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“Putang ina…”

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RRoy’siPad”Putang ina…”
Ronald Roy — Sept. 14, 2016

The recent Davao explosion was most likely the handiwork of organized Muslim terrorists, judging from the characteristic hatred with which they indiscriminately killed and wounded innocent people in a crowded public place. Banish the thought that drug lords had anything to do with the carnage.

Advice? Avoid crowded places and suspicious-looking characters and, if you’ve never believed in prayers, it’s high time you did.

There’s no question that Islamic terrorism is a cause for nationwide heightened alert, because ISIS-trained Abu Sayaff brigands have been roving around key cities over the past two years, according to the previous administration’s military intelligence reports. I pondered harrowing images as I drove out for an early morning meal, not knowing what to expect away from home.

As I finished my breakfast at a downtown burger store, a medical student asked, “Attorney, what is lawless violence”? I jokingly replied, “Oh, that’s the opposite of lawful violence”. As the student stared blankly, can you believe that a learned-looking grizzled lady agreed? If you found that funny, dear Reader, good for you! A good laugh is what we need these stressful days.

Proclamation No. 55
Until five days after the Sept.1 bombing of a Davao City night market that killed 14 and wounded around 70, nerves had turned frazzled with haunting images of martial law when Pres. Duterte (PDu30) orally declared a “state of lawlessness” — a vague phrase which created confusion even among legal pundits because it’s not found in the constitution.

In law, notwithstanding the intended exactitude of verbal or written words and phrases, resolution of human rights issues will still depend on their construction and interpretation by the courts, so that until then, anxieties cannot be avoided. Well, the citizens are now somewhat more relaxed after PDu30 signed Proclamation No. 55 that declared a “state of national emergency on account of lawless violence”.

Supreme Court has final say
In any event, until the Supreme Court enters the picture to decide issues appurtenant to the proclamation , the best elucidator of the same is its very author since, after all, it is the chief executive who is recognized by the law as being equipped with all the resources needed to gather data and suppress lawless violence.

Under the terms of the proclamation, the people’s rights are not suspended, and it shall remain in full force and effect until terminated by Pres. Digong. Of course the proclamation is not infallible on legal questions because, as the constitution mandates, it’s the high court that has the final and last say.

It therefore behooves PDu30 to be aware that his errors, honest and idiosyncratic as they may be, cannot prevail over the citizens’ civil liberties, and that he may have an impeachment price to pay. He must learn to control his bullheadedness, intemperateness and foul language, most especially when they are directed at fellow heads of state like, of all people, Barack Obama, the strongest man in the planet.

Breach of diplomacy
For what he saw as Obama’s meddling in our domestic affairs, PDu30 cussed: Putang ina, mumurahin kita talaga sa ating miting (Son of a bitch, I will surely cuss you down in our coming meeting), in reference to this year’s 19th Asean summit in Laos. I think this sort of breach of diplomacy is the most shattering for Filipinos in living memory, since it threatens to break relations with their closest foreign ally.

The Enhanced Defense and Cooperation Agreement, which allows the presence of US military forces in our bases nationwide, is so vital to the security interests of both countries that, if PDu30 doesn’t mend his ways, a coup d’ etât or an undercover operation by a Central Intelligence Agency sniper may not be farfetched.

Likewise, Uncle Sam’s worrisome riposte in terms of crippling economic, security and other sanctions cannot be discounted. Would that Digong realized there are serious diplomatic musts to consider, chief of which is that: when state heads formally interact, they do so as representatives of their respective citizenries.

In effect, therefore, when Digong cursed Obama, he cursed the people of the United States of America! But, did he really? Digong claims that, in a state of anger, he uttered “Putang ina” (the mother is a whore), not “Putang ina mo” ( your mother is a whore). But Sir, in diplomacy of the highest level, is there a difference?

And now, you say you’re “no fan of America”. You want to pursue an independent foreign policy. You also want the American forces to leave Mindanao for their protection (really?) cuz they killed Moros in 1906. What? Joke only…again? Knock it off, okay ?!

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