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Ronald Roy — Feb. 18, 2016

You are correct, Glenn (Dumlao). The two Latin adages, Vox populi est vox Dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God) and Salus populi est suprema lex (the welfare of the people is the supreme law) are not the same.To differentiate the two political maxims, vox populi is not always God’s voice, while salus populi is always God’s fervent desire. Vox populi is a myth (an unfounded or false notion), while salus populi is a doctrine.

In the democratic system of governance of, for and by the people, all laws, human actions, mores, covenants and other norms of interaction are governed by the imperative to recognize the welfare of the people as government’s raison d’ être (reason for being). In fine, a government is established to serve the people’s welfare.

Democracy’s health
We can see, therefore, that democracy’s health is measured by how well the people’s welfare is nurtured. Indeed, democracy ails when public servants falter, and remains robust when they achieve their missions. On the other hand, vox populi, which refers to popular opinions, beliefs and lifestyles, isn’t always consistent with their welfare.

Take for instance the decadent time of Noah. When it became clear to God that the world’s peoples would not abandon their debauched ways, He inundated them. All perished with the exception of Noah, his family and some animal pairings chosen for the perpetuity of their species.

Vox populi’s myth likewise comes to the fore when the voice of the Jewish people to crucify Jesus was clearly not the voice of God, or as often experienced in our times, when a candidate’s win is fraudulently engineered in violation of God’s will. Easily then, we can derive the vox populi lesson that: in life, it will help to make the right choices by following God’s directions.

Edsa uno celebration
I feel the same way you do, Glenn. The 30th anniversary celebration of Edsa Uno was planned by the Aquino administration to perpetuate the myth that Ninoy Aquino was a martyr, his wife Cory Cojuangco Aquino was a saint and heroine who restored democracy, and that Ferdinand Edralin Marcos was an evil tyrant. Over the past three decades, the Yellows have methodically brainwashed the citizenry into believing their biased version of martial law.

I know whereof I speak because I knew Ninoy and Marcos fairly well, as did countless other people still around in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I am thus among the vanishing breed of witnesses who lived through the ambitious years of Andy Marcos and Ninoy Aquino. We oldies also have our own stories to tell.

Anyway, I am happy that P-Noy’s presidency will end this coming June, as it will open the doors for academicians and historians to an impartial assessment of the Marcos years. For decades, the Yellows had been writing a one-sided story of Marcos’ martial presidency until, nearing the end of their era, they decided they would be needing a total of 15 days to lay out a Pasig-Quezon City-Marikina traffic-control scheme, erect a grandiose experiential museum, and showboat an extravaganza of the salubong to be re-enacted by professional actors.

But then, all this mind-blowingly expensive and ostentatious hoopla of “the Aquinos being the greatest” was aborted when the vox et salus populi hollered, “Enough already!” As a result, the street re-routing plan was scrapped to the relief of hundreds of thousands of motorists in the metropolis, and a modest observance of the cited anniversary at Camp Aguinaldo would instead take place.

It’s unfortunate that the Aquino-led Yellows have not learned that extolling oneself borders on the haughty, and that the highest honor a people can confer upon Noynoy and his parents is an objective and well-studied recognition of their services. Who knows, Marcos may yet be vindicated as prognosticated by the famous American seeress, Jean Dixon (+), who said that Ferdinand E. Marcos would eventually be proven right.

Let us remember this bit of Russian history. During the 17th century, Tsar Nicholas ll and his family were executed by the revolutionary Bolsheviks for his having supposedly failed to stem the scourge of hunger that stalked the land. Can you believe it took the Russians almost three centuries to realize they had committed an unjust error? Today, Nicholas is restored in their hearts, honored and revered.

Fragmented nation?
Truth is neither relative nor piecemeal. Truth is a fact or a set of facts undiluted with myths, and until all the facts are in, the storied rivalry between fraternity brothers Andy and Ninoy will forever leave the nation divided. It’s time the Yellows stopped behaving like the Bolsheviks of old.

Will the unadulterated truth eventually unify us? I believe so.

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