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Great me, rich me

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RRoy’siPadGreat me, rich me
Ronald Roy — Dec. 2, 2015

Beware of the person who fits any of these three descriptions — “a delusional disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur”, otherwise known as megalomania; Stirner’s epigram on egotism: “Nothing is more to me than myself”, and Bacon’s egregious aphorism that “money makes the man”. The quotes are all about one’s imagined majesty of oneself and the discomforts they can wreak upon others. They take us to the following illustration.
Juan tells his wife and three children he’s sorry their basic needs will have to wait. Other things are more important, he stresses. The house must be renovated, the garden spruced up, and the fence and gate mended and repainted; and all this must be done to impress people that he is such a successful electrical engineer that he can now more easily obtain loans.
Until then, there will be less baun for the kids. Also, they must start doing without suitable footwear, clothes and raincoats or umbrellas without getting sick because: the prices of medicines, doctors’ fees and hospitalization expenses are prohibitive, let alone funeral-related expenses! “This is all I ask, my dear ones. Cooperate, and together we will showcase our family in the neighborhood as an economically stable one, and also portray myself as a model padre de familia!”

Great me
Doesn’t Juan remind us of our balding ama ng bayan who just recently vetoed an urgent tax reform bill seeking to cut or re-bracket income tax rates? P-Noy’s egotistical stand would have us tightening our belts in order to showcase ourselves as having reached first-world status, thereby ranking ourselves as among the world’s big-time borrowers, in fine: depicting his economic management of our lives as a success story!
This sorely proves the point that Pres. Aquino doesn’t really care to uplift the teeming poor from their plight. For him, what matters is that he is seen as being at par with leaders of industrial countries, and big before the eyes of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and other international lenders. Aquino obsessively cares to be regarded as a great leader on the world-stage, even if the world’s top lenders are getting richer at the expense of small borrowing nations like us.

Rich me
On his part, LP presidential candidate Mar Roxas toed the line by saying that income tax reliefs at this point would only create the impression that, without regard to more important things, they were just trying to look good in preparation for the 2016 elections. Evidently, Mar’s shallow statement betrays his rich-me aloofness to the great majority of Filipinos who are not as moneyed as the Aranetas and the Roxases.

Media’s fault, not mine
Very symptomatic of P-Noy’s “great-me” persona is his pronouncement that the ongoing tanim-bala episodes and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology’s scandalous revelations, are not issues against his administration because they’re just being over-sensationalized by media. Media’s fault?! Well, Sir, it’s not at all surprising your bloated great-me ego just has to blame others for the globally humungous scandals, in pretty much the same way you often unethically belittle past Filipino presidents in order to look great by comparison.
You are very disliked for your natural proclivity to humiliate others in public, and it’s just a wonder how you can even hope your daang matuwid mantra — marred as it is by your great-me trait depicting bad manners — can underpin the next presidency. But I’d like you to know, Sir, you did quite well in publicly denouncing China’s President Xi in a recent speech in Malaysia. Thank you for that bit of megalomania.

The preacher, not his cassock
When we meet strangers, or even look at them at a distance, we get clues if they’re trustworthy and interesting, or if it would be worth our while interacting with them. People want to succeed in life, to look good, smell good and be heard good — to be liked, applauded and celebrated. So, the best foot is always thrust forward.
This is where experienced politicians are home; but it is unfamiliar territory for campaigning novices. This is also where voters like you and me struggle when sizing up a candidate’s sincerity as he bends to hug a street urchin. This is election time, when the entire body politic prepares to exercise suffrage and contenders resort to artifices to win — whatever the cost.
Along this line, P-Noy urges the electorate to look at “platforms of government”, not personalities. But why, Sir? All platforms of government are the same, edifying. Is it because your party’s personalities are of inferior quality?You would have us consider a charismatic evangelist’s inspiring words, but not his deplorable private life built on funds filched by him from his church’s treasury?! Sir, it’s the preacher, not his cassock!

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