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Ronald Roy — Nov 24, 2016

Justice is “rectitude”, the norm of what is moral and fair. It is of divine origin, the bedrock on which all of Man’s regulations, statutes, judicial decrees, contracts and other activities of human interaction must unshakably stand.

It is the fountainhead of all that are required for the promotion of peace and goodwill among mortal beings. Justice is thus sublimely higher than Man’s Law.

Justice is inherently unalterable — as immutable as the stars and the oceans. What is legal, indeed, is not necessarily just.

Man’s Law, on the other hand, is a spring-well of strife and disunity if not in accord with Justice. Precisely, Man’s Law often undergoes amendment, repeal, revision or abrogation in order to comply with the requirements of Justice.

Let us be guided by two great quotes, as follows. “Delay of justice is injustice” — Walter Savage (1775-1864), English poet and essayist, and “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall” — William Watson (1602).

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