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Angel or demon?

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RRoy’siPadAngel or demon?
Ronald Roy — Nov. 8, 2016

Inarguably, 2016 may well be the century’s year of phenomenal feats here and abroad. We are thrilled by the continuing success of our contestants in international beauty pageants, boxing, robotics, singing contests and film-making, and we have no reason to think we won’t see more honors in the future…such as for turning around our image as the “sick man of Asia”.

“Impossible” exploits don’t seem impossible anymore, as in the case of the Miami Heat’s comeback from a 1-3 deficit to trounce the defending champs Golden State Warriors to win the NBA basketball crown, or the Chicago Cubs’ first World Series title in 108 years by clawing out of a 1-3 hole to thwart the Cleveland Indians. In baseball history, only 6 of 48 teams have won the World Series from a 1-3 deficit in the best-of-seven format.

Secret of winning
Beating humungous odds is sometimes ascribed to “serendipity”, which means “an unexpected turn of good fortune”. In folklore, bucking enormous odds implies a “capitulation to a demon” or an “assist from an angel”.

But in realistic terms, winning through the skin of one’s teeth is the result of a do-or-die mindset, as exemplified by basketball legend former Sen. Robert Jaworski, who recently inspired the Ginebra San Miguel team to win this year’s PBA title after an 8-year drought. And, who would have thought that Manny Pacquiao at 37 would lopsidedly snatch the WBO welterweight boxing belt from a young, taller, rangier and heavier reigning pugilist?

Angel Rodrigus or Beelzerod?
Is PDu30’s charm from heaven or hades? He recently said God had told him not to cuss anymore, or else He’d make his plane crash. No one really believed Digong — who later said he was joking — since if God had talked to him, He would have warned him not to kill anymore, instead of not to cuss anymore.

In any event, one should believe that God in His wisdom may choose crackpots and criminals to do His work, like Sol (later renamed St. Paul) who slew and persecuted Christians. Who knows…God might have anointed Rodrigo Roa Duterte who, despite his profanities and human rights breaches, is now enjoying worldwide accolade for flicking away America like a fly, and for the blistering headway he appears to be making in stopping crime, corruption and illegal drugs in the first five months of his presidency.

Parenthetically, there’s a story going around that Filipino tourists everywhere are applauded and sought their autographs for being citizens of “Duterte country”. Believe it or not, the guy’s being feverishly idolized all over the world. Some say he could yet be an angel sent down to fix a country gone chaotic and hedonistic.

Boom or bust?
Incidentally, why worry over an American senator’s retaliatory move to block arms deals between the US and the Philippines? We shouldn’t mind procuring military hardware from China, Russia or other countries in order to boost our capability to defend the homeland. For a change of disposition, expect instead an economic boom in two to three years, courtesy of Digong. Let’s judge him later by his accomplishments. Countless Filipinos are very optimistic.

My only worry is: the Devil masquerades in many forms sans his horns, hoofs, tail and trident in order to snare us with dazzling deeds and glibness. He’ll get us hook, line and sinker, we’ll dance to his merry tunes, feast on his epicurean delights and eventually live lives of debauchery….if not altogether burn in a war ignited by his profoundly deceptive schemes.

One: Joe (Abad), a boom will be spectacular if it occurs in a federalized Philippines. Federalization will decentralize political and economic activities from the Greater Manila Area, as it will shift capital and the tools of production to the local government units. The trouble is, additional power in the hands of corrupt local government officials will only exacerbate the problems sought to be curbed. The counterproductive effects of federalism should therefore be guarded against.

Two: Gemma (de Santos), the constitution protects solons from arrest while Congress is in session. Therefore, on Congress’s adjournment for the Christmas break, Sen. Leila de Lima can be arrested for alleged links to illegal drugs-related activities. Also, in light of PDu30’s immunity from suit, the Supreme Court will likely dismiss her petition for the issuance of an out-of-box writ of habeas data.

Three: Buddy (Navarro), I don’t agree that Nur Misuari should be allowed to participate in a renewed peace process. Over 300 innocent civilians in all have been slain by this remorseless recidivist rebel, who has been repeatedly amnestied by past presidents. He should be imprisoned for life.

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