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RRoy’siPadOf oddities
Ronald Roy — Dec. 09, 2015

I couldn’t believe my ears as the “gracious” host of the dinner at her posh residence repeatedly babbled with elitist disdain for presidential contender Grace Poe, the adoptive daughter of a “stuntman-actor who never completed high school…que barbaridad!” It was an elitist setting alright, with a third of her illustrious guests you’ll find listed in the social register. I however found much comfort from the fact that close to half of them were Sen. Poe’s fans who remained discrete in deference to the prattling peacock.
I was seated at her table, and it wasn’t easy being decorous as she addressed most of her remarks to me, a known pro-Poe supporter in the group. Knowing that she silently dislikes me, I tagged along with my wife who happens to be her “dearest friend from high school”. Well, what helped me hold my composure was the vengeful thought that, as she gabbled at me throughout, I viewed her as a golden-brown turkey on the table prepared to be eaten in celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Whew…what a quirk! If she’s reading this, so be it!

Asperger’s Syndrome
But no oddity is less benign than that of the Asperger’s Syndrome variety. Throughout a weeklong sojourn through Paris, Italy and the Vatican, receiving investment pledges and concluding reciprocal business agreements, P-Noy took swipes at some enemy presidential and vice presidential candidates. And this he did with wild abandon, while constantly making his listeners (mostly overseas Filipino workers) feel that they owed their jobs to the greatness of his presidential stewardship.
It bewilders that P-Noy can brazenly talk to OFWs this way — they who had left the country to scrounge for menial jobs abroad, but who are now the principal source of forex remittances, the bulk of which accounts for over 600 billion pesos worth of savings under the virtual control of P-Noy, and whose being away from home continues to spawn such social costs as marital breakups, and children being lured into the dingy alleys of crime.
And this largesse, BTW, will be utilized to finance one: daang matuwid propaganda and shadowy operations devised to win the 2016 elections for the Liberal Party, two: activities designed to magnify P-Noy’s image as the greatest Filipino president in history, and three: such other projects that have nothing to do with the welfare of the citizenry, the poor especially!

Hopelessly swellheaded
Like it or not, Becky (Llorendo), countless millions of other people see the president as a hopelessly swellheaded quirk. What should help you to agree was a major daily’s recent screaming headline, “Great to be President!” — a jolting slant of the mild words that he had actually uttered on his return from his trip, but nonetheless an unsavory depiction of his hallucinated kingship.
There is much to revile about P-Noy, such as his criminal participation in PDAF and DAP operations that opened the floodgates of plunder among legislators and other government and private individuals, his hypocritical and self-righteous daang matuwid slogan, and his incompetence as Commander-in-Chief, among other foibles, all of which probably make him the worst ever endorser of candidates.This explains why voter preference polls constantly list down his endorsees, Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo, as tail enders. Yes, like a rotten fruit in a basket, P-Noy has contaminated poor Mar and Leni!

Revolutionary mood
Truth to tell, it was nothing short of a mild shock waking up the other Monday morning to read that Rodrigo Dudirty…oops, sorry…Duterte had topped a nationwide survey conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS) in the last week of November, emerging as the No.1 choice of voters not only from all socioeconomic classes but also from all geographic areas.
With anti-crime public outrage building up over the past two years to revolt proportions, the kettle finally let off scorching steam with a whistle — and there he was, the foul-mouthed and irreverent Duterte, looking invincible and defiant, even as Amity International likewise blew its own whistle on the self-admitted human rights violator from Davao City.
It is very doubtful if the international human rights body can do anything to derail what appears to be Duterte’s express train to the presidency, given the ego-inflating media hype he’s getting, not to mention his growing bandwagon of supporters led by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, two S.C. Associate Justices, M.V. Pangilinan, Lucio Tan and other business moguls, power brokers, community leaders …. OMG …. the demons could be upon us, as St. John Bosco’s end-of-times prediction would have it!!
But wait, do we see a rainbow arching overhead? Duterte’s certificate of candidacy for President is invalid because he substituted for someone who had reportedly filed his certificate of candidacy for Mayor of Pasay City!! Now, isn’t this a comedy of errors of the quirkiest sort we’ve seen in Philippine politics?! It aint over yet, folks!

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