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Ronald Roy — April 7, 2016

President Aquino, a noted gun enthusiast, a computer war games aficionado and the Commander- in-Chief, no less, will forever be remembered for his blunders in the Luneta carnage, Nur Misuari’s siege of Zamboanga City, and the Mamasapano SAF 44 massacre.

And yet, there he is: waxing learned on the grim prospects of war that he thinks will break out with China if we forcibly resist the latter’s overbearing conduct against Filipinos fishing in the West Philippine Sea. He warns, “War is a futile exercise” in reference to a holocaustic 3rd World War resulting from what he sees as mindlessness.

Dying with honor
Here we are, ready to defend with our lives Filipino fishers’ legal and human right to fish in their own waters against Chinese intruders — in the vein of ang mamatay nang dahil sa’yo, a phrase P-Noy sings daily with his right hand pressed on his chest — and yet, there he is saying it’s unwise to fight back lest we trigger a global war that nobody wins. Huh???

P-Noy correctly quotes the Constitution which “renounces war as an instrument of national policy”, but incorrectly interprets this as a prohibition to waging defensive wars. And to think that we’ve known all along that “a defensive war is waged precisely to win the peace”.

Consider this hypothetical event. You are armed, but P-Noy suggests that for the sake of peace, you meekly allow a band of Chinese brigands into your house where your wife and daughters are asleep in the dead of night. Will you yield to dishonor, knowing that you’ll surely not survive a shootout if you resist?

Only recently the Argentinian Coast Guard sank a trespassing Chinese vessel and arrested the survivors, and Beijing didn’t even growl or bark. Are we seeing here a presidential fear of the yellow variety, or hearing a treasonous suggestion that we co-exist with the Chinese bullies on their terms?

Panic-laced booboos
It seems that: to our Asperger’s Syndrome-stricken President, his Oath of Office “to do justice to each man” means nothing, as do the valorous feats of our countless countrymen against foreign aggressors down the decades. Ironically, he also may have forgotten his father’s tagline: “The Filipino is worth dying for”.

Could it then be that the coming end of P-Noy’s power, coupled with Mar Roxas’ poor performance at the hustings, has so urgently placed him back on legacy mode that panic will make him commit more booboos? One’s self-made legacy is egotistical, and P-Noy is one person who believes his surname means “majesty”, which must then be exalted at all times.

Re-naming avenues and plazas, or naming new ones after Cory or Ninoy, is a way of immortalizing the pedigree and P-Noy himself — which begs the point that P-Noy was not sincere when he exclaimed “Kayo ang boss ko” because he seeks to be glorified for doing a duty, instead of being grateful to the citizenry who entrusted to him the duty to serve them. He must be reminded that historians, not a leader, are the best judges of his legacy, if any.

Self-glorification cum graft
To the yellow indoctrinators may be ascribed various ways of developing an “Aquino Cult”. For instance, the Rizal Memorial Coliseum was re-named Ninoy Aquino Memorial Coliseum, obviously in the Yellows’ obsessive belief (deception?) that Noynoy’s father was our greatest national hero, not Jose Protacio Rizal. Not far behind in dupery was the high-end re-building and re-naming of the Manila International Airport as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The jubilation over the beauty of the new airport, hailed as it was by the Yellows as globally competitive, was however short-lived as kickback rumors started to circulate. And true enough, the “state of the art” turned out to be a substandard white elephant that saw leaking and peeling-off ceilings, cracking walls, and a floor caving in just as a German tourist was walking over it.

Further marring NAIA’s deplorable image were of course those scandalous tanim-bala episodes.Then, only over a week ago, close to a hundred-fifty international and domestic flights were cancelled because a generator was out of order for over five hours at NAIA’s Terminal 3!

Other foibles
This commentary will not suffice without reference to how P-Noy feloniously tilted the tripartite system of checks and balances by controlling the legislative chambers through the unconstitutional operations of the Priority Development Assistance Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program — his most serious crime against the people.

We could go on finding fault, but suffice it to say that the President should not be too anxious about leaving behind a legacy for future Filipinos to remember him by. Why worry about a legacy that continues to speak for itself?

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