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Winners and Losers

RRoy’siPadWinners and losers
Ronald — July 9, 2016

There will always be winners and losers in everyday life, in war, sports, sibling rivalry, the pursuit of a woman’s heart or, generally, in drives to achieve personal excellence, such as by beating one’s own record. To the loser goes the challenge to try better next time, and a champaign toast for him who accepts defeat with grace.

Hereunder are a few random cases of winners and losers in the political field, including their supporters and sympathizers, whose post-election behaviors may well suggest, six years from now, if the elections just concluded were worth our while.

Healing period
It has been traditional to call for a so-called healing period after an election or, if you will, a “ceasefire” among all contending political parties and their leaders. In the true democratic spirit, all concerned should “lay down their arms” and work together for the public good. However, it has not always worked that way.

It is therefore with great relief to learn that, after earlier indications he would not give her a job, Pres. Du30 finally offered VP Leni Robredo, a member of the minority Liberal Party, the Housing portfolio in the cabinet. We all cheered him for his statesmanly act, as lustily as we did when Leni accepted his offer.

Both have thus forged a symbol of unity by casting aside whatever partisan animosities they previously had. Parenthetically, Leni had earlier said she would not take a post from Rody, but then, well, time must have a way of healing. Let’s hope it stays that way between them and, in general, between all winners and losers.

Worrisome “killing ways”
Rody’s “killing ways” are worrisome. He is still “testing the waters”, one might say, and only after doing so will we know whether he intends to exacerbate legal problems. We must look beyond his words to ascertain if they were meant figuratively and not literally, or vice versa. With forbearance, let’s allow for his lack of articulateness.

Even before the President assumed office, he announced a shocking promise to give a monetary reward for the killing of each drug pusher and drug lord. Did he forget that 1) killing is prohibited, 2) there is no budget for it, and 3) assuming the rewards were privately sourced, he would have to pay personal income taxes on them? He should’ve known better being a lawyer.

Since time immemorial, several narcotic pushers, users and couriers have been summarily executed by PNP operatives under dubious circumstances. It horrifies each time any of them is killed, the reason given being that he supposedly grabbed the gun of the arresting cop. Or, in another scenario, already under arrest control, he is killed inside a van or, can you believe, inside a police precinct?!

Administrative liability
Re these dubious killings, it’s the biggest wonder of the ages why, all these years, not a single cop has been held accountable for at least the administrative offense of Gross Negligence, for which the penalty is dismissal from the service, permanent disqualification from working in government again, and forfeiture of all retirement benefits.

Are you, a policeman trained in the science of arrest, telling me that the arrestee was able to grab your sidearm??? Tell that to the marines, man!! I’d call it murder or, at lease, a case of gross negligence.

In the aforesaid cases, only an idiot will believe the policemen acted in self-defense. But then, the temptation to murder must be overwhelming, as there awaits a handsome reward for each kill!! And there could also be a need to silence the arrestee who might squeal on the apprehending cops’ involvement in the drugs trade!!

It horrifies even more when PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa says his performance becomes “more excellent as more of these users and pushers are killed”! To Rody, Bato, and other winners: “Yours are the awesome powers of governance, courtesy of the sovereign people. Use them under the strictures of the Rule of Law, because that is their mandate to you.”

The losers
He didn’t run, but I would classify former Pres. B.S, Aquino lll as among the losers in the recent elections. He will do well to help the DU30 Administration to succeed, instead of endlessly sniping at the Marcoses and trumpeting how great his presidency was. Gosh…he can’t even wait for others to praise him!

Mar Roxas is a sour loser for saying that the sacked Gen.Tinio is being persecuted “presumably because Tinio supported his presidential bid”, for behaving in a way showing he can’t wait for Rody to be removed from office one way or the other, and for urging fellow Yellows to be patient and alert. Ho hum….

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