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The lost sheep

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RRoy’siPadThe lost sheep
Ronald Roy — Dec. 25, 2015

If a man steals, he corrupts himself on two counts, namely, illicitly enriching himself and heaping an injustice on the victim. But if he, ‘though he may not himself be a thief, authorizes or abets another to steal, he corrupts himself on three counts, videlicet, authorizing or abetting another to steal, enabling such person to unlawfully gain, and causing the latter to wreak injustice on his victims. This is Benigno S. Aquino lll, our president who has corrupted himself on three counts.

But let me add this fourth and most unpardonable count: By corrupting legislators via the unconstitutional operations of the Priority Development Allocation Fund and the Disbursement Acceleration Program, Aquino gained control of both chambers of Congress, thereby critically tilting the balance of power in our tripartite system of government. This is the greatest harm any president can inflict on his people, and Aquino intends to continue this “treason” well through the next administration under the watch of his stooge, Liberal Party presidential candidate, Manuel Araneta Roxas (Mar).

LP nearing oblivion
Never mind his arrogance and vindictiveness, his impudence, insensitivity and other Asperger’s aberrations. President Noynoy Aquino is the very reason that the historic Liberal Party now gasps in the throes of oblivion. For, it has become clear that we’ll be seeing a worsening of the same eco-socio-political conundrums and none of their trumpeted reforms; in fact, the program of government of Mar is to continue and fight for the same old “straight path” slogan (itutuloy at ipaglalaban ang daang matuwid).

And this is why Roxas will generally remain a tail-ender in voter preference polls! Ultimately, he will have no one but himself to blame for having mindlessly struck a deal with P-Noy — an understanding that P-Noy would anoint him as the party’s standard bearer, in exchange for his commitment to use the daang matuwid mantra as the centerpiece of his campaign and, should he win, the next administration.

Achiless’ heel
Designed by Aquino to mould his own image as the greatest Filipino president of all time, the self-righteous slogan will prove to be Mar’s Archilles’ heel in his quest to occupy the lofty Office his grandfather, President Manuel Acuña Roxas, once held with honor. No, there is no way any country will elect a robot for its president. Sayang. Mar left behind positive records in the senatorial and local-government services. Could he yet pull off a hat trick in a clean election?

No, I don’t think so, not even if he completely dissociated himself from P-Noy with repeated mea culpas, along with a public avowal of his own errors and an exposé of P-Noy’s anomalies in particular, and the administration’s in general. Mar has become such a disliked clone of the president that the hat trick will not happen. If he wins, it will be just another humungous electoral scandal in recent history.

Nothing inspires more than the story of a herd of sheep rambling aimlessly over an arid wasteland without a shepherd until, from nowhere, a shepherd appeared to lead God’s creatures back to shelter for nourishment and rest. Like shepherd-less sheep, however, we have been meandering without an honest and loyal government for decades, and it can only be seriously doubted that 2016 will see a silver lining because we have shut the Creator out of our lives through our own indiscretions.

How democracy operates
In a government of, for and by the people, democracy will work only if they can learn to serve one another, sacrifice for the betterment of the whole, and obey the mandates from above and the laws that they have themselves written. Sadly, why not much of this is happening may be explained by the following disturbing data.

178 families rule 73 of 80 provinces (2014 study by De La Salle University); 21 of 24 senators come from political families; 80% (184 of 229) of congressmen are dominated by political dynasties; 75 % of members of Congress and 80% of governors and mayors belong to political dynasties (AIM Policy Center).

From the foregoing, it cannot be denied that our local governments and the Congress no longer represent their respective constituencies, but only their members and their families who lavishly multiply their wealth with impunity. This explains why we have the longest running insurgency in the world — a rebellion inflamed by inequality, injustice and poverty.

But let’s place things in perspective, as both sides are at fault. Unless the people and their government get their act together, there is absolutely nothing that the 2016 shepherd can do to avert further turmoils arising from their bullheadedness.

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