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RRoy’siPadSalus populi
Ronald Roy — Jan. 3, 2016

Salus populi est suprema lex (The welfare of the people is the supreme law). In a democracy, all human actions, laws, mores, covenants and other norms of interaction, are governed by a need to recognize the welfare of the people as society’s reason for being. Individual sacrifices, indeed, are often offered for the betterment or survival of the body politic; and there is no better way, incidentally, to strengthen democracy than by making these personal sacrifices.

The honorable members of the Supreme Court, as all other judicial and quasi-judicial magistrates, should never be unaware that — in all cases where the law is to be interpreted and upheld, or where there is neither law nor jurisprudence to lynchpin their decisions with — justice must always be dispensed in a manner not contrary to the people’s welfare which is, after all, the supreme law.

It’s extremely difficult to understand how Sen. Grace Poe’s candidacy for President would be inimical to the people’s welfare, especially where she consistently ranks at least first in voter preference polls. Her disqualification would indeed be a criminal rebuke of the people’s inherent and exclusive power to choose their leaders.

After all, suffrage is their ballgame, being their preeminent prerogative to elect. No, suffrage isn’t even Grace Poe’s right to be elected; but her disqualification would be an irreverent collateral attack on the sovereign electorate.

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