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“Help! Wolf! Wolf!”

RRoy’siPad”Help! Wolf! Wolf!”
Ronald Roy — Oct. 04, 2016

We all remember the anecdote of the forest village boy who screamed “Help! Wolf! Wolf!” It was a scream that he had meant only as a joke. The first time he hollered, the little prankster guffawed as some menfolk scrambled out with shotguns only to be greeted with “Ha ha ha…joke only!” A replay was just as funny…but only for him, since the would-be heroes were naturally irked by such mischief.

The knave’s third “joke” was a disaster because, when the men refused to indulge him any further, a wolf tore out of the shadows for a late-afternoon meal. Sadly, it was too late a lesson to learn, as he had forever lost a chance to behave correctly. His luck had just ran out.

When, if ever, will the luck of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (Du30) run out on him? Heaven knows how many times he has made Fate-taunting statements followed by “joke only” or “I’m sorry”…which of course creates some relief. But how much longer can we hold down our patience?

Paradoxical nature
A recent one of such statements was that which compared the six million Jews whom Adolf Hitler had ordered decimated on the one hand with, on the other, the estimated three million Filipino dope-pushers and users whom PDu30 said he would not hesitate to “slaughter” if it was a way of saving the country he loves…huh???

His paradoxical nature makes him the most unlikeable among his country’s allies, like Israelites who flinched at his outrageous simile between themselves and three million Filipino drug addicts.

He and his defenders later apologized, but it’s uncertain the Jews were appeased by the line that he “always means well” — whoa…the same way the Fuhrer meant well by seeking to strengthen Germany through a purification of the so-called Arian race?! To save a child, does one poison the entire neighborhood?!

PDu30 a Machiavelli?
Niccolo Machiavelli, a sixteenth century Italian statesman and political philosopher, fathered the devilish ism that “the acquisition and effective use of state power may necessitate unethical methods” — in fine, that the end justifies the means. Is PDu30 a Machiavelli? Would he really kill three million Filipinos to save the cherished land of his birth?

The cited Machiavellian doctrine is the stuff of tyrants who gloriously come but ignominiously go, like, in their respective times, Napoleon Bonaparte, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Mao Zedong, Hugo Chavez, and of course Adolf Hitler. They all meant well, but are now recalled in the dustbins and footnotes of history.

Returning to our fictional narrative, note that the young prankster is the only one who suffers by his own puerile acts; Digong’s story, on the hand, would have either three million Filipino addicts slaughtered…or only himself done in or legally interdicted, if he would not stop playing impish games.

Most powerful Filipino
The trouble is: he is not an imp but the most powerful man of the republic — the supreme leader of all our armed officers and personnel now slowly being seen as wolves in military uniform. Is martial law in the offing? That’s probably not even a relevant question because the fears gripping the citizens today are far more deadening than those that stunned forty-five million Filipinos when Proclamation 1081 was declared over forty years ago.

Slaughter three million Filipinos??? OMG…I can’t get over it…even PDu30’s choice of words gives me the creeps! Is he joking?! Or is he bullying because he is a natural bully, or bluffing so he can get anything he wants, or just having fun like the kid who cried wolf three times?

I was wrong, after all! Asperger’s Syndrome is no big deal compared to the problem Digong poses, and there’s a public document that confirms that he has a serious psychological problem that can drive him to joke undiplomatically or say things mindlessly…depending on his lunar moods.

Rational solution
There is a Psychological Report on Digong’s fitness to hold down his marriage to his former wife, Ms. Elizabeth Zimmerman. Signed by Dr. Natividad Dayan, former President of the International Council of Psychologists, the Report was entered as evidence in the annulment proceedings initiated by Ms. Zimmerman.

The Report concludes that the respondent “suffers from Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a condition characterized by gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness, grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviors, and a pervasive tendency to demean and humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings”.

Well, it is with hope that an understanding of the report will provide a rational way of dealing with PDu30.

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