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Congrats to all foundlings

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RRoy’siPadCongrats to all foundlings!
Ronald Roy — Nov. 17, 2015

Not too long ago, “Grace Poe” was the name that captured the electorate’s imagination with excitement, hope and respect! Having won a senate seat on her first try with the most votes on record, the daughter of the late cinema action star, Ronnie “Da King” Poe, was deemed a certain successor to President Noynoy Aquino.
A newcomer in politics, yes, but she was seen as “so refreshingly unstained” that other wannabes sought her out as a presidential or vice presidential teammate. No less than LP presidential bet Mar Roxas patiently pleaded with her to “slide down to VP”, because for him and the entire yellow camp she was the perfect running mate and, together, their team-up would be virtually unbeatable.

Grace runs for president, attacked
As Grace continued to hedge, seemingly unable to make up her mind, Mar’s patience did not wear thin; and it did seem in fact that he would wait for her answer up to the last day for the filing of certificates of candidacy. But the rabid Yellows would finally be disappointed because Grace had chosen to run for president in a team-up with Sen. Chiz Escudero as her running mate.
The Yellows have since then lost all hope that Grace would give Mar the boost he needed to reverse his pathetically low survey ratings. They needed her strength, but failed to get it. Expectedly, she’s suddenly called “unqualified and inexperienced” by the same people who had praised her to high heavens. That is nothing new, really, because this is ornery politics, which is so unlike war and love where “everything’s fair, and anything like murder goes”.
However, for LP vice-presidential candidate Leni Robredo, Grace is not only unqualified and inexperienced, but also, in effect, “immoral”; yes, immoral, because Robredo says the citizenship issue against Grace is a moral issue…which is laughable because, being a lawyer, she knows the issue is not only a legal matter but — essentially — also a constitutional one. Was it just her desire to imply that Grace is an immoral person? Hmmm…

Daang maputic
But well, Robredo is at liberty to play not ornery politics but the marshy game of love and war — where all’s fair and anything goes like mudslinging, and anything else that takes one to a swampy field from any muddy path known as daang maputic. In misguided gratitude to her masters responsible for raising her status from mayor to potential vice president in so short a time, she has unfortunately descended to their level…tsk tsk tsk…thereby disgracing the memory of her highly esteemed late husband.
In any event, Grace admirably holds her head high vis-a-vis Leni’s argument that, in effect, Grace has assumed an immoral position in her defense against the proposition that she is not a natural-born Filipino citizen. On the contrary, Sen. Poe’s disarming disposition clearly suggests she chose to become a naturalized American citizen precisely to do her moral duty, as a mother and wife, to be with her family in accordance with the Filipino culture of keeping the family together, very especially in a foreign country.

Grace, disloyal to country?
In fine, it is asinine to argue that Grace had elected to be disloyal to the Philippines when all she did was to perform her natural, Christian and cultural duty to stay with her children and husband in a place away from the domicile of her heart, the Philippines, where she was “found” as a newborn babe under the most unkind conditions: parentless, her umbilical cord still attached, and her most precious human right to life unrecognized. Robredo’s efforts, aside from portraying the yellow camp as desperate, will surely leave some negative effects on her political life.
Anyway, all this is tentatively academic because, as of this writing, by a vote of 5 to 4, the Senate Electoral Tribunal has just ruled Grace to be a natural-born Filipino citizen. With bated breath, we await the final decision of the Supreme Court to which the SET’s resolution is expected to be raised on appeal.
I have found no occasion to read the SET’s decision yet, but because all the three SC Justices of the SET voted against Grace — Sen. Nancy Binay had her own obvious reasons for dissenting — I believe they had a uniform reason for thumbing down Grace’s “foundling argument”: being the first of its kind, it failed to furnish jurisprudence with which to support her.
I believe, however, that the Supreme Court will not pass up the chance to blaze the judicial trail with a well pronounced Foundling Doctrine. Congratulations to all Filipino foundlings!

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