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Believe it or not (Part 1)

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RRoy’siPadBelieve it or not
(Part 1)
Ronald Roy — Sept. 20, 2016

Stung by NP Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano’s insinuation that — through LP Sen. Leila de Lima’s handling of the ongoing hearings of the senate committee on justice and human rights (CJHR) on alleged atrocities committed by a shadowy Davao Death Squad (DDS) — the CJHR hearings were designed to spring the Yellows back to power via LP Vice President Leni Robredo’s successional ascendancy to the presidency, the latter surprisingly expressed support for Pres. Duterte (PDu30) despite the worsening media-generated world opinion that he has become a gross human rights violator of sorts.

LP supporting PDu30?
In a presscon statement, she clearly said that she was grateful to PDu30 for having been given a meaningful role in his cabinet, that she regularly reports to him, and that the Liberal Party, knowing his success would be the nation’s success, would never use the hearings to undermine the administration just to get back to power. She correctly stressed, incidentally, that PDu30’s impeachment would not succeed (infra).

Leni’s statement — given in the course of, can you believe, the president’s soaring popularity, as gauged from social media — could of course be a ploy precisely to facilitate what Alan theorizes as the LP’s Plan B to take over. In any event, this so-called Plan B is but a part of an unfolding drama that is appreciated not so much for its love-of-country contents as for, sadly, its entertainment value.

Colorful imagination
Let’s admit it: generally, the more gory or grisly a story is, the more teleserye-entertaining it is, hence, the more it’s talked about and the greater the tendency to accept it as factual. However, in the instant DDS case, the words “gory” and “grisly” appear to be mere colors in the figment of the imagination of lone witness Edgar Matobato, who has admitted under oath before the CJHR that, from 2008 to 2013, he participated in countless summary executions of criminals, allegedly on orders of then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

It’s unfortunate for Matobato that his credibility has come under serious question because AFP records fail to confirm his claim that he was once a CAGFU member, his claim of a certain mass grave is denied by residents around its alleged site, and his testimony contains conflicting details, apart from being uncorroborated. In addition, his claim that other witnesses are too afraid to talk does not in any way enhance his worth as a witness.

More unfortunate still is that his self-confessed commission of over 50 murders in Davao City will jail him for life. Hmmm…could he have millions of reasons for lying… or telling the truth? Sen. Sonny Trillianess was around to volunteer the protection sought by Matobato. But he’d better make sure Matobato’s a hundred percent safe, cuz if anything happens to him, the Yellows will forever be suspected of having done a dastardly act with an accusing finger diabolically pointed at PDu30.

Allies becoming hostile
Mounting world opinion against PDu30 does not seem to faze him, given his characteristic bullheadedness and Matobato’s image as a perjured witness. Countless legalists say that the witness’ paralytic testimony cannot be a serious basis for impeaching the president, let alone the reality that Digong is safe in the lower house which he controls.

Maybe so, but is anybody sure he’s insulated from hostile forces, foreign or domestic?! Only last week, the European Union Parliament released a strongly worded Resolution virtually condemning PDu30’s bloody anti-narcotics forays, not to mention his footsies games with China that have given migraine headaches to the UN, America and other allies! On the domestic front, the president’s hold on power may be just as tenuous, his best of intentions and hefty popular support notwithstanding.

Of imageries and slingshots
With a mere slingshot, a small boy once downed a powerful behemoth. Whether Matobato’s story is true or not, believe it or not, so also can the extremely popular president be felled by the slingshot of a horrid imagery: that of Davao’s criminal suspects being thrown to famished crocodiles, of their bodies being mutilated, disemboweled, or chopped up or minced so as to produce feed for beasts and fishes, of rivers and streams running red, and of an array of other despicable methods of human torture.

That’s all it takes — an unspeakable imagery and someone crazy enough to defy Digong’s massive base of believers. Anything is possible, and I certainly hope that I’m wrong.

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