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Believe it or not (Part 2)

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RRoy’siPadBelieve it or not
(Part 2)
Ronald Roy — Sept. 27, 2016

Until she was elected senator of the republic, I had always viewed Sen. Leila de Lima (SDe5) as a good justice secretary — feisty and uncompromising, but fair. However, her mistake was forgetting that she should have chaired the senate committee on justice and human rights (CJHR) as an impartial fact-finder in aid of legislation, instead of seemingly lawyering for sole witness Edgar Matobato as the Liberal Party’s attack dog against Pres. Rodrigo Duterte (PDu30).

As a result, on the strength of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s privilege speech, the CJHR chair was declared vacant, and Sen. Dick Gordon became the new chairman. Now a mere member of the committee, the desolate lady has turned fiercely combative against PDu30, whom international human rights activists call the new murderous bete noire of Asia.

Demolition job?
It isn’t doing her any good identifying PDu30 as the architect of a demolition job because, assuming this were so, he would simply say, “Madam, I wish I could be of help, but the evidence against you is overwhelming (or so he thinks). I have no choice as the republic’s chief executive but to ensure your prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. It’s the people’s mandate that I clean up your own mess, you know.”

She realizes she’s a kitten matched up against a jaguar with unlimited resources, and that all she can do is pray for sympathy from within and overseas, where calls for a stop to PDu30’s alleged human rights abuses are gaining momentum. She has invited human rights advocates from the United Nations, European Union, America and elsewhere to come over and judge for themselves PDu30’s questionable style of confronting drug addicts and peddlers.

Foreign investigators
But Digong has found no greater pleasure than to invite them himself to see what he claims to be a laudable showcase of his anti-drug feats. He is not a bit bothered that these human rights advocates will be more in the mold of fault-finders than fact-finders, but he couldn’t care less.

The thing is, the investigators will not be allowed, for their own protection kuno, to visit slum areas to interview families of dope pushers and addicts who had been slain by cops allegedly acting in self defense…he he he…cross your heart, Sir?

Incidentally, PDu30 and Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay must be advised, in case they don’t know, that America and her allies are concerned not so much with our war on drugs, as with PDu30’s adventurous foreign relations predilections. We note that such propensities could break the balance among super powers that has so far deterred an un-winnable final holocaust.

Chinks in the armor
There are, as of this writing, at least two more apparent chinks in Digong’s armor, namely, the justice secretary’s possible failure to produce narcotics-related bank accounts incriminating to SDe5, and lone witness Edgar Matobato’s possible failure to produce witnesses to corroborate his narrations under oath.

In so many instances, PDu30 has already shown and articulated a leaning for an independent foreign policy which could separate us from our allies and push us towards say, Russia or China, in those cases where the latter would give us better deals. Sadly, however, the president should realize that he should not handle foreign relations alone.

Gaining by sacrificing
He needs experts to remind him that foreign relations policies are so circumspect that a country can easily comprehend that it actually gains by sacrificing a loss — a principle of synergy that lynchpins multinational alliances. Simply put, Digong must learn that there’s strength in unity.

I’ve never considered myself a foreign relations expert — even if I was some decades back the chief of staff of the senate foreign relations committee for six years — but I predict economic backlashes, not to mention “extreme (lethal?) measures” which America may take to protect her interests.

Let’s take to heart that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is said to not hesitate to eliminate American presidents in line with national interests. In fact, turn a page in history and learn that one of our own senators, Don Claro M. Recto, would have dearly paid with his life for his unshakeable nationalism, had not a plot by top American officials to poison him leaked out.

Spanking Digong
So, what happens if Fate plays a cruel game? A month before the elections last May, I pessimistically wrote that the succeeding administration would be unable to effect a smooth economic takeoff despite its best efforts. I had then in mind the worsening traffic mess, not Digong’s daunting war on drugs, crime and corruption. OMG, what we have now is a hurry-scurry of sorts!

It’s time, truly, the sovereign Filipino people woke up to the realization that only they — neither their “big white brothers” nor anybody else — can chart their own destiny. To that end, they must now stand ready to give Digong a good spanking whenever they see fit.

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