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Playing with fire

RRoy’siPadPlaying with fire
(Part 1)
Ronald Roy — May 16, 2016

Never leave lighted candles, matchboxes and other inflammable materials within the reach of children —so goes a family stricture — but we don’t seem to learn, as the past three months have seen four neighborhoods gutted down because of playful tots. Will our country go up in smoke because incoming President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte, who is not a playful tot, loves to play with fire?

Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP) Pres. Jose Maria “Joma” Sison recently said that Rody Duterte’s socialist leanings would facilitate a beneficial working relationship between the CCP and the latter’s incoming administration. The statement sent chills up the spines of not a few Christians, Jews and Muslims, legislators and magistrates, capitalists and, in general, the Haves of society. Is a nationwide conflagration in the offing?

At this point, while it’s all speculation on how drastically communism will alter our social and political status quo, trepidation grips the nation as Duterte has warned that he would not brook interferences in his reform agenda…not even from legislators in respect of their constitutional powers of investigation, oversight and other prerogatives.

Come to think of it, the role of the Congress is indispensable in practically everything Rody needs to do to realize his programs, and it dumbfounds that the lawyer in him has not seen that shutting the Congress out of his plans is shutting out those who elected him, nay, the sovereign people to whom he claims to owe obedience.

In any event, I prefer to consider it was Rody’s bravado that made him issue the warning, rather than an actual threat to ignite a constitutional crisis. But if I’m wrong, what then? Perhaps, as some of us remain spellbound by the gung-ho operations of Police units against drug pushers and users, and juvenile delinquents and vagrants. in a growing number of towns and cities, we have closed our eyes to a “clear and present danger” in the person of a sociopathic leader.

Love, not violence
The Savior from Nazareth, it has been written, was the greatest socialist of all time. Charity for the clad-less, homeless and infirm was his greatest concern, inflamed not by the violence of Joma’s commies, but by the love and compassion of the Holy Spirit — and therein supposedly lies the fundamental difference between socialism and communism, directed as they both are at the amelioration of the poor. It is a distinction which makes the religious fear that their freedom of worship may be curtailed. Rody and Joma should clarify their position.

The optimist in me views Rody as sincere whenever he claims to love the Philippines, the land of his birth, and the home of his people. By his own words and acts, unfortunately, he appears to be a misguided socialist. While combustible materials are within his reach, I’d hate to second-guess what counter-incendiary means may be used by impatient elements to avert the burning of Rome.

Confiscatory State?
Another fear that communism poses is whether, or to what extent, private property will be confiscated by the State for its administration — an eventuality to which the rightists, capitalists and Haves of society will certainly not take too kindly, especially in respect of their honestly acquired and hard-earned assets. Again, Rody and Joma should clarify this divisive issue.

The good mayor is uniquely arcane. Like him, we also love the Philippines, the land of our births and the home of all Filipinos. But then, it turns out he is so radically different from us that we now pause to ponder a few matters, namely, 1) whether his election as president was one darned fluke, 2) whether he’s aware that his social and political predilections are generally inimical to democratic principles and, if he’s not, 3) whether he is so “psychologically different” from us that he doesn’t see the danger of playing with fire.

Psychologiy report
Mr. Mayor, kindly permit me to address you in my own behalf. I have in my possession an email regarding a “psychology report” on your psychological fitness to hold down your marriage with your former wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman. The report was prepared by Dr. Natividad Dayan, former president of the International Council of Psychologists, and entered as evidence in the annulment proceedings initiated by Ms. Zimmermann.

In the spirit of transparency, please comment on the report’s conclusion that “Duterte was suffering from Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a condition characterized by gross indifference, insensitivity and self-centeredness, grandiose sense of self-entitlement and manipulative behaviors, and a pervasive tendency to demean, humiliate others and violate their rights and feelings.”

Mr.President, whatever your reaction may be, do rest assured of my continuous prayers for your success.

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