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Can water rise above its source?

RRoy’siPadCan water rise above its source?
Ronald Roy — Aug. 27, 2016

Yes, Xander (Mencias), the air is so filled with political pollution you can’t breathe and always feel like puking. But you may be wrong in pointing out that the ongoing word war between Pres. Digong Duterte (Du30) and Sen. Leila de Lima (De5) is one “toxic pollutant that can only obstruct the search for Truth”. Perhaps what we need is precisely this pollutant to clear the air; pretty much like a bloody revolution is sometimes said to be needed to restore sovereign majesty in the hands of the people.

Additionally, I believe that the search for Truth will not be imperiled even if both protagonists and their followers do not shun their biases and give way to an orderly ventilation of illegal-drugs issues. No, it isn’t a waste of people’s money and time for the De5-chaired senate committee on justice and human rights to probe Du30’s violent war against illegal narcotics.

Partisan acrimony
Otherwise, all of us, especially media and those whose idle minds feed on puerile entertainment, may be shackled in the dark and dingy dungeons of ignorance, that nemesis of Truth. Let the hearings in both the Du30-controlled houses of congress proceed unhampered in the clangor of partisan acrimony. Truth always outs anyway.

Again, the senate, whose members are by nature often embroiled in partisan disputes, can strangely be the proper place not only for enlightenment, but also for the resolution of political fortunes that are at stake between the previous and present administrations.

Yup, VP Leni Robredo has a “foot inside” waiting to take over for the Yellows soon as Du30 implodes, with De5, their chosen attack dog, helping to make that possible as chairperson of the senate’s justice and human rights committee.

De5 may be expelled
If the rules are to be followed, yes, Charlie (Ng), the senate’s ethics committee may assert its right to probe De5 for alleged involvement in illegal-narcotics activities, and to recommend to the entire senate any such penalty as “expulsion from the senate”, for imposition upon her should the evidence so warrant. But, will such a probe…a duty, if you will…take place? You’d better believe it.

In any event, De5, the former justice secretary for whom I voted for senator, and who once figured as a potential nominee for chief justice, is now fighting the biggest battle of her professional life, no thanks to her word war with Du30, the strongman who enjoys immense popular support in his anti-drugs “cleansing job”, and who swears he is “willing to die for his country” pursuing it.

I of course agree with De5’s defenders that her alleged illicit affair with a married man is a non-issue. Unfortunately, however, a probe will consider it as a factor, circumstance or incident, if it can shed light on her alleged involvement in unlawful narcotics activities.

Foreign interference
Characteristically unfazed by criticisms from the United Nations and human rights groups here and abroad, Du30 reacts in the most profane manner with assertions of his duty to protect the sovereign people from the horrors of drugs, and of his duty to help them solve their problems without foreign interference.

I agree, although with the reservation that we should not globally isolate ourselves. No, we don’t need outside forces to dictate our lives. No one but the sovereign Filipinos themselves can discipline or even oust their president. By whatever means.

There is theoretical validity, incidentally, to Chief Justice Sereno’s recent dictum that the observance of the Rule of Law, embedded as it is in our justice system, is the supreme imperative to stem “society’s slide to anarchy”, in respect of the controversial way Du30 has been waging his war.

Sovereign supremacy
I say “theoretical validity” because there is an authority higher than the doctrine called the Rule of Law, namely, its author, the sovereign Filipino people. The sovereign people are the creator of the entire government, the laws, institutions and all such other systems and structures as they need for their welfare.

As the author of the Rule of Law, they may cast it aside anytime and in any manner they see fit. They are the supreme creator of things that naturally cannot rise above them, just as water cannot rise above its source.

The Marcos burial issue? By the same token, its resolution must take into serious account the people’s overwhelming sentiment that FM’s remains be interred at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LNMB). Woe to those who question the sovereign people!

No documents, no Marcos LNMB burial? Records can be so unreliable, but the sovereign heart beats with unquestionable majesty.


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