicial-killing victims claimed by Digong’s war on drugs. They feel betrayed by the man they had elected their president — a lawyer who thinks he can serve his people by defying the law. What a paradox!

To be sure, countless others have joined these families in their outrage and condemnation, given his recent exposĂ© of having personally shot three criminals who fought back when he accosted them. He leaves loose ends by saying he does not know if he killed them, but that doesn’t really matter because his narration suggests he had unlawfully attacked them.

An unfit president?
Clearly, his vigilante mindset that got him roving around Davao City looking for criminals to neutralize in defiance of the rule of law is the same attitude that makes him a bad citizen, let alone: an unfit president of over a hundred million Filipinos.

The presidency should require its occupant to be capable in every material way: psychologically, physically, mentally and morally; but let’s leave that to the revisers of the Cory Constitution. Note that every citizen has a stake in the president’s health; so Pres. Digong should come clean on rumors that a fourth-stage cancer has ravaged him on the left cheek.

It can only be hoped that the scuttlebutt isn’t true because we want him to succeed. His term has just started and, certainly, he has more than enough time to reverse his questionable performance. His popularity is skidding, and the road ahead’s going to be tougher — and he knows that. By all traditional indications, he may not last the coming 120 days…and he knows that too.

The current guessing game
The most popular guessing game these days is when and how the presidency will be vacated. Well, it’s not really a “guessing game” any more than it is the people’s genuine concern to prepare for what may harm their welfare. A sudden change of leadership would be most unwelcome at this point, considering the draconian state of affairs the president’s maverick policies are impacting on our lives at both the foreign and domestic fronts.

Hypothetically speaking, the president’s untimely demise or incapacity — whether arising from a fortuitous event or a force majeure — will create such an utter state of confusion that public order can be maintained only by an extralegal governing body like a military junta which, as we all know from experience, should function only until such time that civilian governance is restored soonest to handle the myriad conundrums left behind by the Duterte government.

Treasonous behavior?
These are problems arising from the president’s confounded belligerent attitude towards the United Nations and America, along with his whacky treason-like affection for China and Russia, not to mention his dramatic support plunge in Mindanao and an ill-studied “directive” to the House’s supermajority to get the ball rolling for a shift to a federal form of government — to cite just a few kinks.

Think tank
This writer is part of a group of seven who fancy themselves as a think tank. Here are the probabilities they have conjured up with respect to the presidency’s being rendered nonfunctional, namely, 1) assassination, very probable; 2) coup d’ etat, improbable, with Digong’s growing generosity to the armed forces in recent weeks; and 3) people power/insurrection, highly improbable, with none of the essential critical mass surfacing anywhere.

At no other time after the 2nd World War have we found such a great need to beseech the Almighty for peace. With the New Year unfolding, now is the time, more than ever, to supplicate for divine intervention.


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