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Goodbye, America?!

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RRoy’siPadGoodbye, America?!
Ronald Roy — Oct. 25, 2016

Around 70 percent of Filipinos are very American in their politics, education, language, sports, culinary and entertainment preferences, and what have you. And yet, without prior consultations with whomsoever, senators particularly, one man has announced he would “separate from America…but only militarily and economically, not socially”.

He has also proposed a new axis consisting of superpowers China and Russia, along with his rat-poor country! Does this megalomaniac fathead know what he’s babbling???

Authoritarian rule
Of course the swellhead is no less than Rodrigo Narcisso…oops…Roa Duterte, erstwhile Mayor of Davao City, who was elected president only last May and now recklessly captains our ship without a rudder. The guy had neither legal nor moral right to speak for us before China’s officialdom, must less bind us but, by George, he did! Or did he?! Wow..galing mo, Sir! (Oh, he’ll like that!)

Expectedly, the Chinese officials assembled in the Great Hall of China played it smart by lustily applauding him! His compatriots, on the other hand, cheered him like lackeys, misguided or not. Whichever way, they are shortsighted non-patriots because they have allowed their business interests to supersede the national interests by consorting with the “enemy”!

PDu30 is a fathead (malaking ulo, mayabang), who suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, according to a psychologist’s report that became the basis of the annulment of his first and only marriage.The report, which also certifies that he has a mean streak, altogether suggests that nobody, not even the law, crosses his path lest unmitigated fury be unleashed by him. Sen. Leila de Lima, whether she is guilty or not, will affirm this.

Yoyo diplomacy
And now, here we go again! It isn’t the case pala that Digong is separating from the United States. He is merely pursuing a more independent foreign policy by fostering stronger relations with regional Goliath China. This oft-repeated change of tune by him, a characteristic of what his bashers call yoyo diplomacy, has once again made the Philippines a laughing stock on the world stage.

BTW, note that his use of the personal pronoun “I” in “I am separating…” clearly denotes the trait of narcissism that finds no place in leadership. PDu30 has yet to learn, indeed, that “he leads best who thinks least of himself”. Until then, he will never be a leader.

“They will kill me!”
Upon arrival from a state visit to China, PDu30 clarified it was never his intention to separate from America which hosts innumerable compatriots; “And you know why? Because they will kill me if I do!” But so what if they do, Mr. Duterte? More and more of your constituents are beginning to think that would be the ultimate solution to their growing anxieties! Oops…joke only, bossing!

Levity aside, an increasing number of people including PDu30’s diehards have begun calling him bobo, anak ni Satanas, hayop, etc. I however feel that, In fairness to him, his critics should first place his humanity in the proper perspective.

Throughout his grade school and high school years, he was the patsy of student bullies, and was once a victim of pedophile abuse by a teacher in cassock.These adverse conditions eventually led him to shoot a school mate who, fortunately, was only wounded.

Generally, it is through the formative years when one’s psychological disorders take root. It cannot therefore be gainsaid that Digong would mature to be behaviorally different from most other people. In this light, a better understanding of the president can be achieved in a way that can assuage our anxieties, thereby producing the needed healthy rapport between himself and “the people of the land of his birth”.

Nosediving popularity
The president is fast becoming the object of scorn and the butt of jokes. His popularity is slowly nosediving not only here but also abroad — and this is bad for the cause of world peace. Only the sovereign Filipino people, with American support, can temper his un-statesmanlike conduct and daredevil brinkmanship. It’s comforting to note though that he does not totally control all the armed forces.

Only a few days ago, I had lunch with four friends who were once Duterte fans. Slowly, joiners doubled their number and, in due time, all eight were shifting moods that ranged from levity, trepidation, anger, and condescension. Patronizing Digong, for me, would be a most demeaning dig at him, especially if punctuated by belly laughs.

Chewing-gum diplomacy
One such joke runs this way: Is it true that after the state banquet in China, PDu30, after chewing a gum for fifteen minutes, mischievously pasted it on the pants of Pres. Xi Ping, and that the latter reportedly indulged the crudity with a diplomatic guffaw?

Well, ignore all those people power and coup rumors. My crystal ball shows we can all relax, enjoy and hee-haw all we want throughout the holidays, because the future will take shape, for better or worse, only with the help of a new American administration.

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