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Ronald Roy — Aug 2, 2016

I had written some articles in the past regarding the end of times being just around the corner, as prophesied in the biblical Book of Revelations by St. John the Beloved, as well as parallel predictions by the sleeping prophet, Dr. Edgar Cayce, the psychic said to be greater than Nostradamus in accuracy, viz, 99.99%, the .01% variance being attributed to human errors of interpretation.

Somewhat psychic myself, I can never reckon that Armageddon is frivolous fiction designed to prevent panic, as numerous predicted “signs” have been occurring, such as Netanyahoo’s return to power, the invention of television, the assassination of Mahatma Ghandi and climate change aberrations. It still boggles the mind that these events had been foreseen decades before they happened.

Peace and goodwill
At the risk of being consistently called a killjoy, here I go again saying that mankind’s extinction will come to pass within perhaps the coming dozen years, notwithstanding the “peace and goodwill” efforts of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte to reach out for an amicable settlement of differences between China and the Philippines.

Parenthetically, Kerry recently came over to lend his country’s support for bilateral talks between Beijing and Manila, in connection with the favorable ruling we got from the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague. He strongly advised that the talks be made to adhere to international law in seeking ways of pacifying China’s unreasonable leaders.

Would that peace and goodwill pervaded the coming dialogue between the two countries. Such an occasion would be a triumph of the human spirit, with or without a final holocaust. We therefore thank Fate for being stubbornly immutable, since she gives us a chance to be what we are ordained to be, and to trudge on in more fulfilling ways for others who need help. This is the only way to move on from an imminent mass destruction.

Moving on
And move on we shall, by tackling mundane matters like charter change. Constitutional convention (con-con) or constitutional assembly (con-ass), as a mode for revising the Philippine Constitution, is now the raging issue anent an apparent need to adopt another system of government — that is, if our eco-socio-political condition needs to be knocked up from its state of lethargy.

Yes, there is a seeming wave of nationalist fervor sending our officials into a frenzied debate between the two choices. Pro con-ass legislators, their vehement denials notwithstanding, are generally seen as preferring new charter provisions favorable to their personal ambitions and vested interests, with the people’s welfare sadly taking a back seat in their minds.

In fact, apart from con-ass lawmakers, officials from the executive department fear that the con-con mode will dissipate their power, since some amount of the same will be devolved from them to the federal states still to be created.

This is as things should be in a federal system, the setback however being that the federal heads—like the governors, mayors, jueteng lords and warlords—are generally viewed as morally unfit to handle such newly acquired resources as facile accesses to capital and tools of production.

Federalism not the antidote
Please note that the so-called economic gains of the previous administration are illusory because they did not trickle down to the impoverished sector of society; and so, on the President’s endorsement, federalism is now widely seen as the antidote. Mr. President, with all due respect, wrong! While federalism works for some countries, it will not necessarily work for others like us, not yet anyway.

I quote a lady-friend who is a retired economics professor and a former president of a universal bank, as follows: “Very few of our public officials practice good governance, and they will be the ones who will head these federal units. You can only imagine the massive corruption of the political dynasties with the immense powers that will be devolved to them….We have to start by instilling love of country, integrity and discipline in government personnel, the students and, in general, the population. We have a long way to go.”

What to do
A very long way to go, indeed! The good lady most likely had in mind the 20-year period estimated by sociologists as sufficient for a people’s moral regeneration. I will not be a wet blanket this time; I believe that we don’t have to wait that long.

Of course, we can prove these scientists wrong. All we need to do is think less of ourselves and more of others, particularly the infirm, the oppressed and the underprivileged. Oh my God, is it so difficult to be charitable?!

Charter change…again? At every turn of an administration, we prattle charter change! Are we the only planet’s people with no minds of their own?


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