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Of euphemisms

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RRoy’siPadOf euphemisms
Ronald Roy — Oct. 12, 2916

Euphemisms are pleasant terms substituted for harsh or vulgar ones. They are used to foster healthy human relations, as in diplomacy. “Diplomacy is to do and say the nastiest thing in the nicest way.” (Isaac Goldberg, The Reflex) For example, we shouldn’t say, “F*ck you!” We can always say, “Ring’a-ding-ding you!”

It’s no joke that PDu30’s contentious independent foreign policy has been ring’a-ding-dinging the people he professes to love, those of the land of his birth. In a recent broadside, the high-value target of his scorn was, as usual, Mr. Barack Obama, the outgoing US President whom he called “lame duck” and told to “go to hell”.

How to fight ISIS here
“American armed forces must leave ASAP”, he reiterated, clarifying that if they didn’t, young Filipino Moslems would be recruited by elements of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He added that Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines were being eyed as potential territories required by their expansion program — a situation he could never allow.

Well, Digong is right; we do not want ISIS terrorists here either. But is he saying that our armed forces are strong enough to secure us from those human bombs and head-chopping Jihadists? Wouldn’t he rather invoke the terms of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) precisely to compel the US State Department to give us its committed aegis?

But, shock of shocks, PDu30 says that the EDCA, which has been declared constitutional by the Supreme Court, isn’t binding for having been signed merely by presidential subordinates Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and American Ambassador Phillip Goldberg!!! Atty. Duterte, these functionaries are presidential alter egos, if you must be reminded!

Digong’s poor grasp of his office
So, we have a lawyer-president who has forgotten much of his law. Not only that. He appears to have a poor grasp of his very office, the presidency…which makes him a failure in both categories. It’s bad when he says he was “elected president and not a diplomat”, but it’s worse if he knows the statement to be wrong, but says it just the same…ring’a-ding-ding!!

Anyway, we lose nothing by reminding him, again, that being diplomatic simply means “being polite to others”, that “you don’t want to do to others what you don’t want them to do to you”, and that it’s a virtue that springs from one’s own humanity, from common sense. Therefore, under the circumstances, Sir, we’re sorry to say that you appear to be unfit for your exalted office; but we do fervently pray you can still reverse those circumstances.

Ring’a-ding-ding Locsin
Sir, will you please withdraw your appointment of the arrogant Teodoro Locsin as Permanent Envoy to the United Nations. Ring’a-ding-ding this guy!! As your staunch defender, he’s been ring’a-ding-dinging your critics whose only wish is a sound foreign policy, one that seeks peace, not war. Trouble is, recalling him is next to impossible cuz you’re two of a kind; right, Sir?

By the way, Sir, I remember a portion of your SONA which had me recoiling in my chair when, addressing your government, you intoned: “Just do your jobs, and I’ll do mine!” Uh-oh…I reflected…the President will not lead. He’ll play ball without coordinating his players, or navigate without a rudder. Constipplunk! (Oh, that’s a perfect euphemism for SH*T.)

Highest satisfaction rating ever
Regarding Mr. Duterte’s performance for his first 90 to 100 days, the Social Weather Station computed his satisfaction rating at 76 percent — the highest, mind you , among those of past presidents Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo and Aquino. The Yellows should therefore stop their clandestine meetings where, with a ditty titled Babaksak na si Digong, they jubilantly toast what they imagine to be his imminent fall from power. Whenever they sing this, they constipplunk all over the place.

They’re pathetic, these Yellows who are concerned only with their return to power, rather than with PD30’s wobbly efforts to serve the national interest. BTW, in answer to a reader, “national interest” comprehends three vital components, namely, security (e.g. West Philippine Sea-related issues), the economy, and overseas Filipinos.

We do not know what questions were asked the 1200 respondents, but I’d like to think the survey covered those components of the national interest. Be that as it may, Pres. Duterte’s satisfaction rating of 76 percent is a mighty milestone!

Better watch it then, Yellows! After Sen. Leila de Lima, I hear that higher-ranked Yellows will follow. Ring’a-ding-ding!

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