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Church power unspent

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Ronald Roy — May 5, 2016

Today is May 5, and it appears that the election of Rodrigo Duterte as incoming President of the Republic is a done thing. It is with a sense of foreboding that I see trouble of holocaustic proportions hitting us in the coming years, as the undecided voters, and even countless of the decided ones, continue to swell up his bandwagon.

I rue that the Church lapsed in its ordained duty to maximize efforts to induce the best possible election results for all Filipinos. At the time of the late dynamic Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Church was militant; today, it is sluggish. In the current electoral exercise, it has shown none of the steam needed in an electoral emergency to defend the Faith.

Church’s role
Who says the Church should not interfere in the political affairs of the country? On moral issues, it should. God ordered Joan of Arc to lead the French Army in restoring the Dauphin in the throne. Thirty years ago, Jaime Cardinal Sin rabble roused the Filipino people against a dictator, and he succeeded.

Later, however, our bishops merely looked the other way as then Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo did a lot of wrongful things, apparently grateful for her cash and Pajero grants, and she proceeded to complete her term. Today, our Church is a bit listless, and I do not think that God is happy with that. The Truth Covenant intended for the national candidates by His Eminence, Luis Cardinal Tagle, is meritorious but, begging his pardon, it is not enough to stop a bad man from becoming president. Anyway, it’s too late for that.

Pastoral Letter
What the Church needed to do was to release a Pastoral Letter: denouncing Rodrigo Duterte for being a self-confessed serial murderer, and for being a self-confessed despot who warns that he will close down Congress if he is impeached. The Church should also have called attention to a serious integrity issue raised by documented charges of over P 2 B worth of alleged ownership of hidden wealth and 41 pieces of real estate.

Additionally, what the Pastoral Letter also needed to assert was that: Duterte — for having threatened a cessation of diplomatic ties with America and Australia, our two anti-China defense allies — will not only be a danger to our national security, but also, in effect, a menace to world peace.

Finally, it should have carried a caveat against Dutete’s reported plan to coalesce with Jose Ma. Sison and his fellow Maoist renegades to govern the country. Verily, let us remember that a commie will never change, just like a tiger can never rid itself of its stripes. Once a commie, always a commie. Do we want to lose our hard-earned assets?

If our clergymen have not done what they ought to have done in stopping evil, then they may be held accountable by God for having reneged on their pastoral obligations. The Lord be with them and save us all!

CJ Renato C. Corona (+)
The nation mourns the recent passing of former Chief Justice Renato C. Corona and, as it does, I cannot help but recall four things: one, on two occasions, he was humiliated by Pres. B.S. Aquino in public; two, he was a victim of a trial by publicity; three, he was removed from office under circumstances suggesting that the Palace had bought the decision at P 50 M per vote; and four, he was convicted of violation of the SALN law, an unimpeachable offense.

I would like to take this opportunity to controvert the Yellows’ declaration that the late chief magistrate was not tried by publicity because, as they argue, “an impeachment trial is a political enterprise, not a judicial one”. I beg to clarify. True, an impeachment trial is a political activity, but that is in the juridical sense that the people are already represented therein by the impeaching members of the lower house and by the senators who conduct the trial.

It’s worth stressing that “ours is a representative form of government”, which means that all official acts by our legislators are deemed acts by and for their respective constituencies. It is never the case that people outside the halls of the impeachment court can interfere, by whatever means, in the court’s trial work because they are already therein represented by their duly elected officials.

Re subject impeachment trial, the general masses should have allowed the legislators to do their work throughout the impeachment process without pressures coming from the outside. Definitely, it was unfortunate that the Enrile Impeachment Trial Court did not declare a mistrial. A trial by publicity is inherently repugnant to a government of, for and by the people.

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