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RRoy’siPadForeign Policy
Ronald Roy — Oct. 18, 2016

When news broke out that 400 businessmen led by captains of industry had signed up to join Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte on a state visit to China, my immediate reaction was: wow, change would really be coming! It would certainly mean agreements in rail, construction, agribusiness, tourism, power, manufacturing and whatever that would greatly assuage our economic sufferings.

It remains to be seen, however, how much worth of a national security backlash we may pay in return. Well, who is the expert here who can calculate the risks of a regional or third and final world war in exchange for a foreseeable economic boom, courtesy of commercial agreements with China? Who defines our foreign policy anyway?

The president, not the senate
Sen. Bam Aquino apparently believes that, as in America, it is the senate, not the president, that carves out our foreign policy. Wrong. He was ill-advised to propose a resolution inviting Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte to a senate inquiry relevant to his so-called “independent foreign policy” which, incidentally, remains vague to everybody’s consternation.

Parenthetically, DU30 had earlier said he would sever ties with America, and now he says he will respect all existing treaties, but will commence diplomatic relations with China and Russia in a strategy to eradicate poverty and boost his industrialization program. Anyway, it is the president of our republic who defines the country’s foreign policy, not the senate; and hey, is he in a carefree mood whooping it up on a tightrope!!

Ninoy’s pro-Red image
Some 45 years ago, when I was the chief of staff of the senate’s foreign relations committee, Sen. Ninoy Aquino almost daily came to my office to press for an early recommendation for the senate’s passage of a lower house bill, which proposed the opening of diplomatic relations with socialist and communist countries. Based on three weeks of public hearings, where various sectors expressed their unanimous opposition to the cited bill, my staff recommended non-passage of the same.

Reacting, Ninoy could barely conceal his rage as he stood before me letting out a whispered mouthful, capped by a threat that communists would come after me. I rose to my feet and curtly told him that I was not afraid of his friends, the commies, and that, by way of an obiter dictum to the recommendation, “the architect of foreign policy (was) the president, not the senate”.

Consequently, the senate did not pass the subject house bill, and I started to receive death threats by phone and mail; through the days that followed, Ninoy gave me that I-told-you-so look.

Digong’s poor geopolitical grasp
It may be noted that, beginning with the Roxas presidency, the power to define foreign policy had always remained with the senate until my staff broke the American tradition. As the architect of our foreign policy, however, Digong does not appear to have the essential geopolitical circumspection to consider on equal footing the four most vital components of the national interest, namely, the national security, the economy, overseas Filipinos, and our sovereign rights within the extended economic zone of the West Philippine Sea.

Digong is like a little boy gleefully firing his toy gun in all directions. Yes, he’ll likely be interdicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, impeached, or simply done in. Fidel V. Ramos — the former president who had ousted Pres. Joseph “Erap” Estrada, had made Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo president, and had convinced Digong to run for president — is reportedly now “regretfully studying some dire options” for implementation ASAP.

As Uncle Sam’s dyed-in-the-wool “point man” here, FVR is rumored to be already coordinating closely with the US Central Intelligence Agency. Doesn’t Digong get it? World peace or, if you will, America’s interests, are at stake here. Americans don’t like yoyos; so he should stop talking “black” today, “white” tomorrow, then back to “black” and so on.

Political enemies
He should likewise remember that the Americans’ enemies are like pesky little flies that they’re so adept at swatting. They brought down Bin Laden, and he was a dragonfly! On the other hand, most of Digong’s “enemies” actually want him to succeed whenever they critique him, because they believe in his pro-poor thrust and his war on corruption, crime and illegal drugs.

He should heed them, but not the others like the incorrigibly jaundiced Philippine Daily Inquirer that recently bandied the lie that “he has authorized policemen to kill drug lords, pushers and addicts if they resist arrest”. The PDI totally concealed the law that only such force as is needed to quell resistance must be used in effecting arrests. As we all know, the PDI is the Liberal Party’s media springboard to wrest back power.

And please, please, Mr. President, stop saying that it was God who made you president, for that will surely certify you’re a crackpot who advocates the fallacy of Vox populi vox Dei.

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