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Sour grapes

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RRoy’siPadSour grapes
Ronald Roy — Nov. 19, 2015

When Angelito David filed with the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) a petition to disqualify Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares from running for president, he submitted himself to the constitutional authority of the quasi-judicial body composed of three associate justices of the Supreme Court and six senators — without reservation and with full knowledge that “senators are politicians”.

But now that his petition was dismissed for lack of merit on a vote of five to four, David “sour-grapes”, claiming that the five votes against him were politically motivated since they were cast by politicians. At the same time, he of course conveniently forgets that SET member Sen. Nancy Binay, whose father Jejomar remains a hot contender for president, had the most political and biased of motives in voting for Poe’s disqualification.

Anyway, let me digress. Unless the Supreme Court dismisses an appeal for failure to show a grave abuse of discretion by any of the five SET members who voted for the respondent, the Court will affirm on appeal the SET ruling for three reasons, namely, 1) Since foundling matters pertain to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948), and under the Constitution “the generally accepted principles of International Law are part of the law of the land”, Grace’s foundling argument cannot be ignored, especially where there is no jurisprudence contradicting it since the case is the first of its kind; 2) In case of doubt, the foundling theory will be sustained for humanitarian reasons; and 3) Again, in case of doubt, the overwhelming popularity of Grace is a compelling statement that she is the sovereign people’s choice as their next president.

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