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RRoy’siPadPersonal safety
Ronald Roy — May 19, 2016

Common sense enables one to anticipate certain events, i.e., those that are easily foreseen without the technical lenses of statisticians, sociologists and other experts of science. When dark rain clouds begin to gather before sunset, a damp evening is expected. When danger lurks ’round the corner, a swerve is made to avoid it. Did the electorate know what to expect when they voted for Rodrigo Duterte? Or, did their emotions get in the way?

If presumptive President Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte and Communist Party of the Philippines President Jose Maria “Joma” Sison agree, as reportedly they did, to arrest, try, and imprison President Aquino, as a condition for Joma and his fellow Commies to form a coalition with Rody’s newly installed administration, then Rody had better start looking behind his back 24/7.

Strange bedfellows
By promising four departments to Joma the Commie, Rody the President cannot now be sure about the professional loyalty of the armed forces, or of anybody for that matter, if he must learn from history that not even a leader’s best efforts will guarantee his personal safety.

The stories of Julius Cesar, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, John F. Kennedy, Jose P. Rizal — the list is long — are reminders that a leader’s life is always in jeopardy, not even if he is an excellent servant, because: many, including his own allies, are envious, messianic, corrupt, ambitious, or just plain unhappy or nuts.

This doesn’t mean, however, that Rody’s campaign behavior and language didn’t mark him as a dangerous man. They did; ergo, he could yet be a victim of his own making and, of course, of the electorate’s overwhelming vote.He was an emotional favorite of his voters who were so sick and tired of crime, corruption and drugs, that opposing the democratic status quo, wobbly as it is, became their only alternative for change. It remains to be seen, however, if they will regret their vote.

Good and bad traits
There are many who first disliked Rody for his vulgar and authoritarian side, but are now beginning to appreciate his good traits. He was a loving son; he is a loyal friend, a helping hand, and one who abhors crime and drugs. BTW, those unsavory charges of corruption against him have been sidelined owing to his landslide win. Anyway, how he’ll perform remains a big question, since he appears to have overused theatrical bravado and bitten off more than he could chew.

Now, many days after the elections, his hectic schedule with cabinet-post seekers now makes us ask how long he, at 71, can last. He seems dazed at times, perhaps fazed by the daunting tasks that lie ahead. He can ease his discomforts though by creating a cabinet made up of the “best of hearts and minds” — technocrats all who are selfless and devoid of vested interests.

But: Rody’s choice of Mark, a son of Real Estate Development King Manny Villar, as public works and highways secretary, is a scandalous blunder!! We know the NPs went all out to support Rody, but it sucks that he intends to reward the Villars with tempting business expansion goodies!! Is Rody tempting fate???

Anyway, his other headache is how he can fulfill his promise to employ his kamay na bakal (iron hand) without running afoul of the Rule of Law in particular, and the Constitution in general. His iron-hand syndrome is a big boast that is repugnant to our tripartite system of checks and balances, an imperative safeguard that mandates the legislative and judicial branches not to brook presidential excesses.

Superstardom disorienting
Rody prefers to hold office in Davao City — a choice that probably suggests a sense of forgivable insecurity resulting from his mind-blowing rise to global importance and fame from the “lowly” milieu of the mayoralty. He now sits atop with the baton, planning how to orchestrate his hand-picked team amid badgering power brokers and opportunists, not to mention operators and saboteurs.

Saboteurs?? And why not, when amidst fears that the vice presidential election results might have been electronically manipulated, we now recall the Yellows’ visceral campaign vow not to allow Bong Bong Marcos (BBM) to win, for this would presage the return of his father’s autocracy??

Indeed, “NEVER AGAIN” was their campaign battle cry against BBM! Was it incessantly chanted with the fervent intention to ensure Leni Robredo’s win as a way of perpetuating yellow power?? Hmmm…first the vice presidency, then the presidency! Holy macaroni, I could be wrong after all!! Could Rody’s main concern be not governance but personal safety??

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