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Seething bigotry

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RRoy’siPadSeething bigotry
Ronald Roy — Nov.16, 2016

On a vote of nine to five, the Supreme Court finally interdicted the decades-long resistance to the burial of the remains of Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (FM) at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB), thereby crushing a yellow regime of bigotry that has divided the nation.

Already before the high tribunal is a motion for reconsideration coming mainly from human rights victims (authentic or fake) and partisan Yellows (indoctrinated or not) who believe: that Ninoy and Cory died respectively as a martyr “who took a bullet” and a queen of peace “who restored democracy”, and that FM was a viscerally evil man; in effect, parang ang mga Dilaw lamang ang mga anak ng Diyos (as if the Yellows were the only children of God).

Who violated human rights?
The unshakable truth is that, as war was being waged between martial law soldiers (MLS) on the one hand, and the Communist and Muslim secessionist rebels on the other, atrocities were being committed on both sides while collateral damage was unfortunately being inflicted on innocent non-combatants. In other words, the Yellows were not the only victims of human rights violations.

We are still haunted by memories that: while in captivity, MLS were savagely tortured — disemboweled, made to eat their own roasted penises, dismembered and, for the coup de grace: decapitated, put to the torch or bled to death. But of course jaundiced eyes remain adamantly closed to these facts because the Yellows never stray out of their hypocritical daang matuwid (righteous path).

Spiritual infusion
Verily, the Yellows will be happier people if they can infuse themselves with the spirit of forgiveness and humility. It may take them decades though to achieve this, as they have been steeped too long in a vice that corrodes the human soul: bigotry…of the seething variety.

Apart from calling FM a monstrous murderer, they label him as an insatiable plunderer. My knowledge of the man disables me from agreeing. It is with moral certainty that I believe that FM was the lawful owner of all the gold he was accused of stealing.

I had once the good fortune of seeing two stacks of gold certificates in the possession of the dictator, along with my late father, Sen.Jose J. Roy, and the late business mogul Enrique Zoble de Ayala. It was at the height of my father’s agitation over rumors that FM was a gold thief that he decided to confront the dictator. I accompanied him on a visit to the President at the Palace.

Gold certificates
FM met us in the study room where Zobel had earlier arrived. Before we sat down, FM invited us to go over two stacks of gold certificates laid atop his table. We did. After a while, he said that he still awaited skeptics to challenge the integrity of the gold certificates, and none had so far come forward. He also said that his wife was a wealthy woman because he occasionally gave her a gold bar on special days, and stressed he had been a gold trader long before he entered politics.

Incidentally, the records of the Central Bank of the Philippines, and thereafter the Banko Sentral Ng Pilipinas, confirm that Marcos did not steal a single ounce of gold from their vaults. Perhaps remnants of Cory’s notorious “Kamaganak Incorporated” can shed some enlightenment.

Till today, the strongman is incessantly vilified as a billionaire-plunderer, as his bashers rantingly demand that his family return over US $ 10 billion worth of loot he supposedly had raked up from the national coffers. During his campaign for vice president, Alan Peter Cayetano hammered down the spiel that rival-candidate Bong Bong Marcos should return that loot, but has since refused to pursue an action in court.

There you are!! Why don’t these name-callers simply get together and file a class suit against the whole Marcos caboodle? That’s the best way to uphold the Truth. Obviously, they will not…because they cannot…not without any decent evidence. And maybe they should remember that informal surveys say that nine out of ten Filipinos favor FM’s burial at the LNMB.

Guess who

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