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Only time will tell

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RRoy’siPadOnly time will tell
Ronald Roy — Feb. 25, 2016

Celebrities like Cong. Manny Paquiao can get away with anything like emceeing, singing, dancing, playing professional basketball and judging world beauty contestants. Now the boxing champ wants to be a senator, then perhaps president as he had once publicly bared. Fine; it’s a free country. But backtrack on a sincere statement just to win the votes? No, I don’t think that’s fine, and that’s partly why the iconic boxer has lost a lot of global esteem.

Let’s commence with some biblical premises. In Christian theology, it is always a man and a woman who are wedded, and the priest, minister or pastor who solemnizes the wedding acts as God’s representative. Therefore, it bears stressing that God’s participation is essentially central in all Christian weddings.

Under pain of punishment, both God and Man prohibit people from committing offenses of the flesh, like incest, adultery, rape, seduction, and lascivious acts. Animals, as we all know, are not covered by divine and human injunctions. Unlike humans, animals are never held answerable for any of the cited acts. Therefore, when a person commits, say, adultery, he or she is unquestionably “baser than a beast”— mas masahol pa sa hayop in the vernacular.

Another biblical axiom is that: while God loves gays and lesbians, He prohibits them from engaging in homosexual and lesbian activities. These activities are bad enough, but much worse than them…blasphemous, in fact…are same-sex marriages which God condemns. It therefore comes as no surprise that enlightened Christians deem sacrilegious the involvement of God as the officiator of such ceremonies.

It was in light of the foregoing basic Christian beliefs that Manny, a Christian, made a statement that unfortunately attracted global derision. Understandably, those who learned about Manny’s comment on same-sex marriages, without sufficient understanding of the cited Christian strictures, raised their hackles at him. Would that, therefore, he had used mild words instead, or not commented at all, considering the liberal views now sweeping the world on same-sex marriages.

It was in a recent interview that Manny was asked what he thought about same-sex marriages. His reply — mas masahol pa sila sa mga hayop (they’re baser than beasts) — drew knee-jerk flak principally from the gay and lesbian community, cancelled his endorsement contract with Nike, and now allegedly renders him vulnerable to DQ threats.

However, if I still remember my law, these threats won’t prosper because his controversial comment is not a ground for disqualification. In any event, I have no doubt that Manny will proceed to win a senatorial seat. Manny will not get my vote, although he has my highest respect as a philanthropist and pugilist. Only time will tell though if he can avoid being the worst senator of his time.

The dictator
Only time will tell too if Ferdinand E. Marcos (FM) “will prove himself right”, as predicted by the great American seeress, Jean Dixon, or will be judged an “evil tyrant” in the objective view of future academicians and historians. Recall that in economic stability we were next only to Japan, eating better and feeling safer in our streets, workplaces and homes.

Recall too that FM’s forces waged war against the Muslim secessionists and the Maoists led by Jose Ma. Sison who, on orders of revolutionary leader Cory Aquino, walked out of his place of detention straight into a circle of admiring priests and nuns who sang him songs of alleluia, obviously under the influence of Jaime Cardinal Sin who was then announcing he “had been directed by God to oust an evil despot”.

Recall, among other facts yet to be compiled for a coming book, that before the start of a Mass right after the Edsa uprising, the respected Bishop Ted Bacani ordered all the Marcos loyalists to occupy a separated section of the church, claiming they were too sinful to mingle with Corystas, whose trademark color yellow hued the entire church including sacramentals and hosts.

Only time will tell though if the Church will admit that Cardinal Sin, Bishop Bacani and other misguided clerics caused the exodus of countless Catholics from its fold. The point is: Filipinos are so religious that clergymen, fallible as they are, can easily influence them. It’s sad that to this day this ecclesiastical influence lingers.

Recall likewise that the ouster of FM was an American operation. Parenthetically, FM worked for the reduction of the US-Phil Bases Treaty Agreement to 25 years in a move that upset the US State Department. But the last straw was when Asean leaders started to regard him as their adviser and spokesman. FM was therefore deposed because America would have found a Marcos-led Asean harder to manipulate.

While P-Noy is still president, it would be useless to investigate allegations that international terrorist Marwan was killed by a clandestinely organized group, and not by the PNP-SAF as claimed by the Palace. If verified, these allegations will surely toss P-Noy into a legal cauldron of boiling water….but only time will tell.

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