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Human rights violations

RRoy’siPadHuman rights victims
Ronald Roy — March 10, 2016

As a pro bono “without-fear-or-favor” kind of a columnist over the past dozen years, I have endeavored to make a difference in my retirement by advocating good government, in the process often stepping on the toes of inept and corrupt politicians. Along the way, yes, I have made some enemies, occasionally even with readers — a natural hazard of the occupation, I suppose.

I recently came under some verbal fire from a reader named Dan Dominguez. He chided me for what he thought was my endorsement of Ferdinand E. Marcos’ institution of Martial Law decades ago. Wrong. I have often written, and I again assert, that “the failure of Marcos’ overextended Martial Law is the best argument against its repetition”.

Good and bad
Martial Law was flawed notwithstanding its good intentions. My column last week was a prayer, no more no less, for a more balanced view of the Marcos years of corruption and torture, the sort of which militaries round the world practice to exact information. It was also a prayer that the 30 years of systematic indoctrination by the yellow camp would stop soon as Pres. Aquino leaves office this coming June.

Dan, you challenged me to disprove that “Marcos fled as a result of the Edsa uprising”, as then reported by the Inquirer, and that “Camp Aguinaldo was not attacked because, miraculously, Marcos’ martial forces abandoned him”, again as reported by the same paper. Dan, you rely too much on newspaper reports.

A person “flees” because he’s afraid to face the consequences of his wrongful act or acts. Fleeing implies guilt, Dan. The newspaper described Marcos as fleeing to show he was guilty. The trouble is that he did not flee. He was whisked by an American aircraft out of the country against his consent.

Marcos and his family were deep in prayer at the height of the Edsa revolt when he received a call from one of his ground commanders, Gen. Josephus Ramas. The general told Marcos he and his men awaited his order to bomb Camp Aguinaldo. When the President asked Ramas if he had calculated the mortality that would result from the planned howitzer barrage, the general said, “Around 3000 lives, Sir, mostly civilian.”

Immediately, Marcos ordered Ramas not to attack because he would not have the blood of innocent civilians on his hands. Note that it was this “cease and desist” order that hastened the defection of the martial forces — a fact that the Yellows still reject in order to show that Marcos was so evil that he was abandoned by his soldiers.

Ruthless and repressive?
Was Marcos ruthless? The only man he ever ordered executed was a Chinese drug lord named Lim Seng. These days, convicted drug lords, pushers and gunrunners are having a field day engaging in their usual illicit transactions from their air-conditioned detention cells, not to mention those tanim-bala episodes and, in general, the deteriorating peace and order situation flourishing under Aquino’s nose.

No, Dan, Marcos was not all that repressive. He allowed the “alternative media” to criticize him nonstop. He could have ordered his critics arrested for Inciting to Sedition or Sedition, but he did not. However, his patience was not unlimited. For what he saw as excessive offenses, scores were jailed and tortured.

Torture, as we all know, is evil. But then, none was tortured to death. When Commie chief Jose Maria Sison, for instance, was amnestied by Corazon Aquino, he was released from detention hale and hearty. Well, he is now in the Netherlands directing NPA’s operations by remote control.

Note too that Ninoy Aquino befriended Sison and other Reds in the former’s pursuit of the presidency — a pursuit that had him involved in that Commie plot to decimate his party mates at an LP miting de avance at Plaza Miranda, so that he would be the only available candidate left to challenge Marcos in the coming elections.

Another case in point was that of Eduardo Figueras. He was caught in the act of attempting to kill Marcos right in the Palace grounds. Throughout his detention, his rehabilitation included his reading of pamphlets about the “The New Society”, and over a year later he was released a very changed man. Ed, who was like a brother to me, would call Marcos a “just and great Filipino” till the day he died.

Human rights violations were committed by martial soldiers, NPA rebels and Muslim secessionists. Media records still carry accounts of captured soldiers being disemboweled and made to eat their own roasted penises. Tell me, Dan, don’t you think the Yellows should start rehabilitating their biased views by honoring these soldiers as human rights victims?

Crystal ball
With that convincing 9-6 Supreme Court vote okaying Grace Poe’s run for the presidency, she’ll be taking her oath as our new head of state this coming June 30 — the escalating onslaughts of her detractors notwithstanding.

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