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Sweeping off the mess

RRoy’siPadSweeping off the mess
Ronald Roy — July 07, 2016

The first things that newly elected and appointed officials (and new hires) do upon assumption of their public offices are: 1) getting acquainted with the job, 2) planning to improve the service, and 3) sweeping off the mess, if any, left behind by the previous occupant. They all got their positions on the strength of their perceived ability to accomplish these three tasks.

There really is nothing novel about newly installed officials launching agendas of reform or, in the language of Pres. DU30, change, the only exception perhaps being Mar Roxas’ campaign pitch of ipagpatuloy at ipaglaban ang daang matuwid (to continue and fight for my party’s performance based on the righteous path) which, BTW, some pundits say was one hypocritical reason why he lost.

Making waves
Sweeping off the mess — in respect of Rody’s campaign promise to crush the menace of crime and illegal drugs within 3 to 6 months — started to make waves long before he took his presidential oath of office. With respect to corruption, it will of course take a longer time before the first civilian “big fish” will be caught and dealt with, the purging of the military having started two weeks ago.

Until then, this writer has been receiving a lot of information from rumor mongers and credible sources, about corrupt practices that were not checked under the previous administration. It is thus in the spirit of the stuff of my calling as an activist writer to call attention to reported shenanigans; and this I have assiduously done the past fourteen years at the risk of being sued for libel.

Will Fate be harsh?
Most of these so-called public servants begin with a determination to sweep off the mess, only to finish their terms with dirty hands. This is the pathetic cycle of corruption in our benighted country, so it is extremely refreshing to have a Chief Executive who demonstrated such spunk and fortitude even before his work started!

Question is, will Fate be harsh to Rody, given that his enemies will surely rise in number as corruption cases will increase from hereon?

The President fired his first salvo against corruption in the military when he charged five Philippine National Police generals (three active, and two retired, one of whom is a mayor) with allegedly protecting prohibited drugs syndicates.By doing so, Rody’s resonating inaugural caveat comes to mind: “Do not destroy my people with drugs, or I will kill you!”

Verily, DU30’s passionate love for his people makes us recall the inspiring words of Congreve: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned” as well as Shakespeare’s quote in Hamlet: “Give me the man that is not passion’s slave”.

We are moved whenever the President talks this way; we experience a curious blend of love of country and un-Christian hatred for enemies. We are thus often left at the crossroads feeling challenged to decide whether to follow the radical leader or not, id est, to march with him to glory, or to defy his unseemly utterances. But one thing is certain: we all wish Fate would be fair to him…and to us.

Protecting the life of society
In any event, we can always console ourselves with the thought that if we go to war, we do so in order to win peace, and if in the process we kill the enemies, we do so in defense of the motherland.

Thus, it would seem that the virtue of “defensive killing” is the strongest argument for capital punishment’s restoration, although for Rody, the argument is the outmoded retributive aspect of punishment, as enjoined in the Old Testament. Be that as it may, it would be futile to quibble between the two arguments because either way the life of society is sought to be protected.

Despite the foul mouth and boorish ways of Pres. Rody DU30, he can easily win friends and followers with unexpected bursts of humor, flashes of gentility and utter humility, such as when he met with VP Leni Robredo and when he bowed to the crowds before tossing the ceremonial ball to kick off the basketball game between France and the Philippines. These are endearing qualities that can help him quench his thirst for change.

Pork barrel
I recently disagreed with three Law students who said that the President was “making a big mistake in continuing the pork barrel that had been condemned by the Supreme Court”. I clarified that the pork barrel system was a lawful way of funding public projects identified by lawmakers, and that was practiced in foreign countries.

What the high court declared unconstitutional were the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Development Acceleration Program, since through their operations public funds were/could be syphoned off to private pockets…as in fact they were under the PDAF.

In any event, if the President is sincere, I believe he will proceed to purge politicians seen as having enriched themselves from their respective pork barrels.

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