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Playing with fire (Part 2)

RRoy’siPadPlaying with fire
(Part 2)
Ronald Roy — April 23, 2016

The big story these days focuses on what sort of administration we would have if Mar Roxas had won the presidential race — he, who seems incompetent and irresponsible for having failed to comply with the simple requirement of submitting to the Commission on Elections (Comelec) his SOCE (statement of contributions and expenditures) last June 8, or 30 days after the elections of May 9, as prescribed under R.A. 7166.

On the Liberal Party’s request and his own, the deadline was extended by the 7-member Comelec on a vote of 4-3, vetoing the Campaign Finance Office’s (CFO) recommendation of non-extension. By the time this article is published, Commissioner Christian Robert Lim, Head of CFO, may have already resigned, disgusted over the Comelec’s rank defiance of 1) the law’s explicit prohibition, as well as 2) Comelec’s own previous resolution on the issue.

Equal protection clause
Lim said that the “hard deadline” was stressed in the 2nd paragraph of Section 2, Rule 10 of the Omnibus Rules on Campaign Finance. Additionally, to this writer’s mind, granting the request for extension constituted a violation of the constitution’s “equal protection clause”, and that the reasons given for the embarrassing failure to beat the deadline were flimsy and would only amount to a bad precedent. The millions of other possible reasons are left to the readers’ imagination.

The thing is, looking beyond the scandalous imbroglio, there is a strong probability that the SOCEs were late in coming because 1) the bulk of contributions came from government funds, and 2) some businessmen didn’t want their names documented as contributors lest they would fall out of the incoming prexy’s good graces.

A gasping last hurrah
In any event, P-Noy the outgoing president is not at all perturbed because he has been busily doing the rounds with his usual preoccupation: lambasting the Marcoses, living and dead, and glorifying his late parents and himself, in a gasping last hurrah of forty years of “they’re-bad-and-we’re-great” indoctrination.

It’s sad Aquino hasn’t taken to heart the dicta that: “in the end, the mighty shall fall” and “he who is first shall be last”, as well as Rody Duterte’s great puzzlement why he is soaked with so much hatred, arrogance and self-centeredness. His ailment does look like a case of Narcissism of the Asperger’s Syndrome variety — the sort that led Emperor Nero to set half of Rome on fire.

Forest fire
After Rodrigo Duterte assumes the presidency this coming June 30, he will look around only to see a fast-spreading “forest fire” of traffic congestions that equate with daily P 3 B losses in business opportunities, fuels, etcetera, recurring constitutional skirmishes with legislators, potential armed self-defense pressures from rightists, insidious ISIS encroachments and head-chopping Abu Sayyaf banditry, not to mention other conundrums that besiege a struggling economy.

To be feared, of course, is the catastrophic loss of our nation’s sovereign character if Rody proceeds to negotiate maritime disputes with China on a bilateral basis — alas, a high crime for which he would be lucky to be removed from office merely through the instrumentality of impeachment, rather than by some other violent means…God forbid!

Such bilateral talks would be uncalled for, in light of the synergistic agreement within the Asean to settle maritime disputes with Beijing as a bloc, not as individual nations. In any case, speaking through incoming Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay, Duterte said he would wait for two years before “going bilateral”, since a favorable resolution of the U.N. Permanent Court of Arbitration could not be forcibly implemented anyway in the face of China’s adamance.

However, former DFA Sec. Albert del Rosario reassures that there are persuasive non-violent ways the United Nations can resort to in enforcing a favorable ruling by the arbitration court, should such be the case, such as sequestering China’s resources in Canada and other parts of the world. The promotion of global peace is the United Nation’s raison d’ être (reason for being), and it is in this spirit that all member-nations are duty-bound not to take up arms against one another.

EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement) was forged between the PH and America precisely to ensure America’s military presence in Mindanao in order to “keep an eye” on the saber-rattling imperialists from Beijing. Verily, any ill-advised move by Rody could ignite an Asean conflagration which would, most likely, spread over the rest of the planet.

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