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Ninoy, not Macoy, had Plaza Miranda bombed!

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RRoy’siPadNinoy, not Macoy, had Plaza Miranda bombed!
Ronald Roy — Dec. 1, 2016

In a parking basement last November 30, Bonifacio Day, I bumped into a certain Fr.Tomas and three Ateneo alumni. Two of them introduced themselves as sons of Ateneo personages who had long passed away. We shook hands.

Still exuberant from the boisterous activities of last Saturday, one of them said,”Tito,the revolutionary atmosphere made us feel patriotic. We also realized that our country in crisis needed to oust Pres. Duterte asap. Duterte kills like Marcos did, blah blah blah” — or words to that effect. Then, the giveaway: “Just leave it to Leni!”

Well, I just happen to believe that VP Leni Robredo is itching to catapult the Yellows back to power, the same way Ninoy Aquino, the original Yellow, was obsessed with becoming president.They haven’t changed, these Yellows. Over the past 35 years, they have wallowed in the intoxicating imaginings of political elitist pedigree. They also cannot avoid romanticizing Edsa l in all its euphoric nostalgia; no doubt, they want PDu30 out.

The turbulent years
To be fair, I refer only to militants aged in their 50s and below, and not to raucous students who did not live through the turbulent years of Benigno Aquino Jr. and Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Then, out of the blue, someone asked if it was true that the house of my father, a political associate of Marcos, was bombed.

“Yes”, I answered, “Dad’s house was bombed by Filipino Maoists, and my brother and his wife might have been killed if they had been in their bedroom; but a houseboy lost his hearing, and two cars were wrecked. You see, the commies had a hateful reason to neutralize my father.

“Dad was the author of the Anti-Subversion Law. He was the President of the Anti-Communist League of the Philippines, and a member of the ruling bodies of Taiwan’s Anti-Communist League and the Anti-Communist League of the World.

“They hated him for his anti-commie stand, unlike in the case of Marcos, whose very mortal remains they despise until now. Sadly, the Reds have infected the Yellows, priests and nuns included, with the chicken pox of their bigotry. And, alas, our students continue to be deceived by anti-Marcos textbooks of half truths! Father Tomas, why do the religious denigrate Marcos’ memory?”

Missionary work
The Dominican replied that it was the duty of the religious to guide and help the Faithful in their fight against evil enemies. I then cut in: “Shouldn’t we love our enemies instead?” Stunned, his jaws dropped and he never regained his composure.

I proceeded: “The clerics are again dividing the Faithful just like they did in the 1980s. Many of the Faithful left the Church and joined born-against sects! Fr.Tomas, I hope you’re not being carried away like His Grace, Bishop Ted Bacani, who then refused to give communion to Marcos loyalists. Don’t you fear that many prelates and nuns will be accountable to God for putting their flock asunder, and for misguiding the youth?”

After we parted ways, I hurried off for a late 4pm lasagna lunch; and as I ambled along the corridors on my cane, filling the air was a hodgepodge of hushed-down rumors that ranged from revolution to coup d’etat.

A collapsed economy?
Leave it to these adventurous rumor mongers, I mulled. But then, what if one such dire event did happen, would we see an improvement on the status quo, or would the effects be anywhere near the total collapse of the economy during the 2nd World War?

During those war-weary years, death, disease and hunger stalked the land, although there was no trepidation of a regional or global holocaust. Well, there is one now, but not for those who oppose the Marcos burial at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani — demonstrators who had started to gather with increasing noise at the Edsa Shrine just outside the mall.

I prayed that church bells would ring to infuse not only them with the spirit of goodwill, but also all kibitzers, infiltrators and law enforcers. Likewise, I prayed that objectivity would correct their curious choice of 19 Edsa 1 heroes whom they would be honoring.

Heroes of Edsa 1?
—- Jovito Salonga. Right after the Plaza Miranda bombing, he confided to Dad within my hearing that “may kinalaman si Ninoy sa aming pagkakabomba”(Ninoy had something to do with the carnage). Pres. Cory Aquino banned Salonga’s book that identified the brains of the bombing, then appointed him PCGG Chair with an apology.
—- Maita Gomez. Idealistic, she joined the commies up in the mountains. But soon after she learned of their corrupt practices, she returned to the fold and daily went to Mass as an act of expiation until her death. Maita turned more religious than ever.
—- Behn Cervantes. A Scrooge-like dramatist who so hated Christmas he cussed and shooed away carolers. Behn disdained the poor, beggars particularly.

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